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  1. Errodin

    [Fortuna Map] Orb Vallis mapped and ready

    Upvote, cause this is gold. More must see it.
  2. I'd like to point out that it is hard to give constructive criticisms from a neutral standpoint when the other party is defensive in their beliefs/ideas. It's easier said than done if one could control the other, instead often we resort to blatant ignorance and sharp words. I hope this guide helps people so we can get a calmer more constructive forum.
  3. Errodin

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    I'll say it once, or a thousand times ... i dont care when it's coming. If it's not polished and you guys aren't confident that it's ready for release, then hold it back a week ... hold it back 3 weeks if necessary ... but in the least tell us it's not ready yet ... that'll make me happy enough.
  4. Errodin

    anyone can help me

    Make sure the entered Email and Password are correct.
  5. Errodin

    Chroma needs a rework

    Spectral scream too ... his 2nd isn't the worst thing ... people only really hate the fact that you have to stick to Chroma like glue and the auras effect doesn't have a lingering duration when out of range.
  6. Short of the "Silver Grove" questline, plant life has little meaning. I support this idea and will add to it. My add on you be to make these rooms "dynamic" ... by this i mean planting certain vegetation will cause that room to adapt. Planting a Moonlight Threshcone would give the potential of converting that room ... say over 30 days into a twilight/moonlight variant (and 30 days to clean up/revert upon removal), enhancing shadows, ambient lighting, vegetation like we would see in a night-time earth cycle ... and vice versa with the Sunlight Threshcone giving, serene lighting, vegetation and a overall rain-forest feel. Ruk's Claw could convert it into a sandy variant ect. This would be easy to accomplish by using pre-existing textures and by that i mean all they would need to do is use the same visuals they've used in those environments.
  7. Errodin

    Chroma needs a rework

    A shame??? How is it different from any other Prime release? ... you get a Prime and new weapon variations ... that's it. Unless DE stated that a rework was inbound with this release then i'd file this under the many other Chroma rework complaint threads that exist. My knowledge of Prime releases isn't strong but have they ever released a rework alongside a Prime release without stating it beforehand? You can be disappointed that there's been no mention of any works-in-progress but saying they DE dropped the ball with this release is just shallow.
  8. Errodin

    Chroma needs a rework

    Admittedly i like your idea for his #1 ... i think his 2 needs revisiting ... his 3 should stay as is ... no opinion on his 4th.
  9. Errodin

    Chroma needs a rework

    Quite the body of text to crawl through here ... quite repetitive too but i believe you drove your point across clearly. So let me start by agreeing with you ... I personally have only ever used Chroma for Eidolon Hunts ... to me he serves no other purpose and his kit supports that statement. Other than his Vex Armor i'd boldly say as you have that he need to be looked at ... i never bothered looking into his lore but i understand what was intended and expected ... it's sadly not what i see in Chroma now. He does need a revisit, but i have faith that DE is looking into it despite the whole "hush hush" revolving around him.
  10. Errodin

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I agree with what @KIREEK said here, there's a lot of trade off with his ability. A key mechanic from a sentinel point of view is in fact the ability to adapt to damage types and without it you cant really call Revenant a sentinel Warframe anymore. If anything they've given us a decent Warframe that wont be breaking the meta anytime soon.
  11. Errodin

    Iron skin

    Well said.
  12. Errodin

    Trading lato vandal

    The only weapons that are traded whole (that i can think of right now) are Syndicate Weapons. Everything else are sold through parts (I.E ... blueprint, barrel and receiver ... all sold separate).
  13. Errodin

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Apparently this guy wants a garbage product ... here Tenno i cut you a snowflake with a pair of bent scissors but at least i gave it to you when i said i would.