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  1. Please allow glaives and gunblades to have the 'hold E' feature. Game play/flow with these weapons feel awkward otherwise.
  2. Greetings MountainMan2786, Your info and the impression I sense from your post tells me you'd make a good addition for us. But before I invite/meet with you in-game, i want to be transparent so you can also decide further if we would be a fit for you. Current Activity State - About half of our shadow clan is active (15/30). - About 9 members are currently active in RJ quests/mission. About 5 of em are at RJ end game (including myself). - All members are adults (18-40); All are veterans, experienced, and very familiar with wf meta/mechanics. - We are not limited to just 30 members; our discord is filled with both past and current members. Some of which play in other games. In our current state, i cannot promise you will have players around your timezone. However it is a new year and that means a new opportunity for us to rise to our former active-self. One thing i do ensure though is that we are a home to gaming adults. We never kick members out and instead keep them on a 'hiatus' status. Members are able to return in the clan roster as active members. This allows us to 'recycle' former members while still having room for new recruits. Hence keeping a close-knit environment beyond the cap of 30 members. Either way, I'd still like to meet you in-game and make or answer any further inquiries of both yours and our activity/online play times. 🙂 Friend request sent. See ya when i see ya!!!
  3. Opening recruitment and looking for new members who are particularly interested in min-maxing out their Empyrean/Intrinsics. I am looking to expand on our clan/crew before the New War arrives.
  4. Excited that the aksomati finally has it's prime variant coming out. The only issue i have with the 'jelly fish/floral barrel-tip.' Why not just make it have a transparent effect like ivara's dress? (or just remove the tips esp cuz it's not a silent or thematic weapon for her and just give it a traditional primed look) Also i hope DE didn't change Aksomati's reload animation like they did with Akstiletto. Aksomati has the most unique reload animation.
  5. With the addition of Dry Dock and Crimson Branch Ive found more reason to start Dojo decorating again. With that in mind I wouldn't mind some company in this journey (again). Architects who are interested in either joining the clan or collaborating to continue the growth of our immersive dojo send me a PM or reply here.
  6. For smaller sized dojos it's not too much of an issue, but for large dojos with an extensive layout it is an issue trying to build any large room in general (obstacle courses, navigation, Dry Dock etc). Here are some of my main issues with the dojo room placement and suggestions: - Current Room placement UI is terrible -- Allow a zoom feature or map layout of your dojo rooms for that floor. - No visible boundary to tell you where you can or can't build -- Allow Zoom feature to show the boundary of how far you can actually build things (I have several rooms built along an invisible border and are now all dead ends... >.< ). - Low ceiling height between floors -- Heighten ceiling or, similarly to how destroying parent rooms are, have it show which connectors/rooms are able to construct said large room(s) - Long 'destroy room' wait times -- Allow rooms to be "Rush-Destroyed" (via plat or any other form of resource/currency...just give the ability to rush or shorten the deconstruction time).
  7. How about just making converted kuva liches be summonable similarly to how we call out tenno/syndicate specters.
  8. First and foremost, Grendel's missions are by far the worse iteration of introducing more difficult content to warframe. Let me rephrase that: worse-irritating mission. I am so glad i will NEVER play it again. (will end up buying Grendel) Ok venting done. Now my suggestion. - Keep the mission types. - Keep or lessen the mission durations. - Keep the 'no-mod challenge.' - BUT ADDRESS ENEMY SCALING as whole. Or let us fight more balance-scaled enemies. Preferably enemy levels between 15-30. Simply because the enemy scaling jump between lv 30 to 40 imo is a bit too steep (for base stat weapons and frames): On a 'challenge aspect', All-in-all, Im just disappointed and abit irritated that i put in all this time and effort to become a 'god' (builds) ONLY to be challenged by not using them. So before, I had to wait in long endless missions to finally be challenged. Now i have to unequip all my mods for that new player experience challenge. - Although i will say the lv 5 Kuva Liches bringing tougher enemies was a fantastic implementation. that gets a 👍
  9. First and foremost, my feelings are neutral about this rework as DE is being open to feedbacks (and changes will eventually be inbound). But as a first impression, the new melee direction is going towards the right path, imo. However, the normalizing of dmg (and nerfs) for all the melee weapons would only make more sense if they capped or balanced enemy scaling (first) instead of just outright 'cold-turkeying' play-styles (and builds) developed and cultivated over the years over an "unintended" dmg scaling mechanic or game play that DE wanted fixing. If you look behind some (not all) of the rants, one of the underlying mentality/perspective atm is basically "how can this (new rework) kill lv 200 - 400+ efficiently?!" And this may seem like it needs to be in another thread, but i believe, the indirect underlying (elephant in the room) issues here are the enemies scaling, (linear enemy) AI, and player survivalbility during high content. These should have been addressed first as a whole before any weapon/melee rework imo. Warframe's main content and story difficulty hovers between lv 40-130. So in that aspect the melee changes is 'fine' and manageable (with some grain of salt). Basically, player dmg scaling got nerfed but enemy scaling remains untouched. In a sense, its kinda like DE telling us that we shouldn't be trying to fight lv 400+ enemies with this new system and just stick to fighting lv 40-130's instead (bit of a stretch but you know what i mean, i hope 😛 ). Again, If players weren't so squishy at high levels and scaled enemies at those (unpractical) levels wasn't so (exponentially) powerful (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Enemy_Level_Scaling), but rather were treated like the new CO's scaling, then I feel the nerfing of player dmg scaling, in any form, would be a little more acceptable and easier to work with or adjusting.
  10. Pls read the contents of this page thoroughly to ensure we are the clan for you and, in turn, you are the player-type we are searching for. If you have further questions feel free to post on this thread to make your inquiry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WELCOME!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are a friendly-international, well-established shadow clan of gaming-adults who understand the life, balance, and responsibilities of 'adulting' + gaming. And I aim to maintain our mutual and tight-knit community. We have members from NA, SA, EU, Guam, Asia, Australia, and Hawaii. We are a clan that always strives for the gold trophy in global events and have been around since Update 9 (>4 years ago). We've held on to a tradition of cultivating (what we call), the 'Elite Tenno' -- informed, reliably-skilled and well-rounded players. While this tradition tilts us toward an 'elite-standard,' our humble multi-cultural membership will make you feel at home as we are as 'goofy' as we are serious players. In addition, in order to help maintain a reliably-active and progressive environment, we do enforce a 20-day inactive removal policy. With our progressive ranking system, elite-gear list, friendly-experienced members, let us help forge/recognize you into the next 'Elite-Tenno!' WHAT WE OFFER: WELCOME TO (Y)OUR NEW HOME: HOW TO APPLY: EXTRAS: Things You Probably Should NOT Know about this Clan:
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