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  1. On the subject of Warframe skins specifically, I suggested/requested long ago that Conclave-themed skins be added to the reward tables for Teshin, but no dice. All I wanted was Tron fashionframe. 😭
  2. Don't see how it could be considered unfair...you can select one of the Zeni weapons pretty early on for log in rewards, and for the Syandana and Armor I was figurin' it'd just be cool to have additional flair added when you use 'em with the Warframe, not anything game-changing, so to speak...just a sort of "Hey look at how shiny I am with my 1,000 days of logging in and my special little Warframe!" type deal on that side of it. 😋 Maybe if DE decided to have this conjectural Warframe MR-locked at 30 I'd agree with you about possible unfairness, but they'd surely never do something like that.
  3. Yeah I wasn't suggestin' a Warframe be locked behind log in rewards at all. Just have a fun little quest to get a "Clockwork" Warframe or something that works fine on its own, but if you have the log in stuff it gets a couple more bells and whistles on top of it. 😉
  4. Been a while since I've made a new topic...getting right to it, though: Just got the Lodestar Armor from the 1,000 day log in reward (only 294 days behind, woo!) and with that final piece acquired and nothing left to look forward to (for now), I got to thinking "Well wouldn't it be nice if there was a Warframe that synergized with all this log in stuff?" That's the short of it. Just thinking about how a lot of the newer weapons were made to synergize with related Warframes they were released with/around, and how all the Zen/Lodestar stuff seems to be a complete set, nix a Warframe to go with it. Thought it might be pretty interesting to have a Lodestar/Zen Warframe that unlocked additional functions in the weapons/cosmetics and/or had additional functions available to it based upon how much of the log in gear was in its load out. That's all. 🤠
  5. The scores of those who performed below the minimum sufficient threshold to stay do still count for them, personally. It's in their profile statistics forever. It was important to let these folks stay to the very last minute so they had every single possible opportunity to prove themselves worthy to stay in RV/PV. We had strategy documentation available, coaches, hosts, viable builds, map surveys...everything anyone could possibly ask for if they were serious about making the bare minimum effort. At the point the event ended, the time for surveying the results began--the time to separate wheat from chaff. It's a very common practice for us, as others have said. Nothing surprising or unexpected about it. Depending on familiarity with the event, bare minimum runs (8k/12k) could be achieved within ~20-30 minutes. Typically, in past competitive events, a minimum time sink of ~1 hour has been expected. This one was much easier to grind score for than say Ambulas Reborn or Pacifism Defect. Those who weren't up to it were overwhelmingly just lazy/apathetic and shouldn't have signed up in the first place, or should have taken the ample opportunity to duck out of the clans and then rejoin after the Event ended (as dozens did). In short, there were very few sufficient excuses for those who remained not to score above the bare minimums. The majority went several thousands over the minimum, and those who wanted to claim the in-clan prizes went up as far as 51k in both clans. Scores earned were earned. Those saying the math doesn't quite add up, they kicked over 300 people from PV before the leaderboards ticked down the first time and people noticed. Assuming the average of those kicked was between the bare minimum for the clan (8k) and the bare minimum to claim the event weapons (4k), or even favoring the latter, let's say you take 300 kicked under-performing ex-PV members and multiply it by 5k. 1.5 million is the result. Losing 500k seems awful high/fishy, eh? Nah. Just a lot of those people had scores even lower than 5k is all it is. Lots of people who said they'd get the minimum and didn't even make it to the Endurance portion of the event (0 points). Didn't even make the effort, and ignored the people who offered to help them through. We in RV and PV were thrilled to see the Phantoms perform so well in their first competitive event ever, but we were also sorely disappointed in those who met opportunity with malaise and melancholy. Some were a tad eager to remove the stale portions and open the doors to those who are excited to be a part of something amazing...it's hard for me to blame them.
  6. I'd argue for the same of ANY clan, such is if it had happened to CMP who did extremely well to place 2nd, but after it ended if they had the same thing happen to them and they fell to 3rd...? It is simply an unforeseen circumstance from both sides (clans and DE) and should be rectified no matter whom has been affected by it. Scores earned at 0-time remaining should have been locked down. It makes as little sense to have them go down 15 minutes after the event ended (which is how long the officers waited to verify final scores of participants/non-participants before starting to remove the under-performers in question) as it does to have scores go down 15 months after an event. Imagine every member gained/lost changing the event scores for every clan's place in every leader board of every event in the logs...shouldn't be a thing. This event, even with its few issues throughout, was very fun even among some of the others that have come along. Seeing progress erased due to extenuating circumstances in the aftermath leaves a bad taste in ones mouth. I hope to see this issue resolved within the coming days, and I have faith in DE. They've had a healthy record of standing by what's right, and seeing that those who work hard and play hard are rewarded for their efforts.
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