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  1. Xaku is a perfect frame but I only have 1 problem with…. It. Them. The Lost. Accuse. 1. Since it’s called accuse I actually thought this would be a little bit more of a scapegoat ability that marks enemies in the radius as traitors and causes all enemies to try and attack them, but the current is also fine. 2. They can be damaged. Can you make them a bit more like nekros’s shadows? I know this can be exploited but for example, can’t they be immune to ally damage and could we just hold the button for a even longer duration to enable corrupted enemies’ immunity to ally damage? like for example. The Lost, Accuse. Tap to cycle through the 3 ability. Hold to cast the accuse ability. Hold for a extended duration (or maybe a combination with another button) to choose whether you want the corrupted enemies to take damage from allies, or be immune to damage (no energy cost)…… so what do you think? (also did I put this in the right place?)
  2. But still, once you complete a railjack mission try press the leave mission button when you press options. If it says “You will keep all your rewards up to this point” or something like that, it’s safe to hit the button. if it says “You will keep your progress but forfeit rewards” or something like that, don’t hit it if you want rewards.
  3. I get it… once my squad died and we I tried to extract but I couldn’t extract to the relay because they had to return to the ship but they couldn’t bc they were dead…. So we all had to extract separately and re invite each other…. and we have to do it like every time we do a railjack mission….
  4. I’ve played Chroma, I’ve seen Lavos. My friend uses Lavos and I use Chroma, who is the better elementalist? We’ve got Lavos, a elemental alchemist, a tanky serpent that can nuke. Then we’ve got Chroma, a Dragon with the ability to increase the durability and damage of allies by a very large amount, as well as providing additional buffs… The last one who will remain when the universe ends is chroma….. master of the elements……. However Lavos is a cunning snake, extremely durable and from what I’ve seen, can nuke enemies from the other room. The Snake or The Dragon? 🐍 vs 🐉
  5. I agree…. Also can you make the transparency optional? Some people like it because it obscures vision but sometimes people like me will want the wings to stay…. it’s a good idea though.
  6. I got it… so worth it kraken looks better, tentacles are NOT transparent…. looks like Cthulhu!
  7. Sometimes they even shot basically the same thing…. But seeing how X-Files was the first one, you could say that supernatural kind of copied it in some cases. remember that episode in x files where the women was in a time loop when her boyfriend kept blowing up a bunch of people including Scully and mulder? Supernatural basically did the exact same thing in “Mystery spot”. and remember arcadia in x files? The one with the dirt monster and stuff? Supernatural did the same thing and [FOLLOWING CONTENT MAY NOT BE APPROPIATE. THREAD IS DERAILING. MOVING ON].
  8. X files has both. the influence is splattered all across supernatural…. RIGHT FROM THE FIRST EPISODE…… Rewatch Supernatural. then rewatch X files. then if your still thinking that supernatural is not based off x files, search it up… you’ll notice that while the lore may be different, the episodes thst don’t progress the story that much are sometimes found in both shows….
  9. Maybe it’s because the only thing I didn’t use was primed flow?
  10. @BerzerkulesSo… I tried your build….. and the efficiency is a serious problem. Any workarounds? @Berzekules
  11. Been using him for some time too… Oberon can ignore death TWO times. 1, Shield gating. 2, Phoenix renewal. I’ve found good uses for him now…. first ability is nothing but crowd control, and not even fun. second ability is not very good individually, but SUPER fun. also yeah it makes you immune to status affects…. alright hold on. phoenix renewal+x10 grass+renewal=immortal unstoppable team. phoenix renewal+x10 grass+renewal+Harrow= Omnipotence incarnated into 4 incomprehensibly powerful super beings. oh yeah also that armor strip comes in handy…. Plus 4th is super fun.
  12. This. Yareli is a Light Sea schoolgirl, at least hydroid has a pet kraken…. also he’s the deep ocean lord……. and he’s cooler conclave doesn’t exist…. NOBODY uses it.
  13. I could argue that frost is kind of worse in my opinion….. does not suit my playstyle and not even a good defender.
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