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  1. What about a new "Void Key" system... One that basically boosts drop chances of your relic as the mode scaling climbs -- Have an alter you deposit Radiant Relics maybe in Arbiters of Hexis hub or something, like an Eidolon shrine... (Wanted something more than a menu like Index, but that could work.) Also cost some Vitus Essence, but this mode pays a bit more of it. Each time you deposit the relic you get sent to a random mission for a predetermined time before extraction, 2 to 10 waves/min for example; A Crucible, kind of like Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. [Before going... Will it display next objective type and faction? Maybe that information becomes unavailable later as difficulty rises?] Each Crucible is more difficult than last due to scaling and perhaps other elements, with scaling rewards and you cash out when you're done. (Similar to Payday 2 Crime Spree mode) When you fail...you go back a level and wasted 2x resources as a result; from the mission prior and the one failed. You can match-make or premade; When match-making it bases it on the difficulty you are credited as achieving, allowing people to cash out when they feel done and not screw over people, or as bad at least. And no Arbitration drones, no revives; The difficulty comes from scaling and maybe other factors. Call that Elite Arbitrations or The Crucible...
  2. You should give players a way to ramp up difficulty (and rewards!) faster, manually, like you did for the Orb Vallis fissure farms. Examples: What about a new Void Key system... Have an alter you deposit Radiant Relics in Arbiters of Hexis hub or something, like Eidolon shrine... Also cost some Vitus Essence, but this mode pays more back. Each time you deposit the relic you get a random mission. [Will it display next objective type and faction? Maybe that information becomes unavailable later as difficulty rises?] Each mission is more difficult than last, with scaling rewards and you cash out when you're done. (Similar to Payday 2 Crime Spree mode) You can match-make or premade; When match-making it bases it on the difficulty you are credited as achieving, allowing people to cash out when they feel done and not screw over people. Call that Elite Arbitrations... And no Arbitration drones, no revives; The difficulty comes from scaling and maybe other factors. Previous ideas... Spend some Vitus essences on entry like The Index, but more is paid out faster... (Risk and reward!) Farm items and deposit them to ramp up difficulty. Hack some consoles to radio for reinforcements. Or, something along the lines of the Eidolon shrine, make it spawn at the spawn and put a waypoint on it. (Also, you could remove rezzes on the hardest setting or modes, such as if you take Index approach.) Diversity and uniqueness to Arbitrations: You should also add Assassin encounters as a percentage for staying in longer, or boss encounters, perhaps as a challenge to overcome to earn your reward as well as breaking the tedium. I had an idea last year for a new frame/elite version of Stalker Acolyte that attacks frames at THEIR STRONGEST, not weakest... And they use Archwing guns and such, think like a crazy edge lord looking Hildryn. That would add a lot of fun and challenge to the mode, they could spawn 30+ minutes into Arbitrations, all but guaranteed to spawn if you stay just over an hour. This is how you would farm that new Warframe, or their loot if it wasn't playable like my original idea has it. You could also add new spawns or simply replace drones with Index and Rathuum enemies mixed into spawns, to make the mode more interesting and challenging. General issues: Arbitrations need to have scaling rewards to better reward the time invested and difficulty. And as many have said... 5 minutes or equivalent, not 10 minutes / waves. Also, need to normalize the time disparity between modes and maps. Another issue is Arbitration Drones force people bring meta builds, to bring AOE guns like Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon, Lenz, Opticor Vandal, etc... And avoid specific frames like the plague while bringing tank frames. ALSO, Corpus and Corrupted need to have LESS ARBITRATION DRONES due to Nullifiers being effectively the same thing as Arbitration Drones! And you NEED TO MAKE ARBITRATION DRONES MORE VISIBLE, ESPECIALLY FOR COLOR BLIND PEOPLE! (I do not have color blindness but sometimes struggle to spot them, but this is why the AOE meta is further reinforced to deal with them. Also change Parasite enemies to be more visible AND REQUIRE LINE OF SIGHT! 😣) Arbitration Drones, at present, are almost literally speed bumps in a racing game... Because you don't want people to drive fast... In a racing game... 🤔😒 Fuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn... 🙄 (which then causes players to bring off-road vehicles just to bypass the speed bumps as much as possible, even though there are dozens of other cars and choices, choices they may prefer...anti-choice and anti-fun.) https://youtu.be/7iQcRqzSMDY If you're going to keep drones, maybe do like the Ancients for Infested and have different types of Drones and their functions or protection be different and a bit random but MORE of the Drones? Examples: Damage resistance to a single IPS/element, to a type of Crowd Control, or just copy/paste Infested auras, etc.. That way we have more diversity in play and loadouts we can bring... (YAY for CC frames being viable! As someone else said, it would be great if CC was LEGITIMATELY viable in Arbitrations because AOE frames unquestionably dominate ESO.) Enabling recasting abilities on some frames without will also help make more frames playable in Arbitrations. Examples: Loki, Zephyr, etc.. Also, can Rhino get in on that? Just buff up the damage a bit on his augment to make it still useful. Nezha would have been mentioned, but you fixed his issue by giving invulnerability window which also works. Although, that could also work decently for Rhino, BUT it's going to need to be long enough for him to roar and charge then cast iron skin, ideall Alternative idea for revive system proposed: 1) Ally(s) go down to bleedout and get a debuff on revive. 