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  1. Is it possible if yes can some one please tell me all the ways I could possibly obtain a weapon with a higher mastery rank then I have.
  2. what do you guys think about the upcoming nidus prime? think he will be any good?
  3. now those are some words to live by.
  4. ok so the conversion time is actually 5 seconds I probably should have made that a bit more clear after the 5 seconds they are infected and under your control, 10 mins after the initial infection they will turn into a fully mutated helminth infected in this final form they will resemble a infected from demos or other infested maps as for the health those are base stats that can be changed in the future if you have any ideas for stats or ways I could improve it I would be happy to see them, also thanks for the criticism
  5. I have to agree with you here him not having any good ability's for hordes even someone who I know likes a stealth play style still didn't like ash.
  6. if a [de] sees this and likes it please contact me I would like to know how I can improve it.
  7. (note I am also working on another 3 warframes that will link up with The Plaguemancer.)
  8. I would love to see the community's opinion on it and what I could change about it. thank you for your time.
  9. infection chances are coming soon also this is a work in progress.
  10. Plaguemancer(after being confined to the orbiters biological functions for so long the helminth hivemind had a score to settle with the infested hivemind after it abandoned the tenno, the Orkin and the destruction and pain it had caused and it was then that the latest of the lotuses plans to keep the infested under control failed then the lotus realizes that they need a plan to deal with the rapidly expanding power of the infested so the lotus is left with one choice the tenno need a plague of their own so the helminth hivemind had a idea that could wipe this infested from the face of the galaxy on the tenno’s half they would give their best operator and warframe and on the helminths half for good measure the hivemind itself was placed into the warframe to make a deadly duo with weaponry mastery and the infectious ability of the hivemind they truly are a force to be reckoned with.) you can obtain parts of this warframe by sacrificing corpse lancer prime to the helminth in the orbiter. The Plaguemancer the deadly product of an alliance forged in blood be warned tenno this is one warframe that you should never cross. -The Lotus Stats starting stats ENERGY 300 HEALTH 300 SHIELD 0 SPRINT SPEED 1.1 ARMOR 125 DAMAGE REDUCTION 26.9% EFFECTIVE HIT POINTS 900 Passive (ring of spores) Around Plaguemancer there is a 5-meter ring of infectious spores that will infect all enemy’s(with the exception of the profit taker orb, Exploiter Orb, Teralyst, Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst these bosses can’t be infected or bosses that are important to the story) even turrets if it can attack you can infect it they will have to be alive you can’t infect dead enemy’s they will stay the same level as when they got infected and will look the same as before they got infected but they will have some helminth tentacles at the back of their head, after 10 minutes of being infected they will no longer be able to use weapons (unless the infected enemy is a robot)and they will begin to resemble an infected enemy commonly found on demos except with helminth distinctions they are called fully mutated helminth infected or fmhi for short, once an enemy has become a fmhi depending on what it was before it transformed it will turn into a randomly selected helminth, also enemy’s that are infected that melee attack another enemy if that melee attack makes them lose half their health then they will become infected it takes 5 seconds for an enemy to be fully infected turned enemy’s will not freely move around, they will follow you and surround you defensively within 50-meters of you as Plaguemancer has no shield that is if they have not been given an order, helminth infested will not die over time they can only die to gun fire or melee attacks from enemy’s also so they can be alive indefinitely if there is no enemy around to kill them or if the player decides to kill them they can also di to friendly fire by warframes only, pets cannot kill them with friendly fire them and nor can other helminth infected, only enemy’s, warframes and other enemy’s that are under mind control or that are being manipulated by other warframes and the helminth infected can attack, kill and infect them all to except friendly warframes. (only enemies can be infected the helminth infected will not attack warframes or characters that are important for a mission, other than friendly warframes people important to missions and pets they will attack anything that moves so enemy’s that are under friendly control, so if corpse lancer and Plaguemancer are both added to the game they are probable not the best duo) this ability is less affective under water and in space when in these environments the radius will be cut to 2-meters. Ability 1 (plague control) cost 25 energy Once an enemy is infected they can be controlled using this ability it has to be tapped to change the potions, there are four options and they are hold position for a defense map helminth infected will not follow the player unless this ability is cast again, assault they will seek out enemy’s in the assigned area which will be an 20-meter on both sides with the hypotonus being 28.28-meters long right angle Isosceles triangle. this ability cannot be activated if there are no enemy’s in the assigned area they will return to the player