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  1. Still not fixed the Granmu Prism and Cyath zaw head mastered visual bug?
  2. I forgot to say it hehe, basically the Granmu Prism and Cyath zaw head weren't classed as mastered after maxing them.
  3. I didn’t see this in the fixes so I’ll say it again :), this bug has been ironically bugging me for a while, it seems to only happen with the Granmu Prism and Cyath zaw head.
  4. In the inevitable hotfix #2 I would like to ask that you fix the profile mastered items glitch that I bug reported some time ago, it’s kinda annoying to see something I’ve done and it doesn’t even show up, I’d say I’m not the only one experiencing this.
  5. On my in game profile the Cyath zaw head and Granmu Prism were not classed as mastered even though I have maxed them, [DE]Liane informed me that it was just a visual glitch and mr wasn't affected. They said if I continue to experience the bug I should report it here.
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