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  1. This is great, the bottom one is how I want it to be. It’s like other fps like cs go or valorant, the guns feel good to shoot and the screen stays static. Right now it’s dizzying like when using diplos. I like how railjack is, it’s noticeable while using the gunnery part. Thanks.
  2. I turn off aim shake in settings but it’s still in game. I use a recoil mod for the exilus slot and it works to reduce it but recoil should affect how much deviation the bullets have, and not how much the screen shakes. It makes me nauseous and I can’t enjoy the weapons with shake. Thanks for reading.
  3. Tenet Diplos bullets don’t hit target after lock on despite cursor being near the head after lock on. Next, aim shake is too much and cannot be turned off. I tried using a minus recoil mod and it helped, but this shouldn’t be the case since aim shake makes me nauseous. Recoil should affect bullet deviation and not how much the screen moves. Unrelated, the damage the bullets do aren’t useful in high levels, wish there was an option to just aim without lock on. Thanks.
  4. Well other people have their own ways to enjoy the game and specters are one of them. They’re nice on lonely defense and survival mission, and having better ai just makes them fun and reliable instead of frustrating like many other things in the game.
  5. If you’ve been doing steel path for a while you naturally switch to epitaph and use melee on malice, but as a new player? Good luck finding out how to deal with him. There isn’t any indication that a roll removes the bubble. The same problem exists for high level toxin procs, or void storms in railjack. Add the the amount of particle effects especially with nightwatch napalm. There isn’t any indication within the game.
  6. It’s a problem sometimes because I want to know how much damage was dealt to my armor like when using Chroma’s Vex armor. Also, in my first few times I didn’t know it was because of a rad proc or a toxin proc, Or an acolyte bullet return proc, there’s no indication ingame which could help new players like me out.
  7. There are a lot of times when I get popped without knowing why. It would be nice to know if we died to toxin, radiation procs, acolytes, liches, and how much damage was dealt.
  8. There are a lot of times when I get popped without knowing why. It would be nice to know if we died to toxin, radiation procs, acolytes, liches, and how much damage was dealt.
  9. No. The kuva zarr and the kuva bramma clear star chart, endurance arbitrations, and steel path with ease. For disruption level cap endurance runs, the zarr has alt fire mode for Demolyst headshots. It has everything. Auto guns are weak compared to aoe. I want auto to be buffed to make them worth using over aoe.
  10. How do you build your auto weapons? Even corrosive and heat is just alright on them. Slash is better but the effects are more noticeable on the aoe weapons and much faster since it’s everyone in the room
  11. The basic viral slash mods hunter munitions crit chance crit damage multishot work well with aoe, but the tickdamage is small on auto guns. I have to headshot for any significant damage, when I just want to aim for the body like other gun games.
  12. Hard to use auto in survival/mobile defense steel path. Too slow to kill vs kuva zarr. If using kuva zarr I can relax but auto I also have to aim for the head and still too slow. Even 5 forma max rank the kuva zarr is much better. Or just melee. I just want to use guns in warframe like other gun games.
  13. I tried guns which are single target non aoe and automatic fire like the Kuva Karak and Tenet Diplos (put 5 forma) but cannot get them to be anywhere near as good as the Kuva Zarr And Tenet Envoy. On steel path the latter guns are fine no problem with them at all, but auto fire guns are too slow and don’t feel great and this is noticeable in survival missions. Thanks for your time.
  14. At rank 5 lich just becomes a normal dark souls boss fight
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