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  1. I really like the idea of this mod, and it made me pick up my normal bows again...however. 2 seconds is not long enough to make good use of a 4x stackable buff, as it isn't 2 seconds that get iteratively thrown on top of eachother to at least somewhat extend the very short duration, taking in mind that the only bow with a good enough draw time to not need a fire rate mod is rakta cernos, the rest need at least 1 mod for it, except mutalist cernos, which both stacks and refreshes the effect off its own poison cloud (gas on other weapons don't do this), which arguably does kindo remove the need to add fire rate, but it's also bugged on elemental damage and how it applies, so it does bugger all damage. So, please extend the duration to at least 3 seconds. We need to take into account: Draw time, projectile flight speed, actually hitting the target, then rinse and repeat to stack and refresh. This mod can legitimately give a decent alternative to just equipping kuva bramma/lenz and a sure-footed mod and no brain it, since the removal of self-damage. Just my 2 cents.
  2. So I signed up for the sigil, still haven't received it in-game. 😕
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