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  1. If DE intends to slow down melee, I feel this is a more effective doing it. Similar to what they did to the melee range mod change, it will nerf the extreme speeds already fast melee weapons can attain while buffing slower stuff since they benefit more on flat bonus due to their low attack speed stat. The Kronen Prime and Nami Skyla Prime used to considered junk primes prior to the changes to melee range modding, it would be interesting to see which melees will rise and fall if nothing else.
  2. I only way I can realistically see that happening if is the UI and Arsenal system get a major overhaul or even a complete rebuild. Considering how much spaghetti code WF already has, just changing it is more than likely to introduce a whole slew of new bugs.
  3. Teshin is going to get a riven cipher in the Steel Path shop which automatically unveils a riven once each week.
  4. You honestly believe weapons are now balanced with Arsenal Divide? If anything it feels like a preliminary first step in a long road to try and get range to par with melee.
  5. I have a sneaking suspicion they're going to either disallow launcher weapons to use galvanized mods. That or it'll work at only 50% strength/ 50% less time.
  6. I can used Banshee's sonar weak points just fine in anything short of a Bubonico spam storm. If what the OP's is suggest visually works similar to that, I see no problem. And I'm sure DE working to address that as we go along. Just like how Meme Strike was gradually nerfed in a series of updates spanning almost a year.
  7. Or maybe make the Weapon Exilus function like an aura/stance slot. That'll make opening that slot way more desirable and better justify spending 20p to unlock it.
  8. Hmm... this kinda reminds me of how the Meme Strike nerf went. This is going to be looong and arduous saga isn't it?
  9. The nerfs for CO and Blood Rush aren't that particularly bad tbh. If anything their costs should be bumped to 20 since melee has more mod space. Those two mod do more damage than the Sacrificial set overall for heaven's sake. Hell, they are way more deserving of the umbral polarity than the Sacrificial set.
  10. Pretty much. Major reason I price my stuff 50% to x4 my target price particularly on rivens to scare off players with low plat and most low-ballers. The low-ballers that do still do business will usually end up buying my stuff in my intended price.
  11. Even in Warframe Market some people will still try to low-ball you. It's the major reason why riven prices there are usually twice or even thrice the "actual" price.
  12. I like Arbies the way the are now and I honestly find them way more fun to do then SP, so no. Though SP level spawn numbers in Arby Survival and Defense would be nice.
  13. I'd rather fix matchmaking and connectivity first before bothering to add (let's be honest here) comparatively miscellaneous stuff to it. And to be honest, the only way I can realistically see a feature like this making it in is to completely rebuild the matchmaking system from the ground up, not just a major overhaul.
  14. Well, it's just faster to brute force it. In the region I play in, almost no one bothers with stealth and just titania, wukong, nezha and/or gauss their way through vault traps. Data recovery over 5 seconds of triggering is usually manual solving, while under to almost instantly is a cypher. Particularly in spy fissures, it's all about finishing the mission in ideally less than 5 minutes.
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