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  1. I definitely agree with your core argument. I am a vet who has taken multiple breaks from this game. I believe the reasoning is because the core mechanic of player vs enemy is somewhat artificial. At no point do I feel threatened by the enemies, essentially the game, in my opinion, breaks down to "I died in this situation due to my lack of power" not "I died because I am bad". Furthermore, I will say that I feel that situation with a lot of games Borderlands 2 and Dark Souls included, I have beaten all the Dark Souls and find them to be a good example of fun enemies. However, I don't believe they are a great example of how to create a challenge. Dark Souls preys on the player's ignorance to create challenges that's why if you have played the games they get drastically easier. Borderlands 2 has the same problem as Warframe however, completely embraces that and turns enemy stats up to #*!%ing 10000 which forces the player to farm better gear. Borderlands 2 while being quirky has a worse combat system than Warframe and worse enemy scaling but is engaging due to having relatively low spawn rates and enemies that propose challenge due to inflated stats. I don't think copying Monster Hunter or Dark Souls is a great way to improve the game. I think DE's enemy design is very quaint, however, I do believe that the damage system in the game is the perpetrator. As most people have already stated damage in the game reaches a peak that removes skill. I think they are trying to integrate challenge by creating special units with gimmicks that force players to pay attention. However, this can become completely overcome by having X amount of damage. Therefore, I think most of the problems with a challenge in the game stem from the mod system simply being flawed. Damage 3.0 is a change that needs to decide the role of players in this game as an impeccable hero or omnipotent god. If the former then damage needs to mitigate and spawn rates decreased if the latter then a challenge is arbitrary and GIVE ME MORE DAKKA. Edit: To summarize my ideas, the DE, if they want to remove the integral problem of challange into the game, needs to rework the damage system to not arbitrarily overcome their implemented gimmicks. People only resort to these methods because META, if you go solo into a mission the game, in my opinion, is very intuitive due to that option not being available. However, drastically nerfing damage is not going to solve the problem because the game will simply become unplayable.
  2. Feallike

    Psa: Upcoming Forum Migration & Upgrade

    OOOMMGGG I forgot Dark theme even existed until this thread. It looks soooo good. Why did I forget the nostalgia! O ya new stuff HYPE! Though I would reccomend for the new forum to add in fonts (to a extent don't add Comic sans or you will regret it) insert feature for photos (Making the whole meme thing easier for those who don't want to just copy/paste) Also adding some original cool stuff Warframe specific. Have fun make unique forum stuff so when people see posts they think Warframe! (Warframe emotes for forums would be a great start)
  3. Feallike

    Spores And Ruin

    Watched for it was deleted! HYPE! (if It gets deleted)
  4. Feallike

    Reactor Sabotage 2.0

    DE please do more of these other than just 3. We need at-least 10 of these and have them be randomly generated. We could have: Infection Viral effect for the whole map that leaks out in gas at random parts of the map. electric (Can't think of cool name. Electricity courses through with electric shields being generated which will shock and stun anyone who goes through. Meltdown: Radiation effect which will spread through the map all enemies and Tenno will gain radiation effect if caught in the growing radiation bubble of terribleness. Explosion: The ship explodes making the mission into Archwing (The explosion brings tenno to 95% of their HP) mission now is to escape from fellow ships bombardment. (Possibly) Infestion... You release the infested virus into the ship which converts enemies into the infested (possibly cool animation which shows us what it looks like for a enemy to become infested)
  5. All in favor of stoning Baro at dawn say I. DE is right we need to kill Baro.
  6. Feallike

    Cc Negatively Impacts The Game. (900 Words?)

    Ya, that is what I am saying. Her old build worked well in the current meta game because it was a simple Nuke mindless and effecient. Now she has to combo abilities to be effective. She is no longer super efficient. So she is now replaced by Nova and other frames that nuke enemies. In any other game she would be a great character but in this game since every other frame is OP and stupid she is thrown to the side for being not as effecient.
  7. Feallike

    Cc Negatively Impacts The Game. (900 Words?)

    No no no no. Old Saryn fit right in. NEW Saryn is the problem. She is a perfect example of a good frame that has great abilities that sucks because Ember and Nova are 5000x more effecient.
  8. Feallike

    Cc Negatively Impacts The Game. (900 Words?)