2) Ally(s) dies next time they would have gone down due to debuff. 3) Ally(s) can clear a debuff by surviving until next wave. Bleedout timer and a revive cap could be set by difficulty or time spent in mission. Thus, forgiving and less grief inducing and becomes hard to achieve as difficulty goes up. This would apply to pets...sorry, but if your pet can't stay alive, I'm not going to risk rezzing it every 5 seconds. Bring a Djinn with augment or something. Alternative idea for revives 2: Squishier frames get a downed state / bleedout timer and 2x lives or something to compensate so they can be viable, if played well. (Focus school revive could apply in this instance and this is just a bandage for now, until broader changes get made and technically you should let Inaros get 1 downed state due to his passive, BUT he is insane so probably not, not unless its removed with arcanes equipped on frame to help newer players or something.) Host migrations: 1) Invulnerability state until players begin moving again. 2) Preserve data for vulnerable frames like Gara; Store buffs locally on all clients and have them check each other for cheating. 3) Reward hosts for staying; maybe a modifier for their progress, 1.5x or bonus resources or Vitus. 4) Require all equipment be fully leveled to participate, like ESO/Sorties tend to do. 5) Give a party icon to notify who the host is and confirmation dialog to exit when you're host. 6) The lack of HUD / UI information while dead in Arbitrations is very vexing and probably leads to people bailing unnecessarily and if nothing else makes it more boring to be dead, because you could be giving information or something engaging or at least see how long your wait is so you can pee or something... Kind of like being dead in R6 Siege isn't a total game over. 7) Force to not let high quit rate / extract ASAP players from being the host, when possible. And, an option to prefer not to host in settings or something, like the "laptop" vs. "desktop" setting, because some people don't have stable situations and know it, be it technology or home life or if playing at work or something. Power Creep: DE, if you guys keep adding Rivens as-is to the game, you have no one else to blame for boring damage and tank meta and POWER CREEP, especially if you don't make Rivens tied to a weapon's Mastery Level so they even out to roughly same power and usefulness, not " God tier item X God tier riven = DELETE ALL ENEMIES WITHOUT EFFORT. " And don't get me started on the need for changed enemy scaling, need to rethink CC and its counters so it's viable, changes to enemy AI, enemies that 1 shot and shouldn't, and need for damage 3.0, better boss encounters more like Doma, new mission types or changes... In short, removing or reducing invulnerability and immunity (I. E. Immune window is better than total immunity) from enemies and remove insane bullet sponge scaling enemies, should be the goal and let player choices and tactics matter to one degree or another without becoming EZ mode...and we are happy to help brainstorm that. (I know that's a LOT of work, but you can crowd source a lot of ideas! You guys didn't even ask and people like me are working on things like this because we LOVE the game!) While on the complaints of Arbitrations can we make it so that the enter key twice doesn't boot you out if you're dead? Or not pop up that dialog altogether, especially when chatting? Like, literally when you try to talk and you hit enter to send the message, it, for some asinine reason, also pops up a dialogue to ask you really want to leave... and it does this EVERY TIME time you try to talk while you are dead. Note: I have been in this thread for hours, reading and reacting to all posts and updating my post with ideas and chiming in on great points others made to reinforce them so hopefully they are implemented.
  3. I am happy and excited for the changes! There will likely be growing pains, but that is never a valid reason to stagnate.
  4. Sounds amazing! Though, "battle passes" vex me and I strongly dislike them, but that is primarily due to the paying for them and the time frame to achieve the goals... It punishes people with 1) limited income and 2) limited time. This has neither of these issues, it seems. So, as long as the time allowed to achieve the weekly stuff is sufficient, than I see no problem and fully support it. ❤️🤘 Also, I would like you to add a similar system to elite alerts, and include riven slots and boosters into the evergreen rewards there. 😉 My friends who are iffy on Warframe will undoubtedly be very happy with these changes as well, because cashshop items such as slots and Catalysts and Reactors being basically impossible to really grind for due to pure RNG, and slots being a grind for stuff to sell plus trade grinding, so I will have a far easier time scheduling play sessions with them and us all getting those sweet sweet rewards we want or need. 😁 And, if the story is fun and engaging, they will also be more inclined to get into the game more, grinding to grind so you can grind to grind, hard to sell people on. 😣
  5. Whining about bad perceptions and choices they made... is not feedback... its wanting to have their cake and eat it too, like children. Bubbles always pop... Eventually, no matter how long the coin flip came up Heads... Tails is around the corner... And yet people don't like that...so they see it as impossible...and refuse to accept it and their part in it. You're not a victim of you didn't pay attention and make informed choices...
