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  1. Title. I think something in the 29.6 update reaaaaaaally messed up the waypoints for extraction, because in most missions, they're just, completely way off. I think the problem might be that the extraction waypoint is ON the extraction room itself, and not on any of the tiles leading TO it. This is happening in the vast majority of missions.
  2. This event, I feel, is heavily artificially extended by the amount of time between Orphix spawns, to the point it feels awful and undeserving of my time. A 30 minute run only gave about 800 phasic cells, and from what I understand and have seen, the fastest time possible is 55 minutes, an hour. A new Orphix should spawn almost IMMEDIATELY as one is defeated. There should ALWAYS be an Orphix online at any given moment, and there should be a specific marker for where the next Orphix will spawn, so everyone can start running towards it as the current one is defeated. The delay between O
  3. You're just stretching my words. Unlocking a slot is pretty different from modifying a slot
  4. Because maybe I don't have the exilus adapter for it, or that I just don't feel like wasting an exilus adapter on it just to be able to forma the slot. I don't see any reason why this requirement SHOULD be there. This idea doesn't negatively impact or harm absolutely anyone. The option is there if you want it, nothing more.
  5. Title. Currently, you NEED to use an exilus adapter to forma the exilus slot. I don't want to add a 6th freakin' V polarity when instead, I could use that forma to change the exilus slot's V polarity (V polarity exilus slot is garbage idea, btw) into an actually useful - polarity in case I ever feel like using an adapter. That's wack. Remove that exilus adapter prerequisite.
  6. Bonewidow definitely still needs some work. I've got a couple ideas that might help. Bonewidow's 1st ability; Meathook. An absolute joke, this ability might as well not exist, exactly just like Vauban's Vector Pad (or bounce pad). Absolutely no realistic use outside of "haha, grab monkee, then yeet." An idea I have would hit two birds with one stone (meathook being a boring, bad gimmick, and bonewidow's survivability being far worse than voidrig's), is simply to give it the Entrati weapon life suction thing. While an enemy is held, deal a percentage of true damage to it each second, and
  7. As most people here are saying. Yeah, no, nerfing it is a hard no from me, chief. It's an actual cool ability that perfectly matches "big, stationary, mech siege-mode." It costs a hefty amount of energy to keep up, locks you in place during it, locks you for the animation of setting up and powering down, and overall is just, kinda clunky to use, in a cool, deserved way.
  8. And instead of adding a color for the ephemera, they make it take the accent color, yeah, greaaaaaaat. Now if I want prime armor or ANYTHING in the accent color to be red, now the ephemera is an annoying really bright red. C'mon DE, just add more color options, don't make ephemera colors take from completely unrelated BODY ARMOR colors Edit: It's about time that we get a menu for ephemeras, while letting us equip two ephemeras (either any two ephemera, or separating the ephemeras into two categories; auras, and the somewhat lacking footstep ones that are only footstep trails)
  9. So the Wolf Beacon costs 50 nightwave cred, to fight him a whole one time... And you need 4 different parts from him, 2 at 13% and 2 at 4%... So you have to fight him roughly 40 times to get the weapon... costing a total of 2,000 nightwave cred. "But, oh Phoenix, you can just find a party of other people to fight him!" you say, yeah, sure, let me just find 3 other people that totally won't lie about having the beacon, 10 times, still costing 500 credits, total. Isn't this just a tiny, tad bit excessive? C'mon now.
  10. The acolytes seem to have that "randomly instantly-kill you" factor which would be great if it could be looked into (got blasted by blast, radiation, AND viral procs and died a second later in a solo mission; it's either the limbo one or the loki one, if not all of them that have that) Also, in the void, could the acolytes be removed and instead, have corrupted Vor drop the steel essence. As it stands, the spawns for both of them seem to line up pretty often, leaving you to have to fight both Vor, AND the Acolytes simultaneously, while Vor is annoying as he doesn't have any special drop a
  11. Title. The year is 2020, and enemy spawn rates while solo, are absolutely garbage and abysmal when compared to spawn rates with a full squad. And the problem only gets worse and worse as DE continues to add more "new shiny content" while leaving all other content to accumulate cobwebs, leaving you to have to suck it up and run solo or just, not, play the content and disregard all stuff locked behind it. Example; toroid farming
  12. Currently, when you cast Gara's Splinter Storm (2) more than once, the ability's timer in the bottom right is the countdown for the most recent instance of Splinter Storm. It should be changed to only display the timer of the Splinter Storm on YOURSELF, because it showing anything else is rather pointless and makes it harder to tell if YOUR splinter storm has run out. PS: Make splinter storm refreshable by just pressing 2 already, please. Having to use her 4 is annoying and completely disrupts the gameplay loop through how slow and static her 4 is
  13. To turn one into a pet, you have to rescue it in it's "weakened" state, which is done by any infested enemy on deimos hitting it, and thus, it's name will change to "Weakened *vulpahyla/predasite*" It's dumb and completely without much mention while adding nothing but confusion, I know
  14. Fair enough, my b. Now lets just hope that DE agrees with us
  15. How about yes, and simply make it an option that people can turn on or off based off their personal tastes, so everyone gets exactly what they want
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