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  1. Just like the title says. What mod/mods do you hate that everyone else seems to love? For me it is Quick Return on a Glaive/Glaive Prime. It seems like most people love having a one bounce Glaive, but I love having my Glaive Prime having a long throw time. Welp, thanks for reading, commenting, Subscri... I mean... Edit: Okay, I don't mean what mod you hate just because others love it. I just meant what mod that you dislike/hate, yet everyone seems to love it.
  2. Calm down. This is just a Forum post about an idea, don't need to hit the Caps-Lock button.
  3. How about a "True" war between factions? Every once and awhile the Grineer and Corpus would break out it a huge battle. And we could choose which side to fight with, kinda like we do now. But we go into a mission on a somewhat open area, and fight the 1000 enemies from the other side.
  4. Am I allowed to say this? Oh well. I want to be Clooned XD
  5. Not really. And I said it twice now. I just want it so that After a failed attempted at logging in, it will remove the text you have in your password box.
  6. No, I just want it so that when I type my password wrong, it will remove the failed attempted. I could care less about Auto-log in. Even though that would make things faster, but meh. I am a weird person.
  7. Okay, I just wanted to ask this: When you login, and mis-type your password, do you ever get kinda frustrated that you have to delete the failed password attempt instead of the game doing that for you? I know this is a very small thing, but as a person who slouches while playing, sometimes I miss the correct keys in my password, and then I just get kinda mad when I have to delete the fail. I know that it would only save > or = 1 sec, but still. After seeing it happen quite often to me, it does get kinda old. And annoying. So what do all of you think about this "Lazy man's change"? Wel
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