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  1. I'm gonna level with you here man, you don't even remotely have to buy these things. You can literally research MkIII gear in your dojo. Yes it takes time, but this update was never meant for you max it and shelve it in a week. Building the Railjack alone takes a week. Researching the teirs of equipment is another week. Where you are failing is the reliance on the equipment and not on the avionics. You need a good Hyperstrike, Hull Weave, and Bulkhead. Boom. Done and ready for the Veil. With these three mods you will only be damaged significantly by the Crewships, which a Tenno is the best weapon to take those out. I bought four repair drones the first week it was out and build some MkII stuff because I was being impatient. That was dumb and impulsive...but it happened and I moved on. They have actually adressed the predatory nature of these things and plan to do something about them in the near future.
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