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  1. You can have as many as you want. Except Orange.
  2. Okay... *Ahem* Hi, what it your favorite color? Mine is purple.
  3. But...why would you post off topic in Warframe's forums when literally everywhere else is not Warframe?
  4. So my wife saw me watching a stream of Anthem and had mistaken it for Warframe, she said go play Warframe. I asked her how she knew that I was planning on a little Warframe tonight. She said that its because I was watching a stream of it. Whoa. Pump the brakes there wifey! That was Anthem! She then sighed out a tired..."ugh...same thing". So then i simply said, there's a huge difference. okay in Anthem you are person in a robot suit. in Warframe, you are a person in robot suit...wait that's not good enough, in Warframe you are a robot suit with a person in you...nope, in Warframe you are: - a person in a robot suit spiritually - a person in a chair that is also in a robot suit - a person suit that is also a chair for a person in a chair - a person/robot suit who also has a person that is using the person/robot suit as a suit - a a symbiotic robot suit that is alive and aware, made of ironmanesque suits and weaponized fungus that is currently allowing a killer psychic teenager (KPT) to ride in it from a remote location, while kinda sleeping and allowing the KPT to drive them like they were stolen and also act a lens for raw psychic energy to have form in ways designed by ancient evil blue space Romans that are obsessed with control. Yeah...that's Warframe. at this point i was banished to my hole.
  5. The point of the 24 hour cool down is to add gravity to the test. Failure means nothing if there is no drawback. So typically you go in there unprepared and either pass or fail. If you pass the cycle continues, if you fail, you either practice or plow through it again tomorrow. Personally, I don't think it's excessive, there a ton of time gates in Warframe that are worse, i.e. three and a half days to build a warframe. The thing is though, you just go do something else until you chance is up again. Also, there's always an easy way. Like the stealth one, I remember using a glaive because it was considered stealthy and didn't aleat the guards. There was one where you had to melee orbs to keep the time going, I used the Redeemer to hit them from far away. Not many stick out in my mind, but one that was a doozy was the rathuum. That was a close call! I made it a habit to just try it until I am comfortable in Simaris' room then go kill it.
  6. The new amps too too small and clip into themselves and my hand, if this is intended, then I apologize, but I am pretty sure this is suppose to cover most of the arm.
  7. Suda doesn't really care about anything but data acquisition, and Hexis are too busy trying to reinvent the purpose of Tenno. The real power players are Perrin, they got the cash and the know-how.
  8. Relay is destroyed..."Wow guys, that was intense you wanna rebuild it?" "Hell yeah, but first lets take a rest" *Three years later* "Yawn, I feel like we're forgetting something...Oh yeah, remember that relay that blew up three years ago, lets finally get around to that" Tenno: Masters of procrastination.
  9. My operator- Master of the Legion of Smiling Death. Grineer know her as the Queenslayer. Corpus refer to her as the Great Bankruptcy. She could fill an ocean with the blood she has spilled. What was once brilliant hope has since soured into a stagnancy of painful spite. Within her is need to destroy the destroyers, slay the enslavers, repel the encroachers. What little help she can muster in this new sick life is the single thread from which she is suspended above an endless pit of despair.
  10. All of this aside, I am really excited. I don't typically play her as a DoT caster, but more of a hit and run shock trooper. The powers that I rely and her increased armor will help me specifically a great deal. What I really hate is when people see you using a Saryn and assume you will spore turret the room to death and start mouthing off in chat about how you don't know how to play. I firmly believe that in a pug match you just gotta accept that people play Warframe the way they want, don't like it? Make your own team. Once a while back I was obsessed with making a viable melee Ember. I had so much fun trying, it wasn't that effective, but my effort during a match was top notch and frequently surprised me.
  11. I'm not 100% certain, but I thought Pablo said that it does spread on death. I could have misheard that though. My biggest concern is jumping from room to room, you will only have short bursts of relevant spores. Defense and interception will limited to the damage that can be dealt in one a wave. Capture, rescue, mobile defense, you will get limited use out of it. Survival though, you will have the potential to really get some great use out of this power.
  12. Good read, you are probably right about the toxin damage, but I really do not think you will notice. If an enemy doesn't die in a few ticks, their armor falls off, and make them easier to kill anyway. At some point the enemies may become tough, you drop miasma and you cut their life in half while stripping their armor and continuously doing damage from the spore. As you wail on this enemy, you are priming your next targets in the process. With toxic lash you are literally doing toxin damage with every attack. I feel this is still very adequate, it is different, but adequate. Best of all the exploiters will move back to Equinox and Volt builds.
  13. I'm not so sure, at low levels they will kill enemies quickly. At higher levels they will tick away until they die and shred armor like crazy, making them easier to kill. If at the end of the day its to kill enemies, then she will do fine. The biggest issue, is trying to keep your spores relevant while you move large distances. I would really like to see the range increase dramatically to compensate.
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