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  1. Was told you can circumvent having to force quit by clicking your profile icon to open the main menu and then going to a different menu such as arsenal or navigation. Hope this helps!
  2. Ayatan screen causes game to lockup, making me have to force quit the game. Has happened 5 times already since latest hotfix. Was able to circumvent the force quit by clicking my profile Icon and then clicking navigation. "Thanks Continus!" Meant to put this in UI bugs, apologies DE
  3. "- Fixed ability to get stuck forever dodging by spamming dodge during Hildryn’s Aegis Storm." So happy I reported that! Now to get back to moving faster while flying!
  4. Currently running into an issue with Hildryn where using your dodge while in aegis storm causes her controls to lockup and move in one direction, unable to do anything else until her shields deplete. I was host.
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