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  1. Hey, ya know that new change they did to Railjack that lets you join any mission on that planet? Yeah, do that, but for kuva liches. Seriously, matchmaking for kuva liches absolutely blows (gee, I wonder why), and it'll only get worse as kuva lich content gets older without anything new as players get the 'rewards' and never have to touch it again.
  2. I'd love to see this. It's a shame that a lot of people are not understanding the reason behind this and WHAT exactly it is that you're asking for. With the pace of this game, the default WASD movement should be sprinting, and shift should slow your warframe to the jog. And for literally everyone arguing against this, I raise you this. "Always Sprint" should be a toggle option in the gameplay menu. If you don't like it, fine, then just leave it, this literally doesn't impact you negatively, or even in any way whatsoever, and the players that would like/want this, now have the option for it.
  3. I'll give a "hell yeah" to this. It could be as simple as making it a toggle option in the attachments menu (in relation to players, not how easy it'd be to implement). Leave it to player choice and there literally shouldn't be anyone that has a problem with this idea being implemented.
  4. Yeah, seems like the majority of people don't like kitguns appearance, their overall models and especially their color sectors, (hurray for universal weapon skins) I'm with ya, after gilding, they also get this paint/dirt thing applied to them that just makes them look ugly and non-uniform, which yeah, I get that's DE's intended feel for them, but it just takes up a color sector that could be removed to be better used for a more, 'whole' coloring sector.
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