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  1. are you experiencing the same bug or no? I'm still on 7 and would like to rule it out if possible
  2. Out of curiousity, are you two on Windows 7, by chance?
  3. Having the same issue here, kind of frustrating because I can't play with any of my clanmates and I really want to help them out and try to carry them in the event but I'm unable to do so.
  4. Could we maybe have some toggles under the controls sections (maybe separate them into a melee category like archwing and lunaro) for melee autoswitching? At the moment I'm only aware of "Melee with fire weapon input" and that's a good example, but how about another option that disables mouse 1 and mouse 2 being fire and aim weapon when melee is out and instead do channeling and block like how melee 2.0 was, and the reload key could still bring it to the gun without reloading, if the mag is partially empty, with one or two of those options on, or have a third option for automatically/double ta
  5. Thanks, a few abilities and the slowdown% might be a little off and this frame could be a little bit over on the OP side, but I kinda forgot about it for a few days and I got into an argument with the first person who worked on it with me.
  6. First Concept: 11/24/2016 Assisted by: @LeoXtreme98 @Larkaasm Note: This can make an objective in an area go faster or reverse the flow of time for enemies for a short period of @(*()$ TIME. Also, in solo/if everyone is casted this ability, time outside will appear to be frozen (no alarms set off, disruptions, etc). -- Name: * Aion | The Phoenician God of Time (Middle-East Iah | Old Moon God of Time Praamzius | Lithuanian Ruler of Time -- Appearence Male Face - Oval shape, looks like an egg - Spiral strips of a transparent material that shows p
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