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  1. Death also comes to mind. As I said I personally think leaving a mobile endless mission should be based on you concluding that you cannot beat the odds. I see the concern but look at excavation. The fail is the excavator being destroyed but you don't necessarily get booted out the mission as a result. Instead you suck it up and let 12 more blow up.
  2. I never liked survival. Survival and excavation are like cousins in how they play (endless missions with enemies getting stronger). That I like. And honestly excavation is one of the endless game modes I prefer doing. The main difference is excavation is akin to an endless mobile def (except for the part where you need to power the thing). I don't want to be forced to leave because enemies would not spawn and Lotus was trying to deal with the over influx of consigned kuberows instead of throwing LS at the map. I want to leave because I think it is getting too dangerous to stick around. In the case of excavation: it's too dangerous to stick around and they blew up 3 excavators in a row Survival should be frantic running around, your goal is to cause chaos while another Tenno steals things (Tower spy mission would be interesting and in a big picture kind of way adds to immersion). But the entire system of life support is bad. Once you hit 0% there is no way to salvage it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Survival should not fail because you hit 0% I don't survival much so I don't have opinions on drop rates for PLS. But if we could salvage a mission by activating a life support cap, I would like survival so much more. For endless missions I am a believer of you leave because the enemy is too strong. Survival as of right now is not that. It is leaving because RNG is too strong. Lotus should still deliver capsules after 0%, the drain on shields and health should remain there, and reactivating life support should stop that drain. Of course you don't just want a trinity to be continuously healing people while still getting rewards. That would certainly be "surviving" but think of the operative that won't be due to oxygen deprivation. So instead the reward timer should be paused, and Lotus would deliver an "emergency" life support to a random place on the map. Until the emergency LS is hit, the reward timer stops and drain would continue. That would actually encourage frantic scrambles for the life support. Assuming normal LS was still on the field, I don't know. I would keep them there but I really would like to disable them until the emergency life support was hit. I personally think PLS should still drop. The emergency life support could say have a base of 15% LS, which with each PLS picked up would increase the amount added. TLDR; You should be able to salvage a survival mission after you hit 0%. The above is my opinion on what I personally think would be an interesting way to execute it. This is not a perfect idea, and there are other great ideas I liked this one. And another one proposed that the LS acted as heaters on europa.
  3. Spy 2.0 is fun but the lack of penalty for killing things/destorying cams makes it too easy. Rewards for sucessful stealth could also be better. The affinity and stealth multiplier is fine however.
  4. White Corpusmas: Original Song: I'm selling a profitable Corpusmas, Just like the ones I used to buy Where the Osprey's glisten and Moa's listen To hear supra's in the snow I'm selling a profitable Corpusmas With every package I sell May your coffers be vast and endless And may all your Corpusmases turn profit
  5. MP still seems fine. Intensify still slows them to snail pace. And then narrow minded can compensate for the REALLLLLY SLOWWW PRIMEEE that comes with Fleeting because you are a good nova and min costs. Quit complaining Nova players and adapt. The only thing this nerf killed was MP spamming. Edit: Thinking intensify + blind rage won't slow them down much more than a +50% blind rage, possible but too lazy to actually check.
  6. Name: Mechanized Infantry Behavior: Slow and lumbering, the Corpus Mechanized Infantry suit was designed as a way to bring the firepower and durability of Warframes to any corpus that pilots this suit. Although slow, this unit should not be taken lightly. It can propel itself quickly to knock down enemies as well as launch a salvo of grenades to force the enemy to move. This Suit not only has state of the art shielding, but heavy robotic armor. The helmet can take more hits before being broken off. Attack: Fire Amprex: When in range, the MI fires it's Amprex. Fire Dera: Fires Dera attached to left arm for longer ranged engagements. Grenade Salvo: Launches shoulder mounted grenades at hostiles. Charge: Charges at a hostile knocking them down. Functionally like rhino charge. Environmental Restriction: Tends to do worse in more open environments but can still function. Additionally they cannot vault over objects and must either go around or waddle in place. Art:
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