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  1. id say sure... so long as its a expensive as hyperion thrusters
  2. Lecta was giving a bit much but they should raise the regular credit gain anyway Boltace was egregious i agree with that nerf Idk what was nerfed about valk (or if it even was?) but this is about the tonkor
  3. No, im a fan of game balance in a sea of people crying "BUT ITS A PVE GAME" i still use the tonkor from time to time
  4. I'd only allow this if it had an effective radius of like 2 meters
  5. If they arent good enough to warrant a slot, they should be made so.
  6. I don't know about you but being able to get those abilities on 2 already powerful frames without sacrificing a mod slot is power creep. Does not change how the ability functions in any way, it just adds stats (+50% damage and +50 healing per second both affected by power strength). Doesn't add anything to your style, like contagion cloud might (And when is the last time you saw that being used?) People are just greedy for ways to minmax with more slots. Would make more sense to make the weaker ones exilus than to add a new slot
  7. Please show me a situation where Hall of Malevolence and Regenerating Molt are not direct upgrades. Go on. Do it.
  8. The augment should be worth enough on its own that it competes for the 8 slots, not just so you can slot it in after you get enough materials. Otherwise they just become potatoes for abilities.
  9. Why not just make the augments useful enough that they compete with regular mods. Adding mod slots just means power creep if you're willing to grind out more forma
  10. The new one could work. They could just tweak it so that you dont discharge all of it. (I.e. you have 1000, shoot/use ability, you're now at 800, but you get the 1000 dmg bonus)
  11. heavy cal isnt a requirement for any gun, which makes it a good mod the other damage increasing mods however...
  12. Use provoke and the cycron and you got yourself a turret
  13. Well judging by the ones that do have it, they dont want the ones without self damage to get a bigger radius. I was planning on expanding my sonicor space program but i could see why they did it.
  14. Would be cool if they had a long running experiment for enemy AI to use different tactics via genetic algorithms so that statement can be atleast somewhat true
  15. The only mods that should flat out buff damage are those like heavy caliber, magnum force, vicious spread, and spoiled strike. Everything else should focus on altering how your damage is dealt rather than what it is. For example: Multishot would be a pseudo crit/status/accuracy buff, but your damage is split between shots. Elemental convert a percentage of base damage rather than adding it on to your existing base damage.