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  1. The entire Nova story left a bad taste in my mouth. All it seemed like to me was an advertisement for nova deluxe. Apparently Warframe helmets were used for fashion instead of function? I assumed it was an arcane flux helmet. Silly me. Why is Nova holding a golden orb in her artwork? Default Nova (like in the pic) has an orb that matches her energy color which is blue by default. Only Nova Prime has a golden orb. These things might seem minor but it kicked my suspension of disbelief right in the face from the start.
  2. I had the exact same question and ended up finding a video about it by Xandypants. Basically at 10 stacks there's a 100% chance that the mercy kill icon will show up above the enemies head. It only seems to change how often the mercy kill actually shows up on enemies at low health. Basically it's nearly worthless as it's currently implemented. Our weapons kill enemies too quickly for it to have any meaningful impact on the game.
  3. Check if they become immune to Rhino stomp. He's very good CC with range if they aren't.
  4. This. Grinding through the railjack enemies in my tinfoil spaceship wasn't very fun when they could literally outrun the bullets from my archguns(which were all switched to projectiles) I think I ended up posting this in the feedback thread hoping Elytron would get changed. It didn't.
  5. My Mr8 nephew has a kuva bramma. Multiple newbros in my clan do as well. I wouldn't call MR 5 players "contained" at all. Anyone that plays for a few weeks could get kuva weapons which are extremely "meta".
  6. I'd love difficulties added to the game. I don't care if the the rewards were the same but being able to have a harder mission if I want to would be nice. Once you have a "meta" build there's really no challenge left in the game anymore. Farming out arcanes when you don't actually need them for anything is just sad really. Old weapons that were once good have been left forgotten while new weapons fit the current meta much better. Everything is mostly tied to kill speed or avoiding the enemies completely for maximum gains. I guess I just miss ODD squads and synergy with other warframes besides pressing 4 to win.
  7. Why not? I'm not sure how it's not a fair comparison considering how cheap arcanes are now. They are basically just super powerful mods at this point. Why not take advantage of arcanes/frames when you can? I can turn the kuva tonkor into a rapid fire grenade launcher using arcane pistoleer. I can turn just about any primary weapon into an infinite ammo slash/viral monster using Both pistoleer and Avenger. Different builds for different content. If your weapon is under performing then MAKE it work by changing your build or frame.
  8. Technically nyx 3 does work but it has diminishing returns like limbo. Same with Gara and probably Rhino. I'd love to see more frames becoming relevant in this war. I want to see hydroid absorbing them with his puddle.
  9. That's what his 3 is for. As long as you keep stasis going and don't kill anything enemies can't ever move or come in from outside his cata.
  10. Edit* Wait these numbers are going to scale with the objectives right? Because wisp giving a flat 300 health overheal isn't going to do squat in a level 99 lich/arbitration defense mission. Please look at using percentage of targets health instead of flat numbers. Flat numbers are why we end up with outdated mods like 250 damage Thunderbolt Also please give these defense targets some armor so healing is actually effective on them. Last time I checked cryopods had something like 8% damage reduction at base. These look like positive changes overall. Allowing more frames to actually have utility is always a good thing in my book. However healing doesn't do squat when a lich still blaps an excavator instantly. Unless this was patched in the last month it's kinda a big problem. Another edit* Is there even any defense objective in the game that Mirage could actually use her augment on? I can't think of any dark areas we need to defend.
  11. Just make a new arcane table for eidolons. Shuffle some lower tier arcanes into syndicate rewards and push in some brand new ones for eidolons. Bam. Eidolons stay relevant and we get new (hopefully good) arcanes to farm.
  12. Take Kronen prime for example. At 12x combo you go from 22% crit 34% status baseline to: 167.2% crit 224% status with 2x 60/60 mods. Blood rush and weeping wounds are even better than they used to be after the status and armor changes. Slap on condition overload and you shouldn't have any issues in arbs. Just don't run into nullifiers
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