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  1. had a glitch that forced me out of my warframe and poof there i was controlling the small operator.
  2. empty exoskeletons. i already know about the operators. tbh i'm just gonna milk warframe for content
  3. well last time i checked it was locked on mars i think. tbh i don't even know anymore.
  4. warframe seemed to be interesting had first and hoped there was something more to it then when you complete all the basic story missions until Archwing you kinda sit there wondering what you're gonna do
  5. also do i need to mention that i've used this to VENT. you shouldn't take this seriously. well the part where i say that the grind is a problem and that warframe is basically nothing more than just grind should be taken seriously
  6. i play warframe cuz i quite literally have run out of games to play. i don't have any other games to play because i have already played them so many times
  7. which is the saddest thing about the game. people call it "fun" yeah fun if you spend money to constantly get frames without working for it like the rest of us peasents
  8. ahem: the game is all about grind...that's basically it..that's the game and nothing more...any attempts of story is thrown out the window
  9. i just want the game to be fun but in the 4 years that i have been gone from the game nothing seems to be changed. most of my posts here has been vents about the game and yet only so few here has actually been helpful.
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