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  1. Yeah i've made it in deimos at son but it shows that i don't capture it
  2. i got it weakend by the infested and still didn't got it. I gave up and got sly made
  3. I forgot to add that it was weak by the infested and just gave up and got sly
  4. Hi! So today i decided to get another companion and went to get a panza vulpaphyla and i captured it like 5 times and when i went to make the pet it didn't show that i captured the vulpaphyla. Is this a bug or something?
  5. Hi. i wanna know if harrow is a good warframe so if i can farm for him because i wanna try new frames, i’ve got bored of my Old frames and harrow caughted my eye and he looks actually interesting and i wanna know more about him(playstyle, is he good for endgame?, could he be a good solo frame ?)
  6. Hi, i redowloanded warframe for the 100000000th and now i actually really like warframe and i was looking to join a clan and uh some things about me I am 17 i got discord I am in EEST time zone
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