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  1. Flatus

    Coming Soon: Devstream #74!

    Is there any plans, or do you think that there's any need, for group finding improvements or changes that change the way we currently do it, which is spamming recruit-channel? For example a group-finder tool, or selecting wanted void mission in star-chart and joining public void game.
  2. Heh, I was thinking the same thing. But on other hand, they are seemingly enforcing their stance of what they've previously said. That means these are not completely false promises that they want majority to forget by not mentioning them anymore, but actual "hey, you remember what we talked about earlier? All that new stuff? Yea we're seriously on it!". And I find that very reassuring. All this new stuff sounds really cool. I basically play only 5%~ of what I used to play couple of weeks ago at this point, so I'm very excited to "come back" when the new stuff gets released.
  3. Flatus

    Warframe Builder

    Very nice. Looking forward for this to go forward. Is there any way to support your efforts?
  4. Flatus

    Thank You For Watching Livestream #20

    Thank you for the livestream! Cant wait to play in those upcoming tilesets, melee system, revisited tiles, and everything else! Take your time making those, at least I'm not in hurry to anywhere :)
  5. I have to admit that I'm most excited about new UI :) Especially combat UI. I want to see my health, shields, energy and stamina somewhere easy to read! Middle of the screen most preferably. They're difficult to read right now x(