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  1. Any thoughts on doing a trinity skin? Maybe It's been mentioned in this thread before, but either way I've yet to see a tennogen skin that really fixes her appearance.
  2. This is so much more than I was expecting for Fortuna part 2. It’s like Christmas morning!
  3. Ooo, now this is delicious. Thanks for sweetening the deal! While I understand this may not be exclusive later on, I appreciate its inclusion all the same. It'd be cool to incorporate frame lore in future releases (if this is a trend that continues), but that may take up too many resources - especially when prime trailers have kinda fallen outta schedule.
  4. Hello Vulbjorn, it's been a while since I visited this thread. I'd like to thank you again for creating the Megaera skin for Equinox, which I just bought. I got over the lack of "true duality" pretty quickly, and I wish you luck on current and future projects! (Ash is looking great btw!)
  5. Of course I’m gonna get it! What you’re suggesting is a lot more than I’d ask of you though, so just do what you feel like you can.
  6. In the end I think the quality of the skin will supersede my desire for duality between the forms 🙂
  7. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, vulbjorn. Equinox’s combined form is really well done, it’s like a checkerboard; very different from what we’ve seen so far. I look forward to its release! edit: looks like the day and night form retain the same color mapping, though? 😞
  8. Ah ok. I guess I just gotta hold out for combined form now, not sure if my ideas from a while ago inspired anything.
  9. Are day and night forms going to have unique coloring? Or will they retain the same color set throughout? I only ask cuz the day form wip you shared has the same white, gold, etc placements
  10. Might you wanna do an infested polearm instead? So my focus farm setup has the vulbjorn touch :’)
  11. Ok, cool! I’m looking forward to what the patterning on them looks like. You did a really good job with integrating the “orokin rig”, it really makes those weird shapes on Equinox fit.
  12. Brings a tear to my eye, bravo! Btw, is the left hip piece meant to be entirely gold? I’m assuming no because of how this version is slightly outdated.
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