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  1. The new amps too too small and clip into themselves and my hand, if this is intended, then I apologize, but I am pretty sure this is suppose to cover most of the arm.
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    A Warframe probably weighs about 800lbs on average. They are not all metal, but also made of flesh and polymers. The ability to swim is completely possible taking into consideration the strength involved. The real question, is why? Using archwing in water is useful for infiltration, like a SEAL delivery vehicle, but it isn't practical in crossing a river. However if I am currently using my archwing, why can't I go into the water on the plains. Another great question is what atmospheric generator is in the archwing and if it can be condensed and placed on an archwing, why haven't we equip
  3. I once had a guy join and then sit in the corner of the spawn room. I ask him if he was going to play Warframe or nah. He responded, nah, I just want to watch anime. I was pissed out of principle. That's what I mean by leeching, knowingly entering a team with intent to contribute nothing. The only time I find this acceptable is when all participants have agreed, like helping a rank 0 max his gear. Or a friend who, (much like the scenario you refer to) doesn't have the relic, but I want him along anyway. Or when I have a massive stockpile of relics and already have all of that gear and d
  4. Nobody likes leeches. I'm glad that this is in place, if I am feeling charitable, I will just pug with my radiant. Otherwise I am trying to maximize my chances of getting a certain part, which takes everyone pulling their weight.
  5. Because, you will contribute nothing to community if you have lost touch with it. And most of the community doesn't have instant access to everything the day it comes out, it's all long term, something to continue to strive for. Sure I want my mountain of weapons, warframes, cats and dogs to grow. But I play Warframe with other people and I want them to be there to keep this game alive, in order to do that I need to understand what they go through without starting a new game. I will likely get these items before the next set of primes come out, you gotta pace yourself.
  6. I'm not going to defend the new system, ad it's flaws are apparent. However, I kind of like how this grounds players like me who have been around for three years and have everything. Now I have to obtain things the same way new players do. Most of you probably hate this, I feel that it levels the playing field. We were never supposed to get nekros, galatine, and Tigris prime on the first day it came out unless you pay cash for them. Now that you are all riled up about my opinion, let's look at the system in question and offer suggestions to make it better. Cracking open a relic i
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