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  1. Greetings HealingAngel! Sorry for late reply. are you looking for clan tech access or ppl to play with? Or are you here for Dojo Prime?
  2. give Bonewidow' exalted 4 the arch melee (or excal's slashdash) homing-lock on treatment per swing. This should help the massive KPS descrepency between voidrig and bonewidow's 4. Plus will make bonewidow feel like a true blademaster mech.
  3. WELCOME!!! It has been 6 years Tenno. Our clan has aged and many of our veterans who have created the foundation of our clan have moved on past the void. Leaving behind a legacy to follow, we are looking into rebuilding our ranks with fresh faces -- to continue the traditions of the clan's camaraderie and Warframe's new venture into the 2020's. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are a friendly-international, well-established shadow clan of gaming-adults who understand
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