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  1. Wawazat

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 12

    but wouldnt it be cool if it was grineer vs grineer for cases like maybe Kela is trying to get territory from Tyl Regor or something and show tension in the Grineer ranks? you could differentiate the side pretty easily with all the color sets we have (standard, frontier, arid, nightwatch....and the water one)
  2. Wawazat

    A Hat For Every Tenno Winners!

    woo! left shark loki made me cry!
  3. can we eventually take operators to safe areas like around the orbital, dojo and relays? will there be plans to expand their function in general? if so, any plans you can share?
  4. Wawazat

    New Contest: Warframe Ornaments!

    and it spins! additional images (including some on a tree): http://imgur.com/a/ksixN
  5. Wawazat

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    Nekros: That kubrow's hair will grow back!
  6. Wawazat

    Halloween Event? When?

    seriously hopefully wednesday
  7. Wawazat

    Primed Seration

    it would be very hard to make a rank 10 mod of a mod that is already rank 10 and even less likely since thy want it gone! the goose shall remain silly!
  8. Wawazat

    Fusion Frame

    excalivalk......valkibur?.....Val kilmer! rip line, blind, war cry, TEN exalted blades (claws the length of exalted blades throwing tons of energy waves out)
  9. im just here to support; i agree with the main thread and dont think anything else needs to be said
  10. Wawazat

    Channelling And Blocking

    there was talk that weapon channel defending efficiency would be based off the weapon itself and some would be better than others like shield and sword vs hammer. right now though i dont think that was implemented but things like life strike might be affecting defending efficiency (havent tested though)
  11. Wawazat

    July 23 Login Hiccup (Resolved)

    thank you! explains some thing for sure
  12. Wawazat

    New Contest: Crafting Season!

    [size=8]YUGIOH![/size] also love the Rhino :)