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  1. T5 Bounty viable melee weapons

    Anything that can use crits/condition overload should work. I was getting use outta prisma skana, tekko, and vaykor sydon
  2. Tonkor Change please reverse this decision

    new PoE update gives you infinitely more room to shoot things not 2 feet away from you.
  3. Why Does Convergence exists?

    i never said it was a solution, im just saying that was the intent
  4. Why Does Convergence exists?

    So they dont go to an interception map and spam some move like a robot to farm focus
  5. What's your favorite weapons ?

    its not about strength. Get a headshot and go nuts.
  6. What's your favorite weapons ?

    Prisma Gorgon Primary Aksomati / Dual Toxocyst Secondary Twin Basolk/ Dark Split Sword Melee. Destreza after those
  7. Grineer Commanders - Why they Are Not Okay

    You would think the commanders would do something commander-y... like buff surrounding grineer
  8. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    Tempest Barrage should have a better indication of how it s charged. That being said, for how it is now it takes too long to reach max charge. I would prefer being able to channel it like harrow's Thurible, giving more damage and duration based on how much energy you dump into it Tidal surge ought to bring enemies along when used in undertow. That would allow for hydroid to be a enemy vacuum cleaner if you so choose. Undertow's DoT is lacking. You gain like 25 damage a second. Try it in a sortie and you will see that its not all that useful. New tentacle swarm is pretty ok. It could probably use the DoT treatment that undertow got so enemies arent flailing for the whole duration while taking minimal damage
  9. Do Commanders still exist?

    this may or may not help you
  10. Since Scourge was Nerfed/'fixed' can we get a Reload buff?

    This doesnt help your guys' argument that a bug shouldnt be fixed. if it needs a damage buff give it a damage buff, but theres weapons more in need of that than the scourge, and heavy caliber should work as intended so it isnt a mandatory mod
  11. Unused augments

    i use all of these I would use this if i had wukong. would use this if the damage wasnt so awful on spectral scream I think i have a build on each of my elemental frames + oberon that has the team buff (ember having 2 of them)
  12. Most Annoying Enemies in Warframe

    Sapping ospreys easily
  13. Can we have a Warframe with 0 Powers?

    So basically you want the recruit from R6 Siege?
  14. Mod that prevents self damage

    id say sure... so long as its a expensive as hyperion thrusters
  15. Tonkor Mechanic Buff

    Lecta was giving a bit much but they should raise the regular credit gain anyway Boltace was egregious i agree with that nerf Idk what was nerfed about valk (or if it even was?) but this is about the tonkor