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  1. Any thoughts on doing a trinity skin? Maybe It's been mentioned in this thread before, but either way I've yet to see a tennogen skin that really fixes her appearance.
  2. This is so much more than I was expecting for Fortuna part 2. It’s like Christmas morning!
  3. Ooo, now this is delicious. Thanks for sweetening the deal! While I understand this may not be exclusive later on, I appreciate its inclusion all the same. It'd be cool to incorporate frame lore in future releases (if this is a trend that continues), but that may take up too many resources - especially when prime trailers have kinda fallen outta schedule.
  4. Hello Vulbjorn, it's been a while since I visited this thread. I'd like to thank you again for creating the Megaera skin for Equinox, which I just bought. I got over the lack of "true duality" pretty quickly, and I wish you luck on current and future projects! (Ash is looking great btw!)
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