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  1. Its an exploit and got into a fight about it over in funders chat about them saying it's a feature, when I was venting about people doing it in pug groups. That power was never meant to unlock all doors like that to skip content. I really don't get why they don't just do it solo, then you have the group trying to find where the person kill Wolf. I don't get how people usings a bug for an advantage in the game that isn't normal not exploiting, but the people doing it get all lawyer on you that it's a game feature because DE didn't programme the doors right. The best part is the same people told me it be patched on monday, you know what gets patch bugs /facepalm.
  2. So much K Drive every stream you would think this is the main feature of the update 😞 I am so into Back to the Future hoverboards as much as any other child of the 80s, but good lord why do we have more info on K Drives then any other feature.
  3. As a Founder and Vet the new system and being so closes to getting the armor feels wrong what's about to come out.
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