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  1. As others have said it's a host/client bug that's been in the game ever since the focus tree rework. Sometimes it takes 5+ dashes to get the circle to even appear.
  2. RJ desperately needs some kind of endless mode to actually make it challenging. Back when RJ first came out MKIII weapons actually meant something. Now all the content is so easy you can just spam tether to clear away every fighter in seconds while your gunner blows up crew ships with the cannon. Two out of the three missiles are useless and most of the tactical avionics are still clunky to use and practiclly worthless outside of a few. They did do a good job of making early RJ missions much more forgiving before you've crafted your first weapon/ship upgardes though. You no lo
  3. I still don't see the problem here. It's annoying behavior but it's only a minor problem if they were also the host. It could still be fixed by either going solo or by making a premade.
  4. This is pretty true for warframes but not really for weapons. You should probably re-read his post and start a discussion instead of immediately attacking someone for having a differing opinion on the future of the game. Everyone here wants Warframe to succeed (or we wouldn't be posting about it). There's no need to be so antagonistic.
  5. I remember that thread. He had some really good points even back then but not all of his suggestions were great. Kinda sad that they basically ignored it despite Rebecca having what looks like the whole thing printed out. Here's the old original thread for anyone interested. Link seems to be broken or something. Here's an archived version. http://web.archive.org/web/20160410104527/https://forums.warframe.com/topic/137875-a-complete-rework-of-the-foundation-of-warframe/
  6. Post your railjack build I almost missed the <4k Fresnels. lol "balanced"
  7. Well you need to choose between evasion or killing drones. You can't have both with Titania. Plus you don't need evasion when you have an ancient healer reducing all damage taken combined with titanias own buffs and shield gating. Hitting 4 isn't the end of the world.
  8. Back when arbs came out they did work on the drones which was unintended and trivialized the content. Pretty sure a few other abilities worked too which got fixed eventually. Just pop out and shoot them with a launcher weapon. Spellbind makes you immune to all status including knockdowns and self stagger effects. If you're worried about death just use an ancient healer specter.
  9. Using Venari to heal oplinks is no longer possible after the patch. And apparently she can't heal ANY defense objectives anymore. I guess it's back to limbo now and forever.
  10. Railjack is incredibly easy to solo these days. Just artillery the crew ship engines to one shot them. Boarders aren't a problem if you use tether or void hole. Get a friend or crewmember to sit in the artillery seat and blast through all the missions easily. Even without a friend you can still just switch seats easily.
  11. Got two mails back to back with only emblems and no credits. Seems broken to me.
  12. Chaos should cause a rad status effect that increases over time to the current max(10). The amount of damage corpus/infested enemies can do to each other at max stacks is actually pretty significant. LVL160 corpus basically shred enemies left and right. Grineer need to be stripped first for the same thing to happen to them. Psychic bolt should scale with duration like novas null star. Being limited to only six is pretty awful. Recasting should NOT remove the effects from previous enemies until it expires normally.
  13. This right here. I took mine out today for testing and couldn't kill a damn thing with it. Zarr feels really bad Tigris prime no longer one shots high level CHG Exergis feels pretty meh Soma prime is now much better than it used to be but is still pretty bad compared to something like the supra vandal. Astilla aoe feels much weaker than before.
  14. Gara also gets damage from her equipped melee on her 1 ability. Still not an exalted weapon though.
  15. Yup. They should just be an aura buff or have about a five kilometer range. Anything less is practically worthless for what you would be using it for. Turning my railjack into a mini carrier sounds like fun. 60 meter range is never fun.
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