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  1. Steve has said they don't want another friday release.
  2. They said the aim was to release this week, and this week runs up to 11:59pm on sunday, only after that point is it 'late'. And yes it was mentioned that they like to release on a wednesday, and then they said they had to delay it, doesn't mean it won't be this week. And people always want stuff now, and will just moan if it doesn't work. Can't win.
  3. If it's on a dev build, as stated, and not a live build, then it isn't ready.
  4. Pretty sure Megan and Rebecca are already masters of disruption.
  5. Just scanned all of the datapads, then the hotfix came, now all of them on the alert tab say undiscovered but 1 says scanned overall progress with a bar. Any ideas? Edit: nevermind turns out i was infact missing 1.
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