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  1. Spores not being able to proc viral feels iffy. While it would be better vs grineer it wouldn't be vs infested and corpus. Now once that armor is gone though, miasma is gonna be monstrous, as well as toxic lash on guns. I don't know how i feel about venom dose being called venom dose when it actually gives corrosive though. What if i want a teammate to destroy corpus through shields? I can't allow that anymore with the augment change. Everything else looks to be in good order besides those two gripes (and one is really just a preference)
  2. shyguyk

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    The Eidolon articula drops are missing from the list.
  3. shyguyk

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4

    I dont get the people complaining about the redeemer fix. Does the stealth finisher shoot people? No? Then its probably not supposed to be silent.
  4. Irony using silva/aegis as an example when it hasn't been buffed yet
  5. shyguyk

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    Its not as if it has high status, a blind, a ranged projectile, or a good elemental base damage... Oh, wait...
  6. shyguyk

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    No, I'm saying you don't need a giant DoT as minimum requirement to not call something mastery fodder.
  7. shyguyk

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    When one part of the weapon is all its used for, it's not a balanced weapon. Having a projectile should appeal enough, not stupid damage on top of it.
  8. shyguyk

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    When people complain when unintended things get fixed
  9. shyguyk

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2

    Also, due to carrier's new precept, the 89% are still gonna run it. We're back to square 1 guys.
  10. shyguyk

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2

    This is way too much celebration for something that wasn't even an issue
  11. I doubt they're going to make multishot a pseudo fire rate mod. The fact that carrier is the most used only solidifies that people prefer farming to shooting.
  12. Two things: Reduce the energy drain on holding the shield if you havent done so. If there's drain while moving it around, people will just use a placed one Add a tooltip that says press e to put it down.
  13. Telegraphing and valkyr change are a step in the right direction. Trinity change is too, but solo players are going to give you hell about it now.
  14. shyguyk

    Update 18.13.0: TennoGen, Passives, & Reworks 

    All the people saying that they should do it after scaling...'d get the same amount of moaning. Trust me.
  15. shyguyk

    Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    I like that idea better actually, but I'm not sure those values are ok to keep If that were implemented. it would probably have to drop to like the 150-200 range.