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  1. I think adding bots to Team Annihilation matches that have at least 2 opposing players sounds good. But to reduce the incentive to farm them, they shouldn't grant the following things: Kills- They shouldn't show up as Kills in your score screen or tracked for lifetime K/D Standing/XP- Or they should only grant 25% standing. Playing against real players should grant the most standing. Daily missions. Obviously. They should, however, drop (maybe partial) Oro that contributes to the match win. Thus killing them is not a total waste of time, and if someone is struggling to get a kill, this could help them to contribute to the match rather than just feeding the enemy team. Also, the bots should share the same stats as normal players. Maybe randomized loadouts could be funny; imagine a notorious ignis/staticor wielding bot.
  2. I came back to Warframe after a bit of a break and, oddly, the sensitivity reverted to default. On my 400 DPI mouse (most people have 800-1200 DPI mice, i.e. higher sensitivity), sensitivity set at 50 was absurdly high. After playing a bit, with a nice gaming mouse and a smooth framerate I could somewhat get used to the sensitivity, but it was hard to control, and I found the view was jumping around so quickly that I was getting disoriented quite often, even when only moving my mouse a few fractions of an inch. I have a suspicion that this is a significant reason why a lot of people complain about getting motion sickness in this game. The absurdly high default sensitivity, paired with sub-par/wireless mice and less stable framerates, and a relatively high likelihood that a new player doesn't think to change the sensitivity since it may be their first shooter game, seem like a recipe for unnecessary motion sickness. The default mouse sensitivity should be lowered to something like 5 or 10. Lower mouse sensitivity alleviates the problem of your view stuttering/jumping around (caused by bad mice and unstable framerates) by making the view jumps smaller and less disorienting. It's not like high default mouse sensitivity contributes anything to player experience; people who are used to high sensitivities can change them, but new players probably aren't used to sensitivity that high, or any kind of mouse sensitivity at all.
  3. This makes sense to me. Since PvP is much more challenging than PvE, it should probably be a little more lucrative to play, reward-wise. I also would like to see 'basic' weapons being offered as Standing rewards. Conclave already offers warframes for standing, which are much more costly to acquire. Why not common conclave weapons like the Latron, Vasto, or Burston?
  4. It seems like nowadays, many matches are made up exclusively of high skill players. That's to be expected, since Conclave is a few years old now, and there haven't been any fundamental mechanic changes besides melee 2.9 to shake things up. Unfortunately, 8 high speed ninjas with extremely high damage weapons (it seems like PvE buffs have not been re-balanced for PvP for the past year or so) is more frustrating than challenging. Trying to play more defensively- staying on the side lines of fights and waiting for other to start fights- doesn't work very well in one's favor either, as it's extremely common for kills to get stolen, or for the sideline player to get mowed down unsuspectingly due to fast spawns and faster movement. This is especially true on smaller maps like Docks (Grineer Underwater). I think that public FFA's max player count should be reduced to 5 or 6, in order to make these kinds of matches less frustrating and chaotic. Some chaos can be fun and leads to novel game experiences like crazy multikills and unlikely escapes, but 8 high skill players is too chaotic.
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