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  1. В одном из лайвстримов по-моему Шелдон заикнулся на тему механики появления За..и, Трех Поросят и Ср..кера. Опытным путем подтвердилось только : 1. Увеличение шанса путем набора в команду "меченных" игроков 2. Увеличение шанса на ивентовых миссиях 3. Увеличение шанса появления на nightmare Еще имею предположение что есть бОльший шанс увидеть одно из вышеназванных персонажей в обычном алерте, но явно это не выражено.
  2. Could you now please fix the bug of infinite falling down caused by fallen Exavator? Because it's really annoying. Like 5th time. And whenever you try to revive - it just goes all over again.
  3. Pls read carefully what I had written. You even quoted it. I stated that. However Grakatta's crit build is inconsistent. It works much more better with status. Those using Grakatta as pure crit weapon did not try the propet status build, do belive me.
  4. WUT? Soma is about crits and Grakatta is about status. Of course you can mod Grakatta as both status + crits, but certain status builds are much more effective.Nothing in common with Soma.
  5. I kind of liked a feedback related to the Snipetron's familly buff, because they are sniper rifles aren't they? More to that if left with 20 or so max ammo launchers have to hit really hard as hell. This is primal issue with Torid since its DOT is laughable and can be neglected in most of cases, hence it should constitute % of it's overall damage.
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