once all enemy’s in that area are killed or infected, manipulate this ability will kill 50% of all your helminth infected they will drop extra loot and occasionally some rare loot depending on which planet you are on, final charge all your helminth infected will charge any enemy and blow up when they reach them releasing spores that stay for 10 seconds the spores will instantly infect all enemy’s that walk through. Ability 2 (bladed plague sprouts) cost 50 energy Summon a group of 10 blade sprouts infected with the helminth plague that quickly mature in to 1-meter tall plague-ridden plants with two blades that rapidly spin for 5 seconds after maturing after 5 seconds the blade sprouts will shrivel up and die. Ability 3 (plague mutation) cost 100 energy Temporarily make you and all allies invincible for 10 seconds all helminth infested will become invulnerable to. Ability 4 (plague guard) cost 300 energy Summon 4 of these plague-ridden defenders the first one is Nidus first a prototype now a part of the plague guard number two is the Juggernaut, the Leaping Thrasher and finally Deimos Therid and potentially more if you get the rare riven mod (note all allies summoned using this ability will act similarly to vapor specters and the nidus’ loadout can be customized in the arsenal section in the orbiter. (note all infested in this list if summoned with this ability will be summoned in groups of 4) Primary (Sentients Bluff) This is a Shedu sentient rifle that was taken, ripped right of a sentient and been in storage on the orbiter since its recovery soon after the tenno helminth alliance this new warframe needed a weapon that can pack a punch after being given to the helminth the helminth added two extra firing modes and added a toxic affect to each round fired. The other two firing modes are infectious sniper the Shedu will grow a scope and an extended barrel which fires a single extremely accurate shot that does nothing… at first after 10 seconds the enemy shot will transform into a fmhi. The third firing mode is called spore shotgun which will fire 3-meters in front of the tenno and instantly infect them they will turn into a fmhi instantly, you can unlock parts for sentients bluff by sacrificing Shedu to the helminth in the orbiter and most of the required materials for it will be dropped by rare fmhi. (note only the Plaguemancer can infect with the two other firing modes so keep that in mind for other tenno it will just apply a toxic affect to the enemy) Basie stats ACCURACY 28.6 CRITICAL CHANCE 25% CRITICAL MULTIPLIER 2.1x FIRE RATE 2.50 MAGAZINE 10 / ∞ NOISE ALARMING RECHARGE DELAY 0.40 RECHARGE RATE 28 RELOAD 0.7 RIVEN DISPOSITION 0.80 STATUS CHANCE 23% TRIGGER AUTO DAMAGE 🔥 HEAT 71.0 RADIAL ATTACK toxic 87.0 TOTAL DAMAGE 258.0 AVERAGE HIT 301.4 SUSTAINED DPS 408.7 Secondary (terrain mutation) Fire a bolt with a mutated bulge at the end at a wall, surface or enemy then a large helminth tentacle will sprout out of the place the bolt hit which will thrash and whip around violently and will die after all enemy’s within a 50-meter radius are dead or infected it will attract all enemy’s within that radius and will kill all of them if its killed by an enemy then it will self-destruct this gun will start with 5 ammo a mission no ammo for this gun can be found during a mission. Stats ACCURACY 100.0 CRITICAL CHANCE 7% CRITICAL MULTIPLIER 5.0x FIRE RATE 10.00 MAGAZINE 5 per mission NOISE silent RELOAD 2.0 RIVEN DISPOSITION 0.50 STATUS CHANCE 50% TRIGGER HELD DAMAGE Toxic 21.0 TOTAL DAMAGE 21.0 AVERAGE HIT 26.9 BURST DPS 268.8 SUSTAINED DPS 237.9 Melee (The cure) The cure is a long katana like blade that has not been directly infected by the helminth plague instead the blade being infected the holster is infected and on being drawn a large toxic affect de-buff on all those hit by it the de-buff will eventually leave the sword if it is not holstered the toxic de-buff needs time to build up again, on a heavy attack if it lands on a enemy the enemy’s behind it will become infected on a heavy slam attack all enemy’s in the radius will be infected, its heavy attack will make a arching infested slice through the air if it hits a enemy’s they will instantly be infected and turned into a fmhi it will also leave a spore trail, and the heavy slam a spore cloud will go out in all directions infecting every enemy that the cloud touches.(only if used by the Plaguemancer).this will be a reward in the helminth questline. Mods Riven mod=this mod is for the 4th ability it allows the player to summon a helminth version of the following=Deimos Carnis, Deimos Saxum, Deimos Jugulus, Deimos Therid, Deimos Tendril Drone, Zealot Proselytizers, Zealot Bapitzers, Zealot Heralds, Zealoid Bastion, (summon one of these in open worlds only) Deimos Genetrix, Hemocyte, Juggernaut Behemoth, Jordas Golem, Lephantis, Phorid and finaly Zealoid Prelate, for these bosses and the Deimos Genetrix they can only be used on the open worlds and only one can be summoned at a time for the same amount of energy, you can customize which infested are in the summoning wheel in the arsenal segment. To un-vail this riven mod you need to infect 1,000,000 enemies. rare=Increase the passives range
  11. I just want to see if people would actually like this style of warframe
  12. this warframe's power will mainly come from its abilities and and less from its weapons this warframe will have no shield and not much health but a large energy pool this is a minion warframe
  13. The Plaguemancer the deadly product of an alliance forged in blood be warned tenno this is one warframe that you should never cross. -The Lotus
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