  6. The salt in this thread is Dead Sea grade... The fallacies are biblical... THIS WAS AN ECONOMIC BUBBLE and Gambler's Fallacy run wild in the community! Then the regulators start waking up and doing stuff about it...SHOCKER! (Dot Com bubble, Housing Bubble... any of those ringing any bells?) And people got fleeced by the fallacy that nothing bad happens because nothing bad happened prior to now or just in this specific area of the economy...or to them personally...therefore nothing bad will continue to happen...and then it does happen...and they lose their minds and shift the blame! Gambling machine and bubble in riven prices was OBVIOUS. People put time and money into it anyway and then got mad...as if they never heard of gambling and economic bubbles... ...and that it wasn't public knowledge Riven Dispositions are allegedly based on weapon popularity and usage... ...and that DE likes to nerf things too hard sometimes or not at all for a long time then hit that thing with a sudden nerf... Take the lessons learned here and move on... the world is NOT known for stability and well done governance that doesn't symptom chase and over react instead of actually treating root causes of issues with well thought out plans...
  7. Do you want to see rivens selling for something like 10,000 plat in a few years or less? Because this is how you create massive supply and demand with ultra rare quality rivens that are grandfathered to stay "as is" are a huge huge huge huge mistake.
  8. With many of the anti-lootbox / video game gambling laws being talked about, Rivens will be forced into changes, to a degree or another. At minimum they will not allow trading veiled Rivens, per my understanding... Expect more Riven changes as such laws solidify and the company becomes legally liable in those countries. 🚧 ...This is only the beginning... 🚧
  9. Please add Sentinel Rivens as a Vitus Essence purchasable item. I don't expect them to be too cheap, plus this adds replay value to a mode where people want more reason to engage in it. Keep in mind: Sentinel Rivens were going to go up in price purely from Moa pets alone and new Sentinel weapons being added. Now that you axed them... they will be worth even more. Also, why did you add Sentinel rivens if other pets weren't going to get Rivens? (Also, please make sentinels not squishy AF or remove their threat so they get hit less.) As for the Riven changes in general, thank you, a good step in right direction. Some don't make any freaking sense...but change is needed. I was upset how they were failing to do what was NEEDED... to make low MR and bad weapons worth using even in End Game, not pushing already great weapons into GOD TIER. I was going to make a post suggesting you tie Riven polarity to said weapons Mastery Rank for their rank as 1 to 5 and then hand balance edge cases... ideally giving all weapons a similar time to kill or usefulness. I am still under a NDA for another game, featuring heroes, that is now dead... ...but I did a LOT of balance testing and bug testing there when they were trying to get heroes to a similar enough time to kill and survival capability that people could play how they want, not be meta slaves, but still maintaining the flavor and uniqueness of that character. But, however you want to do it, just do something to bring a healthy balance to weapons... there are a lot of fun weapons that don't get the use they deserve. Also, please buff Javlok...its still basically trash... and I really want to use that weapon. Reminds me of a hero I got kind of actually got PTSD testing (seriously, still haunts me because of how much testing I did and how trash they were) in that other game, one of my favorite characters, but even in a end game optimal gear setup they were still weaker than an entirely gearless/naked other character... We did a race between myself and another tester to reasonably clear a zone and its boss... it was apparently the thing the devs there needed to see to highlight just how bad that character was even after their first buff passes, and then they got a much needed rework. Ultimately, we need a Damage 3.0 and enemy scaling changes so that trash weapons won't need as dramatic of changes. You need to shift things around, here are some preliminary ideas for just IPS damage: If you make Impact and Puncture equivalents to Slash, each with a Rock Paper Scissors alignment to enemy factions; Slash ideal for Infested and stays same since Infested are Health based. Strong against Impact. Neutral to Puncture. Impact for Grineer to do a Sunder Armor proc, because they are Armor based. Strong against Puncture. Neutral against Slash. (or an internal bleeding proc.. impact damage was one of the best tools to fight armored knights besides very strong puncture weapons, its a bit tricky because modern and future armor would be traditionally designed to stop bullets, not so much for impacts/pressure waves, but armor piercing bullets is a thing and could be represented as "Puncture" damage also) Puncture for Corpus to do a Shield Drain proc on Shields... or chance to bypass shield or something. Strong against Slash. Neutral against Impact. (Shields are a bit tricky also... so could go either way like Grineer. Robots would be vulnerable to impact shock damage, but also due to weight be limited on armor and so puncture damage would have more effect on internals... its easier to make a robot impact resistant than bullet resistant, if you go by military grade laptops and other electronics we have today that are impact and drop resistant.) I'll be writing up a Damage 3.0 topic eventually and layout how I would do it.
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