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  1. Ok, so far there are the problems that I registered: The Marelock Vaykor animations when used in tandem with a glaive are broken (I think this is extended to the normal Marelok and Euphona Prime). Enemies in Fortuna sometimes spawn/drop on top of the mushrooms (Also, maybe are some other problems with spawn rate or alert level increment speed). The text from the menus looks light gray instead of black, maybe it's a minor issue, but honestly it feel strange. (I don't know why, but my directx11 was deactivated and the issue is related to directx9, sorry for the mistake) The animation for holster a weapon when selecting a tool from the tool wheel is missed. If I find some other problems they will be added to the list, and if this is not the best place to put this problems I apologize in advance. Thanks for all!
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