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  1. I have added an augment idea to Vanishing act. This frame idea is now with my others in another post. If you want to see it along with my ENTIRE list, go here https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/385695-my-massive-idea-list-warning-massive/#entry4255891
  2. Added Eximus variable to Incognito Added health, shields, and energy to the original post
  3. OK, so after thinking about it, I came up with these for basic stats when not using Ditto or Incognito: HP: 70 Shields:90 Energy: 125 I will continue to edit the idea as more thoughts come to mind.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. The idea was put out here and from what I am seeing you guys are not liking Ditto too much. I am sure that you know my intention but all frames have their own tactical, defensive and offensive abilities. And I was trying to stay in the originality of shape-shifting. I have been hearing some suggestions on how to improve this idea but I could use more of a "helping hand" on this. Thanks for your time.
  5. Now here is something that sounds really interesting. Its 3 missions in 1, and similar to the mission changes that occur randomly in any mission. I could see this in the game, or a popular request. Good idea, and best of luck getting it into the game.
  6. Okay, so I came up with this during a mission when i was focusing on stealth, and I said to myself "Man I wish I could just walk right past those guys, without becoming invisible." and it hit me. So instead of direct stealth, he would go for an "under-the-radar" kind of approach. So I began to think about it, and I came up with these for powers: 1 Helping Hand - Masquerade morphs a small alloy ball into a specter for a short time 2 Incognito - Masquerade takes on the appearance of the enemy that you have most recently killed while also taking their weapon. Due to this Masquerade can not carr
  7. That warframe image concept is the definition of AWESOME. I don't completely agree with the powers, but if the Vatala myth is melee combat based, so be it. Other than that, a very, VERY splendid idea indeed.
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