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  1. Grabbing energy orbs form a distance should cost some sort of mod energy. Remember greedy pull? Yeah. that was silly
  2. Separating energy/health orbs from loot vacuum would be ideal, but imagine the wave of salt. I'm all for innate Loot vacuum. Not energy orb vacuum.
  3. No, They want all the benefits of vacuum without the downsides. Thus they want vacuum without sacrifice.
  4. They made it a passive 6m range for sentinels. people wanted the full range back, so now its a mod. People want vacuum without sacrifice, just as they want more mod slots without sacrifice.
  5. you should ask for a buff to carrier's looter mod instead of the boltace
  6. I dont get the people complaining about the redeemer fix. Does the stealth finisher shoot people? No? Then its probably not supposed to be silent.
  7. This is where we should reply... Git Gud.
  8. Lol i meant mod energy. i use life strike all the time
  9. I'd use it if the energy cost wasnt stupid high.
  10. I agree with what you have to say, but i think you could add a bit more to it. He embodies balance, so we just need to make sure that Damage, Support, and Crowd Control are preserved, maybe even adding tank to that equation. Smite covers damage (and CC somewhat) right now. Doesn't really need a change. It would be cool hallowed ground followed him around (with the circle). Would make him like an ancient healer, giving an aura that prevents CC to allies (something trinity lacks). Maybe it could be like a volt shield where you can choose to pick it up/drop it. I think blessing just needs to be toggleable. Having the heal end when your hp tops off is silly. It would make his pheonix renewable augment usable without having to build negative duration. Reckoning is ok right now, but as you said, it needs scaling and synergy. Scaling i have no ideas for (maybe a percentage of an enemy's hp is turned into an aoe explosion if they die to reckoning?). As for radiation synergy, casting it on irradiated enemies could multiply the damage done, at the cost of removing the radiation proc.
  11. I think the damage should scale off how long the enemies are in the rift. I.e. you have to wait around 10 seconds to get the full damage. My personal idea would be to make it when you kill one surged enemy in the cataclysm, the rest take damage based on the hp of that enemy you killed.
  12. In which case, those are bad augments. If something feels as though it belongs on the base ability, it should get a new augment. Prime example: Regen molt
  13. This. Instead of adding a mod slot for augments on top of what we have, we can just run through the mod system and decide to make some augments exilus as well.
  14. Congratulations, you've discovered the holy grail of the mod system.
  15. If it means buffs for the exilus mods sure. Could always make underused mods competitive.