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  1. WTS Chroma Prime Banshee Prime Inaros Prime Aksomati Prime Frost Prime PMO ALL SETS on PSN: DragonSlayer6479
  2. True lol. Glyphs are just a mood to be honest, I'm tempted to go in depth about it but I could be wrong
  3. This is just my opinion, but that glyph kinda creeps me out. but hey, you do you so if you wanna keep it then that's totally cool
  4. Yep that did it, I always see that grey glyph and think newb and didn't want anyone else thinking of me like that LOL, but thanks everyone
  5. Ah, I could see the Glyph being broken as to warframe being RNG; stalker. Thanks man
  6. Oh, yea I know how to do my actual ingame glyph, I was talking about my forum one, so it'll take awhile- Thanks
  7. Oh, I have no clue, I'm not online lol. I mean... Nikana all plus rivens are highly sought after in ps4 trade chat, it's all status so I can see it being a lot, maybe not 5k but hey, you never know what I could get
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