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  1. The Charybdis Corsairs Ghost clan PC Founding Warlord All the work was done solo - Start to finish including resources, the unfunded decorations were left intentionally because of lighting conditions of the environment or because they are still work in progress, I would like to thank all my ingame friends who gave me a push to do this and for their support.
  2. Thank you, but can u please fix the zero rewards when we leave the squad when I'm downed, and leave the squad, I get nothing, I have to wait for others to pull out of a mission to get the rewards.
  3. How do we use those, im not seeing the option, or am i missing something?
  4. it happened to me twice today, i was in a middle of eidolon hunt, all of a sudden couldnt transfer to operator or use abilities, the first time, i was able to let the squad know not to revive me, but the second was worse, hoping the second stage might get me unstuck, but i couldnt use my shard at the alter saying that i need a shard, even though that i collected all the shards, still couldnt use the altar too, i dont know if that happened to anyone else, but i had to quit and relog .
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