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  1. How do some weapons have a higher MR requirements than a system that deletes warframes for power? Please go back on lowering the MR, it was nice to finally have a system for vets and because you guys scared to leave new players out, your giving a system that let's newer players delete warframes.
  2. It happen again this time it wasn't a boss but puppy went down on stairs, the corpse of a dead Kubrow makes the body freak the hell out and can't rez them.
  3. It was like he was part of team rocket
  4. So was testing out my level 30 Kubrow and Ruk down him, so I went to rez my ninja dog and Ruk did his aoe knockback. It ragged doll my Kurbow's body right out of the map. The Kubrow was on the stairs when I try rezzing it if that helps any.
  5. Problem is PWE never made a game better once they come into the picture
  6. https://www.change.org/petitions/digital-extremes-ltd-not-to-sellout-to-perfect-world-entertainment
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