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  1. This is insane. The timer and population gates on the flotillas is horrible, adding max number of possible murexes made it arguably worse. I have not been able to do even 1 full run of 5 Murexes with friends. Not once. We've been trying all day, and not even one run. Someone gets hosted out and can't rejoin? Reset. Spawn into mission with no Sat, reset. Just got started and Murex hit cap 100/100? Reset. Load into relay that shows at 30/100? It's at 100/100 and empty, reset. What is this? And to compound it all, we were told it was not going to be some insane slog to re-grind arcanes to re-max them, and what do we get? 1500 operation credit price tag for an unranked when it shows as rank 5 in the market without clearly saying (This is unranked), then when I check my inventory, it's not even there. Nada. Considering how hard it is just to get into a squad and run the event, do you have any idea how long it would take to grind out 11 copies of my favorite arcanes? Oh but don't worry, the store doesn't even have them all. I'm not here to sit and scream "This is all S**t; I hate it!". Thats not me. The missions, if we could genuinely run them with friends, and without the hassle of the flotilla caps and nonsense would be so much fun. But this, realizing what it takes to accomplish anything, and the insanity i'd have to deal with just to be able to even start working on my arcanes again, it sucks any fun out of this. I've been beside DE for all their releases and even stood by the insanely rocky launch of Empyrean, but this feels like an insult. I've seen others level hate and sat there, knowing that new systems and game modes and experimental steps forward are always shaky, but this isn't a rocky launch of something brand new. This feels like grind through both bad mechanics, bugs and faulty matchmaking only to realize, you would be better off pouring money (That I and many others) don't have into plat to try and buy arcanes from other players. Arbitrary gates on progress that make it difficult for some even to start. Mechanics that make playing with a full team of clanmates/friends nigh impossible and hours, and hours, and hours of grinding which frankly would be better spent grinding the original drop locations of those arcanes. I have family to care for, I have things to do. I can't devote untold hours, just for half of them to be towards sitting in lobbies or fighting with buggy missions just to hope for a slim chance to get the arcanes I loved back to max, or playing with the new weapon. At this rate, I'm going to force myself to grind this, hating every moment so I can at least buy the gun, then maybe take a few months off. DE stated their trying to avoid grind burnout but thats what this is, further muddled by needless gating mechanics and glitchy launches. It just feels like a kick when, quite franky, the whole world is down. I was looking forward to this, now I'm not. It's another chore to get through. Maybe I'm a madman, but the things I'd like to see are: 1. No cap/time limit/player limit 2. Either seriously lower costs of things/raise payout or even make the arcanes you purchase maxed or half-maxed. 3. Expand the arcanes available in store. 4. Fix squad link so that it stops choking some people out on kill codes, it's happened 3 times to me for different lengths of time. As it is, it's unpleasant, it feels like fighting the other community members for imaginary internet dollars to try fix what was taken from us (Arcane cap changes) and generally, it's disheartening. Me and my friends won't have perfect connections. Thats the reality of life. We'll never have bug free run. There will be internet hiccups, or spawning in with no sat or it magically explodes without explanation. There will be flat out game crashes. These we expect, but having them further impede an already heavily unfair progression system, with our goal being to try and recover the arcane collections that had taken us so long to gather in the first place? Just, ouch. We didn't need this kind of soul-crushing grind with everything else bearing down on us these days. I had hoped for a bit better from you DE, you guys usually rock.
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