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  1. Thanks DE and oh boy, death threats, cmon guys that's going too far. We're all gonna die sometime, why trying to make it shorter for someone else? not cool m8, not cool
  2. Mag and Volt?! Aaaawww yeah! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  3. Nice to hear u guys are working hard! The only doubt i have is will Nezha be released this week?
  4. What about Nezha? Is he coming this week as well?
  5. Where's the godD@mn fix for Zenurik's passive???
  6. Hey guys! just wanna ask if you're taking on count or at least just a little look, like a cool example for make some new ideas and mechanics, to the movement in the Naruto Storm games for Parkour 2.0. I loved the fluid animations of the whole Storm games, i think they're amazing, and i'd like to see something similar to that cool smoothness. Well, just that, cheers from a player!
  7. I'll join your hype train, my tenno brother. I'm excited as well, like many others who wanna continue walking this long path until the end of times...or until the game reaches it's full release, but you get it right? Anyways, prepare your keyboard and be sure your body is ready, because the last ride of the day is yet to come, and the greatest show on earth is prepared to be fullfilled by many endless forms most beautiful. Let the light of the Lotus guide you on your lofty journey!
  8. To be honest i think almost ANY new fan concept/art looking for an alternative version of Chroma appereance can be WAY better than the official one. Yours looks great.
  9. These changes sound awesome, also i'd like to know about what's gonna happen with desecrate...
  10. Hi DE! 1st: How were your holidays? hope pretty cool, all together with family, friends and the so good food that we all love XP, 2nd: I'd like to know more about the next Warframe, on U16 maybe? because if i can recall well, Steve said that the next one will "shock" us, in some way. And that woke up my interest haha...well guys, just that, take care yourselves!
  11. Carrier: - Hey X, let's take a little rest under this beautiful tree.. Excalibur: - Sure pal, but first....let me take a selfie!
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