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  1. Improvment of Melee: More than just spam a Key.

    I think a system like Vindictus has would be pretty neat, having a mix of both light and heavy attacks
  2. Community Sourced: Octavia Augments

    Medley: Mallet now heals allies instead of dealing damage. Resonator will either: 1. No longer be picked up, or 2: Follow Octavia
  3. Warframe Drop Rates Data

    The Eidolon articula drops are missing from the list.
  4. What enemey do you hate fighting

    Sapping Ospreys I shouldn't have to explain why.
  5. What if instead of having elementals be + damage, they just converted some base damage to that damage type?
  6. Why not just make serration, hornet strike, and pressure point built in to the weapon? i know primed pressure point exists, but that shouldnt be an excuse for not doing that. Depending on the weapon you might only have like 3 actual "slots" for variety because the lacking one of the 5 essentials wrecks its usefulness. thats what needs to change. the 8 slots should each do something meaningful beyond "attach this for more damage"
  7. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4

    I dont get the people complaining about the redeemer fix. Does the stealth finisher shoot people? No? Then its probably not supposed to be silent.
  8. Irony using silva/aegis as an example when it hasn't been buffed yet
  9. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Would be cool if shuriken got the landslide/ripline treatment (Slash dash is still waiting on it too you guys) Teleport should be able to teleport to whatever you point at, though the way it goes behind things with hp would be a good thing to keep. Marked targets need to be able to be hit by allies. if they get killed before they get hit, refund the energy
  10. The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    Its not as if it has high status, a blind, a ranged projectile, or a good elemental base damage... Oh, wait...
  11. The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    No, I'm saying you don't need a giant DoT as minimum requirement to not call something mastery fodder.
  12. The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    When one part of the weapon is all its used for, it's not a balanced weapon. Having a projectile should appeal enough, not stupid damage on top of it.
  13. The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    When people complain when unintended things get fixed
  14. The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2

    Also, due to carrier's new precept, the 89% are still gonna run it. We're back to square 1 guys.