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  1. Ditto, I am slow anyway, but the other Tenno seem to treat the missions like Speed Tests and the medallions are usually worth more than the set award of Syndicate Standing for each mission, especially if you find a big one.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, but none have worked. I went into Options and added a keystroke "H" to the wheel button for an alternate "call button" to mimic the call, but that didn't work either. Just FYI, the mouse button and the "H" work when firing a weapon, so it ain't a hardware problem. I'll contact Support and let y'all know if we fix it.
  3. Tried the middle wheel button, but still no joy. I can feel it "click" but nothing happens. My problem is that the "call" button ain't working. I'm gonna program the mouse to have the "call" button a different one. I'll let y'all know when I have any success. Thanks
  4. I will give it a try. That is the area highlighted on the HUD.
  5. Question: When responding to a callback, it highlights the middle of the mouse where the roller is and I can't figure out what to hit, so, what do you hit? I use a Logitech G5 and the buttons below the roller control how fast the mouse moves. I have tried the two side buttons, but no joy. I have macro keys for Zoom and Alt-fire and Zoom works with the Tranq but Alt-fire does nothing. Any ideas?
  6. Try exiting the game and let it refresh your account. Worked for me!
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