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  1. I got mine last week, guessing the company making them was having some sorta issue causing the delays, sicne the quality is just on par with the previous ones
  2. Back in mah day, we zorencoptered across the levels. Zoom-zoom.
  3. I haven't even gotten my statue yet... Just checked, last thing I got on the subject was February 22nd, this is very disappointing. Correction, July 5th. Which is still quite a while ago though.
  4. Noice, but what is happening with the Excalibur Umbra statues? Haven't heard a thing in months...
  5. Nox's goop gun as an archwing weapon? That sounds like it'd be utterly awful. Hope that's not true.
  6. Where is the goop gun from the Nox ;-;
  7. I thought this had changed, bur apparently not, had access to region suspended without being told why or for how long again. I assume it's because me and some others were discussing the moderation of the chat and some of the people who get to do what they please without repurcussions. Bit sad now, cause I thought this was fixed and done.
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