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  1. Nice! Good to see some stuff coming out. Oh and also just in case, don't forget.
  2. Greetings Lava_Torrent, Timezone-wise you'd fall in fairly well with a good number of our members as a good number of players are near your times. I am curious though as what you mean with "...Coordination of events and various objectives..?" Are you referring to playing with organized/pre-made group instead of randoms? Or are you referring to finding a clan that has scheduled runs and events? Either way, I'd like to meet you in-game to inquire more about your overall play times. Friend request sent. See you when I see you!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a separate note, I'd like to apologize to not getting back to players and applicants who have applied and been messaging me recently. I've just been busy with some 'adulting' in the past weeks but rest assure I've seen and read all your messages. 🙂 And now that things are starting to settle down for me this week, I will be able to dedicate a bit more time back on warframe. Again i apologize for the delayed responses and i hope to meet (if not reply back to) you all soon!
  3. Greetings KitKatara! Thank you for your interest in our clan and our dojo 😄 Its good to see a committed gamer. However, our current MR requirement is MR 12. Climb up to MR 12 first and I will make the effort to meet you in-game then 🙂 In terms of being able to help you, our membership is comprised of veterans of the game. Making our clan ideal to help any new player. However, (in case you are not aware yet) veterans in warframe, generally, do not have much to do nowadays due to the lack of end game contents to play. So seeing/playing with a veteran player in game can be tricky. It is our discord that keeps our members in touch and active with one another and new members. In addition, our clan has created tools to help members grow and support chats to help answer questions. When you hit MR 12 and are still interested in joining, I can explain more in detail. Until then continue growing Tenno 👍
  4. Greetings lethalan! It's good see a fellow completion-ist. We have a handful who also love doing puzzles, exploring, and collecting too! I'd like to meet you in-game to orient you more about the clan, make a few more inquiries and to get a better picture of your play times. Friend request sent. See you when i see you!!!
  5. It most likely just got put to the back burner for a bit cuz of all the new stuff they showed on tennocon. But yea I actually always wondered about that as well. I've also purchase PA since U10 - present. I am not certain either if this was a 'charity' content from DE for PA users but i think this was added/started at the time when there was discussion about making PA more 'worth the price' or something. But id love to get those other missing prime noggles as well. 😄
  6. +1 Although I will say. You forgot one rework for volt to make the trailer a reality even more.
  7. Welcome to the clan MrRoadBlock! Welcome Home! We are now at full capacity. Recruitment is now closed. We will re-open recruitment once we have 2-3 members who have been inactive for 20 days. Thank you all for visiting.
  8. Volt's kit is currently fine. Id rather he get his long awaited cloth physics and deluxe skin. Granted i dont mind the suggestions the OP mentioned either but whatever rework volt gets, he better get his cloth physics along with it.
  9. Greetings MrRoadBlock! Sounds like you'd blend in our community just fine. *looks at ammo drums* 👀 Id like to meet you in-game to make a few inquiries about your frequency of play more and to orient you more about our shenanig... clan. Friend invite sent, see you when i see you!
  10. Greetings Armyfreak42! Ah 2 deployments. I'm always thankful for our men and women in the military and love lawyer jokes lol. I'm one of the oldest in the clan (37) and ingame (5 years). I'd like to meet you in game to make a few more inquiries and get a better feel of your online times to see if it will mesh well with our current membership (should be fine actually). I'll send a friend request (or vice versa) and I'll see you when I see you. :)
  11. OMG! Yes! Thank You iG4B3 for the mention and for representing Volt's cloth physic in Tenno con 2019 with a pizza box skirt!!! I dropped on the floor when i saw that!!! You are a gawd!
  12. Obviously whatever DE wants or sees fit. Its just a suggestion. Apologies, I thought it wouldve been clear when I mention 'unique reticle.' But Camera facing would be the preferred choice esp in wf imo.
  13. Facing direction. Also, yes you can still punish mistakes even with a tether as it can be range based. like 5-7m only. just want the ledge grab animation to be put to a more purposeful state of use.
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