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  1. One does not simply map the interior of the moon.
  2. I'm ok with this
  3. Does the proxy rebellion fit in this anywhere?
  4. An ability based on ambient sound levels? just bring some valkyrs and gorgons. problem solved
  5. Why do people act like the weapons are automatically bad without their stupid mechanics? It was the combination of stupid mechanics on top of good stats that made them excessive
  6. i would prefer he throws a fan of them rather than just 2
  7. They should remove serration, make multishot split damage between bullets like the cernos prime, and turn all physical/elemental mods into conversions. for example, equipping equipping a 30% toxin conversion (Infected Clip) would convert the sybaris's damage from 23.1 impact, 23.1 puncture, and 23.8 slash to 16.17 impact, 16.17 puncture, 16.66 slash, and 21 toxin damage.
  8. What if they made it like resonating quake where its energy drain goes up the longer you use it
  9. If you bring a large melee weapon or some explosive secondary it'd be useful
  10. Sapper Osprey.
  11. Prisma Lato Along with Prisma Braton (And Prisma Skana/Excal)
  12. We have a winner ladies and gentlemen.
  13. Try Limbo with the haven augment. lets you heal the defectors and make em immune to enemies
  14. They should do it for the next proxy rebellion
  15. Irony using silva/aegis as an example when it hasn't been buffed yet