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  1. The only problem i see with corpus is the sheer amount of sapping ospreys. Everything else I'm ok with.
  2. Is Nidus parts REALLY in infested salvage?

    I just love getting a stretch mod for my 20 minutes of time. Feels great and rewarding. Not to mention i have several multiples of his helmet and chassis now, systems nowhere to be found. I got equinox in less runs than this. The mission type is &#! too so i cant be bothered to get the last part
  3. Guilty pleasure weapons.

    Ogris with over 300% multishot and fire damage out the wazoo. Poor infested
  4. Excalibur's 3

    I would personally make it affected by the combo multiplier. Would work well with his melee theme and his surging dash augment.
  5. Support Mod Slot yes no maybe?

    Most people here want everything handed to them selves. They hunger for power. Must be why they're such fans of powercreep.
  6. Tusk Ogma The Worst enemy damage in game.

    What says that shatter shield reduces the damage of explosives?
  7. T5 Bounty viable melee weapons

    Anything that can use crits/condition overload should work. I was getting use outta prisma skana, tekko, and vaykor sydon
  8. Tonkor Change please reverse this decision

    new PoE update gives you infinitely more room to shoot things not 2 feet away from you.
  9. Why Does Convergence exists?

    i never said it was a solution, im just saying that was the intent
  10. Why Does Convergence exists?

    So they dont go to an interception map and spam some move like a robot to farm focus
  11. What's your favorite weapons ?

    its not about strength. Get a headshot and go nuts.
  12. What's your favorite weapons ?

    Prisma Gorgon Primary Aksomati / Dual Toxocyst Secondary Twin Basolk/ Dark Split Sword Melee. Destreza after those
  13. Grineer Commanders - Why they Are Not Okay

    You would think the commanders would do something commander-y... like buff surrounding grineer
  14. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    Tempest Barrage should have a better indication of how it s charged. That being said, for how it is now it takes too long to reach max charge. I would prefer being able to channel it like harrow's Thurible, giving more damage and duration based on how much energy you dump into it Tidal surge ought to bring enemies along when used in undertow. That would allow for hydroid to be a enemy vacuum cleaner if you so choose. Undertow's DoT is lacking. You gain like 25 damage a second. Try it in a sortie and you will see that its not all that useful. New tentacle swarm is pretty ok. It could probably use the DoT treatment that undertow got so enemies arent flailing for the whole duration while taking minimal damage
  15. Oberon Feedback 20.3.1 and beyond

    Use provoke and the cycron and you got yourself a turret