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  1. The absolute awful presentation of this post, going from the black text being unreadable on dark themes to insane amounts of wasted space between lines, amazes me. What happened here @[DE]Rebecca ? Edit: Fixed! Be more careful next time!
  2. New arcanes that for their effect to trigger they need another arcane? No, i don't think so DE.
  3. I'd like to hide the players stats just like with the end of mission screen so that i can only see all my equipment and current rewards. Here i quickly edited a before and after, just so you get an idea of what i'm talking about. Don't mind the scuffed editing please.
  4. Thanks DE and oh boy, death threats, cmon guys that's going too far. We're all gonna die sometime, why trying to make it shorter for someone else? not cool m8, not cool
  5. I'd really like to know how many reactants my squad members have without the need of asking in chat. Like a small "x/10" at the sides of their ign's. It's the little things, right? haha
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