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  1. Hi, with the latest patch Mother's location for giving T2/T3 Iso Vault bounties were swapped. (Why?) Ok I guess, except when I enter Cambion Drift from Necralisk after having accepted a T2 bounty from mother will match me into a T3 bounty, and vice versa. And I understand that the Iso Vault bounties themselves are supposed to be on a cycle, but they still say "No Expiry"! Finally, T1 rewards are separated by line breaks, whereas T2/T3 rewards have commas separating them.
  2. Title, basically - I have two rivens by the same name, and when I try to chat link one, both of them come up - but no matter which one I choose, only one of them will actually be linked.
  3. anyone know if fortuna and deimos parts can be mixed?
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