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  1. I still prefer this app over official. HTC EVO 3D is confirmed to work flawless in my testing for weeks now.
  2. Like I said, I got it working now, installed using the phone's browser, it said there was a previous version and asked if I wanted to install over/update, and it worked. But to the way I did it prior: I was using a freeware product called "Android Injector" on my PC to install the APK over USB to my phone. Users should just navigate to the website and download it directly to the phone and install. Quick and easy. (I used Opera Mobile browser to do this, if it helps others.) ------ I've been unable to replicate the issue where the alerts went away/were gone when I came back int
  3. Installed via web browser on phone; HTC EVO 3D, working well, no issues yet discovered with this or previous versions. (using I believe latest firmware and OS that my phone can get using built-in update feature. My phone is Hardware version 0002) Thanks, love the app so far. Keep up the great work guys! Edit: Noticed one thing. I left the app running in background, came to it again and the alerts weren't there anymore. I hit refresh, they popped back up, all the alert bells and whistles went off and I got alert notification again. (issue really being that they vanished)
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