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  1. true. shock trooper augment is the only reason we really use his 1 alot. Without the shock trooper augment, we either replace it for a helminth power or use shock for very niche situations like in-between reloading your weapons or cheap cc. im sure the the holding press could still be implement either way.
  2. Aiming with Arm mounted secondaries: Epitaph, Sonicor, Gammacor Just for reference, this is how aiming with all other secondary weapons look like:
  3. Perhaps implement this with the next Volt Tennogen? It has been a while since volt got a tennogen.
  4. Thank you for the update. I only have one question. Volt Sith Lord when?
  5. i just want to know if this was even in the pipe line. if not can it at least be placed in the back burner? id feel better knowing it will come out soonTM.
  6. Hold '1' to activate (Or Long press to activate similar to chroma's 1) Upon cast shock damage is delivered to all targets in the chain link. At the end of the ability targets are inflicted with heat proc
  7. Since Mag got her cinematic [bullet reflector] Magnetized ability added in Update 29 (Deimos), it's only fair now to bring up/implement Volt's cinematic shock ability too (for posterity). Long story short, When are we getting 'Sith Lord [Lightning] Volt?' We've seen in it during the [Alad V] Profit Cinematic (2013) This was again showcased in the Awakening Cinematic (July 6, 2019) It's time to 'complete' the (cinematic) new player experience with what they see in the Awakening is what you can actually do with these (starter) Warframes 🤩💖 Hope you see this DE :
  8. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing all the amazing works!
  9. WELCOME!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Formerly a training grounds for the Tenno Elites of Dojo Prime, this research-completed dojo opens its door to the (twitch) warframe [PC] community! If you are interested in joining, looking for a clan, switching from consoles to pc, or just looking for dojo research blueprints. Make sure you follow these steps to join! S
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