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  1. Some people like the hunt for the special rewards and putting in the time, as well as the reward in itself. The hunt, as well as the proverbial kill, should not be seperate.
  2. People are doing the missions for rep to get the rewards at the tiers, and to a lesser extent, wolf cred, they can and should be rewarded from other things than more challenge, because the people doing the hard challenges most likely don't need the wolf cred for anything other than extra forma/potatos...maybe.
  3. And it would be a downright worthless option because it's not rewarded. Bragging rights aren't a reward. Let's say they get 500 extra rep, that's half of a daily, and almost 4x as much as a group of convicts, just a little extra. Would that really be too much extra to give for the added difficulty over just doing mindless repeats? Is that what you want to tell me? Because as a casual player, I think that sucks.
  4. No. Scaling for survivals would make it much, much less attractive to actually do the challenge part of 1hr in one go rather than 2x30. Most people can easily do 30 mins on their own or in a ragtag pug, 1hr takes a little bit of pre-planning to work out. Not getting rewarded for that is just sh*ting on those who want to do it for a better reward, which they rightfully should get.
  5. I don't know which survival you've been doing to sit around 60 minutes...unless you were carried. There is no extra reward from Nightwave that rewards 1 1hr run of surv over 2x 30 mins, which I'm saying there absolutely should be if cumulative runs count for completion.
  6. It's a challenge though. If it wasn't challenging then it should be called something else, like 'task' 'chore' etc. Don't do a task if you don't want to do them, I don't.
  7. Look, I get you, but there has to be some sense of accomplishment offered to those who want more challenge that takes more time... We all have to be welcome here.
  8. I can totally get behind the cumulative thing, but on the other hand, I kinda like working for things sometimes. Not everything has to be thrown at you... Eventually give a bonus for completing 1hr sourvivals in one go to compensate those that want the hard way?
  9. I know. I preferred that as well and am advocating for a toggle option in ...well, options, but I don't need quick melee combos back, just regular combos as it does now is fine. QM combos were weak anyway.
  10. You still have quick melee, it's just not the same combos. The toggle that doesn't automatically swap is what you're looking for. The old quick melee attacks are weaker than normal combos.
  11. Please fix Adaptation not applying DR to shields please! And thanks for the hotfix regardless!
  12. It's just the weapon swapping. Quick melee doesn't need to exist in the form that it did, the 'quick melee' now is just normal combos on the fly, but it's very unreliable atm when it randomly keeps you in melee (until you shoot/aim), or pops back to your ranged weapons when you finish attacking with melee and not doing anything that would otherwise trigger ranged weapon swap. It's really stressing that way if you expected 1 action but another happened because the swapping system is bipolar on swapping.
  13. I play the game dude... The idea is fine, but the implementation is bad because weapons change without your say-so. The manual weapon change was more reliable than it is now, unfortunately. It'll be smoother when it's fixed, but I'd prefer having a toggle in options if you want to use new or old weapon swapping just for reliability at the cost of a little flexibility.
  14. Please fix Adaptation not applying to shields, it's fairly important for many builds.... And please allow toggling option for manual ranged/melee weapon change back, seriously, it's much more reliable for blocking and channeling. Life-stealing melee weapons are important to some builds for sustain, and being locked in on certain actions or plain making the wrong action when another was expected/calculated for leads to horrible accidents.
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