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  1. My Nyx Prime had her back perfectly aligned with my Mastery sigil for years and now it looks like I had a bumper sticker peeled off of her :(
  2. Has anyone finished else finished yet? It feels bittersweet and I’m glad I didn’t rush any of them but I thought the Helminth would had changed in appearance, voice, or have new dialogue along the way but there was nothing but a haunting garden on my ship.
  3. I dunno if anyone else would like to see this but I think it would be funny if you subsume Excalibur twice you can give Super Jump to any Warframe for a small amount of resources or even give it back to another Excalibur for nostalgia purposes. I wish I could let DE know because I would love to see that come back since it wouldn’t really be hurting anyone and I would love to see how it would perform with Overextended and Power Donation equipped lol
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