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  1. Please stop calling my Kubrow sick, she just has a little bit of doberman in her.
  2. Wow, I am sooo late to this party.
  3. Corrosive Damage is gonna be unreal.
  4. I keep missing the live streams...I'll never be a plat winner at this rate.
  5. Arcadia is worth fighing for now.
  6. Not going to make a facebook for just to hit like on warframe. Why not do something with twitter? You know ever warframe player has to have a twitter.
  7. Please let the carrying be on our backs and not our hands. I thought you wanted to get rid of the whole "I can only use my sidearm type missions"? Also, for the love of god, please do not add a enemy limit to pull. I would rather you change it back to the previous version. It should either be an awesome AOE nuke with unreliable CC or a skill with reliable CC and no damage. It should not try to a gimp version of either.
  8. How will PS4 user become founders? They don't even have a chance to get the prime gear or discount plat? So much lost revenue...
  9. mhm, new melee and it's so much better then any heavy before it.
  10. I didn't even get to try that afk farming...
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