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  1. Well that's potentially VERY hard to see and discern due to the myriad amounts of buffs that exist, or even just playing with an Octavia that gives like 8 different icons, made worse when certain ones duration expires and so it shifts the buffs around.
  2. Gara is a really clunky warframe to use IMO, because of the several layers of tedium she has. Here are several QoL changes that I think she could really use and benefit from. 1. Just let her refresh her 2 simply by hold-pressing it. Having to cast her 4 to refresh it is energy-hungry and very flow-breaking because of it's long cast time, movement locking, and having to turn off the expansion instead of waiting out however much duration it has. 2. You can cast her 2 on multiple things, HOWEVER, the countdown only shows it for the last one you cast, there should be a timer as part of t
  3. Please please PLEASE fix extraction waypoints not working!!! This mostly seems to happen in capture missions, but also happens in others, making most missions impossible to complete. This has been going on for months now and hasn't been fixed. Extraction waypoint will point to a dead-end room or simply be hundreds of meters into blank nothingness on the mini-map.
  4. Same problem here, hoping this gets fixed soon. One bandaid fix is to find an enemy that can knock you down, let them, it'll fix it (and if you're immune to knowdowns, welp, good luck).
  5. Happened to me just now in the anniversary alert. Looks like this hasn't been fixed, and it's been months, at this point. One bandaid fix is to find an enemy that can knock you down, let them, it'll fix it (and if you're immune to knowdowns, welp, good luck).
  6. Sevagoth's 1 doesn't follow your reticle if you ADS with melee fully-equipped, and the shadow also seems to get stuck on obstacles/walls and when that happens, it doesn't respond to ADS or turn at all. Please give the shadow some sort of AI so it can chase enemies down without requiring your full attention/direction. The energy drain for Sevagoth's 3 is a bit rough, you really have to build for efficiency on him, and his low energy pool and lack of energy regen options doesn't help. Sevagoth's shadow can use ephemeras but it seems that you can't change the color of them, since the sh
  7. Please fix the new railjack weapons only giving 25 endo as opposed to the standard 225, or at least state if this is intended. I actively refuse to play railjack since the game doesn't let me until I scrap wreckage, but if I do, I'd be wasting thousands of endo
  8. For real, I actively DON'T want to play railjack because of this, and the wreckage limit, and I'm not about to miss out on like 5k+ endo
  9. The nightwave ship came out in 27.5 The unpairing of abilities happened in 28 How exactly? My guess is quite literally just a guess and an assumption that makes logical sense. Strawman, massive strawman. Your entire argument is based off "it'll be p2w." Numerous times, I have said that it's not, because there's nothing "2play" about it, it's purely cosmetic, but you constantly insist that it's p2w because previous landing crafts have come with an ability. Yes, they have, and that was also before the unpairing of abilities. Just because it has been one way, up until the nig
  10. Still being unnecessarily rude, a classic. Now this is just an assumption, and I'm sure you'll try, but my guess as to why DE unpaired landing crafts from abilities is for 2 reasons. 1; because people didn't like having to use a specific ship for it's ability, and 2; so they wouldn't have to make up a new ability each time they make a new landing craft. The 2 are not mutually exclusive, and your statement of my "intention" is presumptuous and bears no significance to my actual suggestion Okay, and? Wanna know what else was a minor inconvenience? Not being able to have more
  11. First, chill with the know-it-all attitude, you're being rude for no reason. Second, DE has already unpaired landing crafts from their abilities, you can equip any ability on any landing craft. Third, you are arguing that this is p2w because the arclite would have an ability. No one is saying that it will have an ability, and it shouldn't have one, for obvious reasons. Fourth, there is a problem with arclite being a skin. Landing craft don't have Config options, if you want to use the arclite, you need to entirely replace the model of a ship you have with the arclite, and that r
  12. Ships do not have abilities any more, there is no pay2win at all here, as I've already said, they're purely cosmetic Regardless of what ship you have equipped, you can use any ability, and the arclite doesn't even come with one. You guys are arguing against the wrong thing
  13. Title; there's no reason for this "skin" to be a skin, or even be called a skin, it SHOULD be a whole new ship Not like abilities are even paired with ships anymore, so this being a purely paid cosmetic is perfectly fine
  14. And to this day, even after "railjack revisited" These bonuses are an absolute joke
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