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  1. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Since Wednesday I have been running Isolation Vaults and killing Necramechs, my estimate would be that I killed around 20-30 of them so far. They always drop their matrices, but never have any of them dropped Damaged Necramech Engine/Pod/Casing/Weapon Pod. I have also comandeered a small number of Necramechs and let them be destroyed before the hotfix that removed the drops from those and they also didn't drop the above-mentioned parts. Since the official droptables say the chance for additional loot in form of the damaged parts is 30% the propability of this h
  2. Well, no, not really. You will only be able to find some if you're lucky enough for it to actually spawn, which is still very rare.
  3. The droprates are not fine. If you needed 1 per blueprint, you could maybe argue they were acceptable, but you need 5 e.g. for Xaku. To build a SINGLE piece of a Warframe you have to spend several days farming one rare resource in the current situation. Also, Scintillant is clearly not intended to be super rare. About half of all of father's tokens require MULTIPLE scintillants. In general, no single thing (Warframe, weapon etc., other than perhaps Primes of course) should take days to farm. After all the fun in the game for presumably most players comes from using the thing they farmed f
  4. While I agree with most of what you said I feel obligated to point out that just because fishing and mining was part of the other two open worlds, doesn't mean that's good or that it should be part of this one as well. Warframe is a game about killing hordes of enemies with cool abilities and weapons. There is bound to be a considerable amount of players who play Warframe for only that and will be extremely put off by having to do mining, fishing and conservation to get to some of the content they're actually interested in (Helminth, Necramechs). Tying things that are so very different from wh
  5. The tokens do serve a purpose, at least mother's tokens. They allow you to farm standing and save it despite the daily requirement. That's really good for people who only have time to play every so many days. I can see the intent behind the other tokens as well. In theory they allow you to farm whatever thing you want to farm instead of specific material requirements for ranking up the Entrati syndicate. However in practice that doesn't happen at all, since the majority of tokens require a combination of many different resources, most of them including some really rare ones.
  6. I didn't whish to imply otherwise. I don't even know if the bonus can be the commen reward. For me it usually is an uncommon reward.
  7. Have you tried soloing it? When soloing it's only 10 samples. I've never seen it not upload all. That should also be faster than 25.
  8. All of the token conversions are unrealistic right now. Half of father's tokens require Scintillants, half of daughter's tokens require one of two fish materials so rare I haven't found a single fish giving them (Yes, I have been fishing in caves. Instead of fishing it's "easier" to farm them in Isolation Vaults). Son's tokens require you to capture up to 16 animals for a single token. I've cleared the entire open world of all captures twice now and still don't have enough of anything for a single token exchange.
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