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  1. I could have sworn you would be first to comment.
  2. This is a good step in the right direction, I was truly afraid it all fell on deaf ears, but seeing the GOTL put to rest is a good thing. While it was made with the purest intentions, it, for some, became an elite exclusive club. I have had a few very uncomfortable encounters with certain individuals who lashed out at at me harshly for asking about how to join. For a program based on merit, allowing newer players to thank help directly is a massive improvement than an arbitrary fraternal order. The discord is huge too, allowing another chat room to masquerade as the official place to speak, once again started off innocent, but once that power was solidified and harness was abused to the extreme. It is an immensely wise choice to set the stage for your own words to be put on display. Finally, I feel that setting up an automated message similar to the trade chat's that notifies you what you were banned for and how long. Not to cater to idiots online, but once again because you are professionals, and transparency is crucial to discipline. In the least it should lessen support tickets from chat ban spam, at its greatest, it will actively display the things that will get your speaking privileges revoked and provide immediate feedback on proper behavior. -Danjal777
  3. He has some valid points... I know the developers are hard at work making a game and the idea of spending any resources on unruly players in region seems silly, but this is just another example of half cooked projects in WF. Why isn't there an automated message? You made one for trade chat that tells you how long until you can post again. Would it be that hard to do the same for these chat bans? Don't get me wrong, I am not the type to mess around in region chat, but my sense of Justice is seriously jarred by the "punishment does not fit the crime" draconian tactics in the part of the game. A couple Christmas' ago one of the Devs went on a ban-a-thon while the office was empty. This person went as far to punish those people a second time for posting about it in the forums, which is dangerous territory. The faster that control is taken away and given to a third party, the better off this community will be.
  4. There is far more to look at in this vein of thinking. Namely the momentum effects of high mobility Warframe abilities, for example, Rhino's charge ends in a complete stop, when it should be increasing him to max sprint speed, hell go a step further and have him proc a Heavy Impact when collides with terrain that stops him. There are a ton instances like this, and Warframe is a game that grants near total freedom of movement, so maybe these outdated abilities should be reviewed as well.
  5. This. Always. Happens. Come on guys, keep your composure, no one is going to come in here and have a conversation with substance if we keep acting like children. Triggered. I get it, this subject is hot on some people's minds because it feels personal. Nezha is a Warframe, the original person who it was made from was male. This Warframe wouldn't exist if not for Chinese Warframe, the Chinese LOVE their mythology and the heroes within. So they made him look that way, cool, he is effeminate. I am a heterosexual Caucasian male. In almost every game there is a representation of my race and gender. Its kinda cool how much effort is given in this game to show different body types and hints at their personalities. I wish they would keep doing this, but care must be made to distance the Warframes from our very real lives. When these things were made, there were much bigger problems then trying to figure out where on a gender spectrum/web you lied. Nope, they actually feared being persecuted, and tortured in a very real and final way. So how does this get dealt with? If you want Warframes to be characters, then we need to be able to get to know who they were much better, a la Umbra. Until this happens they will continue to be a mirror for players to fill with their own image. This cyclical argument that always comes up...its exhausting to read and it stems from two simple facts. The word "trap" has different meanings. In anime culture it is a very effeminate character that you instantly assume is female and are led to believe this until the reveal is made, making the straight male suddenly have to question their sexuality, as this arena of thought is fair game in Asia. As these concepts migrate to our shores, we then must wrestle with it as well. How do most people deal with things they are uncomfortable with? Humor, even if it is poorly executed. This is further layered by our own modern internet culture. On the other side in LBGT culture, a trap is a derogatory term for someone who is intentionally trying to mimic a female to sleep with straight males. This may seem harmless but is the primary fuel in homophobia, as straight males are worried they will approached and hit on by another male. Worse still, this has led to violence on people in these situations even when that person has in no way attempted to trick anyone into a sexual encounter they didn't want. These two concepts are where our friction lies. You can believe whatever you want, but the Devs have stated they don't want any this bullS#&$ on their platform and that's that. However.... You're not off the hook either DE, all this "trap"speak is just a distraction for the real issue at hand. I get that you are trying your best to make a video game, and making a video game has nothing at all to do with chat moderation, so bringing in some people to help out was a good idea. Then they got rowdy and made some people upset (I have had uncomfortable moments with one of the "4 horsemen" which is alias I will use to describe the people that sparked this whole debacle). At some point you will need to make changes, and I can see that you have some things, but its the weird stuff that is pissing off the guys who keep bringing it up. Why are the 4 horsemen still out there? Why did it take until THIS MONTH for one of them to finally change their name? (I actually met her and added her as a friend, kindness can go a long way, especially with someone on the defensive. she seemed nice.) You don't owe me anything. I have reached out to you before and was struck down by callousness, that event will forever paint you in what I assume are your true colors. However, you can't have this game and your quality of life while let your community sour like this. Maybe a community spotlight, introduce the 4 horsemen, put their history out there and have them write an apology to the community, take away whatever power you have given them, there are plenty of ways to address this issue, but turning your nose up at it is not one of them and this whole business is what happens, and it will continue to sour and spread. As an NCO in US Army, I have learned some things, and one of the most important lessons is: -Bad news gets worse with time. Sincerely, The voice of one of 14 million registered losers.
  6. Not to be rude, but you need to do something inbetween these updates. That is one of the very few things that have kept Warframe alive: a constant trickle of content releases. I mean grab a few people and put them to work on special bite sized projects and have them build up in a buffer so that you can release something. Ideas: -Special mission events (All Lancer mission with special drops, a new mod, lancer-esque cosmetic items). -Rework the mechanics on old weapons that no one uses, (heat weapons actually heating up as the combo counter rises, pangolin sword providing a thorns effect). -New Wraith, Vandal, Mara, etc. weapons...I mean come on it's a reskin and some adjusted stats with maybe some sound work. There is so much content that is in the game that is essentially wasted, put that stuff to work, get your money's worth and really make your weapons 'pop'. Why do I have a Magnus, Lex, Lato, and Vasto? They are so close to the same weapon that they are irrelevant. My advice, take it or leave it, is keep people engaged, or they go find things that will.
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