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  1. See same things in many games, especially MO and MMO games, I can list a lot of Bugs that are not fixed in WoW since from LK,a lot of bugs are not fixed even in Destiny 2, same with enemies stuck behind the walls and doors, Anthem is a new game, but still have a lot of bugs, that will not be fixed in a short time. Even SP games have same crap, take just Bethesda games which are Bug simulators that never fixed... From old and huge Online games most of them have a lot of bugs, for example Widow geodata aiming bug in Overwatch, that is not fixed in so many years when bug was found in CBT, or The Division 1 bugs, they just release The Division 2 with same bugs, new game...... Yes, in some games they are less noticeable, in some more noticeable, but saying like Warframe is one of the most bugged game is stupid, you or did not played other games a lot, or you are just lucky one, or lying.... Especially when even in games like WoW, game that you must Purchase, Purchase DLCs and Purchase Subscription, there still is content, that is incompletable without bugs, some LK dungeons still have enemies, that do not appear and you need to reload dungeon to complete it.... Well, yes, why the hell are the products advertising, it will definitely help to promote projects in such a competitive environment. Also, I didn't find where they have RELEASE DATES ?
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