    Basically your TL;DR is: DE fix your god dam game because this is obviously stupid and ridiculous. I agree that are CC's and powers have to much range, and last forevver. Saryn is a perfect example. She is a perfectly good frame but SUCKS compared to other frames. Its sad to see DE balance things and them end up being horrible because their other frames are stupidly OP.
  9. Interesting. Now I have a reason to play corpus missions. I am perfectly fine with this stance now.
  10. Yes but if you make it harder to farm than high end top teir weapons. It becomes not worth. The best sword in the game requires 0 work to get along with the best sword stance which isn't that hard to get. This new mid teir weapon requires a LOT of work to get, and the stance that is required to use it properly is disgustingly hard to get. Balance m8 what is it good for. In my opinion this weapon became mastery fodder as soon as someone told me that the stance is the only way to make it stab. A fun weapon became a trash weapon just like that.
  11. I agree this would make perfect sense for a rare item to make it hard to get and take about a month of casual farming to get.... O wait this isn't a rare and good item. Its a meh item for a new weapon that isn't that good. You want to know what makes this a cash grab and why it I don't want to farm it. They made a rare stance, for a meh weapon, so that it does what it was marketed for. That is like if Bloodborne required you to farm a blood gem that had a 0.002% chance of dropping so you could get the rapier weapon to stab instead of your player being completely stupid and swinging it like a regular sword. It isn't even like you get a damage bonus for stabbing. The stab does just as much damage as freaking swinging it like a regular sword. That is not only illogical it makes it detestable to farm. Crimson dervish would be fine to farm at this rarity, but fox mask is not fine or worth farming. The stance isn't rewarding enough and the weapon isn't good enough for me to feel like this stance is common enough. TL;DR Don't make meh. stances rarer than the best stances in the game. It makes it less fun to farm because your getting something that is worse than something you already have. This only makes it fun for completionist. Regular people like me and you don't enjoy farming for something that is worse than what we have. Its like you have the best version of a leaf blower but having to work night shifts for a month at a retirment home to get the Beta version of it. This version isn't as good as the one you have but requires infinitely more work.
  12. Why get it though? You get a rare stance, for a meh weapon, so the weapon can do what it was meant to do STAB. Alternatively you play the new quest, get the best sword in the game, and maybe farm the best heavy weapon in the game while at it. DE if your going to release a rare stance, don't make it for a mid teir weapon. It makes it detestable to farm. Also don't make it required to make the weapon do what you marketed it do. A rapier shouldn't need a god dang stance to be able to stab. THAT MAKES NO SENSE. -.-
  13. I would white kiight and talk about how you guys need to stop being such spoiiled sports and enjoy killing a fun enemy such as the Maniac Bombard. IF..... it didn't spawn in a specific location in low numbers..... I enjoy grinding enemies casually to practise gear but I don't enjoy running the same mission... Maybe I will do it to finish Equinox.. I still need that last Night chassis that would never drop.... :/ The DE should implement a mission that spawns any enemy you want in high numbers but at a high level. Solo only. That would make this type of crap OK in my book. (Level 100 infinite spawns solo only O god that sounds cruel but fun) Edit: Yes while the pack isn't ludicriously high 220 plat is way more than this stance is worth. Rapier is MEH. Maybe if it was as good as the broken war it would be worth. Though guess what, ITS NOT. If the DE had done this with something like Crimson Dervish then I would be OK with it. I mean that is a really really good stance and totally worth the farm. Also guess what theirs a alternative for people who want to farm and it doesn't effect the weapons main moveset. O wait but Fox mask the stance is required for the rapier to stab....... WHAT?!?!??!!?
  14. While I agree that it dropping from Maniac Bombards is beyond stupid. It doesn't make sense and the DE should send a formal apology to the playerbase for adding any mods to their pool until they become a common enough unit to make it worth. The mod shouldn't be super rare but it should be rare. I think it would make the most sense if it dropped from a maniac or a melee unit of the greneer. Though defiently not a maniac Bombard. The rarity isn't the problem the lack of ability to farm is the problem.
  15. Feallike

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    Then what will I use on my crackers... :/