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  1. Remembering this, I thought one thing Dojo interace urgently needs a tool to select several players (such as a check-box) for you to promote, or remove from the clan. It takes a lot of work to get an inactive moon clan and expel all inactive players from a list of 800 ~ 1000, with 2/3 of them not coming in for more than 120 days. This is the most boring thing in the world to do, and can take literally over 10 minutes. I do not know how it can be done to do this safely (to avoid human failure) but I see as necessary something that does this but with some sort of lock to prevent you from deleting your entire list of players unintentionally.
  2. Man, I do not know if it's because I'm using google translate to help me write in English or you're taking everything aggressively, but I'm just talking about my experience and my experience .... I'm just commenting, making a report, not I'm attacking nobody. This is how you are supposed to take all this conversation, an exchange of ideas, sometimes with divergences of ideas, but this is a process that is by no means an imposition, as you are insinuating, and at most trying to show that the point of the another is poorly constructed or wrong through facts and other points of view. if you have a clan with your friend, fine, it's not my business it's your business. My problem with you regarding "solo clan" is when you come to talk that it is difficult to hold an event.... but same time, you have chosen to have only 2 players into your dojo. You chose it! Event clan, CLAN, not due, CLAN. You do what you want, you're free and I stand for it, but you're never going to have the best of both worlds, and I just wanted to make you understand that. Ok? We are fine? LoL _ About my Quote now I think its more about "necessity" South Server have half of players of North America, and also, theres no [DE] Bots with auto reply for help people without clan chat. With all this, newbies tend to give up the game more easily, and this is not interesting for someone who needs a full clan, or as a player who does not want to see the game stop being played and dies. That is, clans have a much more sensitive work for the community on servers that have fewer players and I believe they are even more important than Lotus Guides to insert players into the game and make them feel part of a group or something, rather than reclusive and lost. This is the background that I am inserted and this is the way I see it. I try to fight the evasion of players in the game for lack of guardianship and clan resources (UI/DESIGN), thats my personal mission over here on forum. The other is that of course a clan it tends to get smaller over time if you stop looking for new players as a recruiter if you expect new players to come in naturally (your members adding friends), when you realize your clan is dead with a gigantic list of offline players. . Conclusion: For these reasons I believe that the game should emphasize an interface where the player can look for a clan that he identifies instead of being played inside a clan that recruited him and that he may have ideological aversion. Would help the warlods to have less work recruiting, help players find the clan he identifies, and help DE to keep players interested in the game through a community resource.
  3. The reality of the clans is not only recruiting who you know or is a friend of, but filling them with any active player so that your players inside them do not stand alone or are helpless when they look for a squad to play or help. I think creating mechanisms for the player to be an active agent in entering the clan (instead of just the clan inviting players) would help in a part of the problem. (about clans with only half of their slots filled with active players and all this "ratio" problem) this solution I have already shown in prints a few pages ago along with other solutions. (link above) (seeing the Warframe game not only as a creative and unique effort, but as a product that needs optimization for the user and needs to update and follow trends that optimize the player experience, I do not see problem in the DE in adopting interface solutions and similar experience of other games in this type of situation.) that way it would overburden less the warlord in recruiting player. unfortunately recruiting in the warframe is not something natural, it is something that takes a lot of work in the game and ends up becoming a grind for recruit new players. - Now, about the boy with "11 members" I think DE could create a clan rank with a maximum capacity of 15 players or something for your case. but the slots situation is something that needs to be worked out in clans, as a problem in both small and large clans there is little variety .... a clan of 10 players to 30 is a stark difference, as is 100 to 300, and 300 to 1000. There is no middle ground in all these cases. I think it's a unanimous conclusion between all of us here.
  4. I dont think categorizing teleportation of the loki is cheating ( at first, disregarding the existence of this mission 2 months ago. ) if you can do that with any other enemy. The point is that this has just become cheating because it is a new game mode, with different winning conditions. Who discovered this mechanic was creative, and if DE thinks that teleporting a main units to abyss is a bug or cheating, it should have at least monitored the missions / reddit / forum and pronounced as soon as possible. Every new mission will bring conditions of different victories and there will always be such frictions. It's like inventing a regulatory law for something that never existed, for example, regulating the internet with laws. __ On this subject, moreover, if they did not envisage this, it does not have to therefore hate on this discussion with arguments like "everyone who does this should be punished" I was already banned in the game, because I entered illegally 2 years ago in a relay of the tennocon. I had my account suspended for a while and the trade. There were a lot of people that were banned because it was induced by others, but I, I was induced and in sequence I taught how to do it, because of this I think the temporary suspension was fair to teach me a lesson (because I did not even know the money would for a charity fund, despite my innocence, my action was grave.) now, compare the difference between entering a relay of the tennocon to use a skill that was designed just to do that. We all know that this Loki swap skill should not even exist at first because of the trolls, however the DE preferred to leave it as it is, so in this particular case, I believe that the responsability is more of the company than of the players who found this facility (because you can not call it a glitch overall) . PS: I do not advocate who commits glitch, but I do not think it is enough to generalize punishments, each case is a unique case to be analyzed to take the most appropriate measure.
  5. Btw @TheLexiConArtist despite the conflict of ideas, I invite you later to visit my dojos. I think it's important that there are people to make point against their ideas in a forum.
  6. in general, this is people who want to play solo but who find it unfair only groups have access to certain resources. I can even defend and understand the side of a ghost clan and it is inactive because the warlord abandoned the game and it has no facility to recruit (and I gave the solution with the interface print in a comment early from the game Elite:Dangerous) now who just DOES NOT want to have people inside the clan, then I find it more complicated
  7. I understand its analogy, but clan by definition is still a group. the analogy that would fit best would be to compare solo career singers with a rock-band. and currently you can only have "rock-bands" in the game for have a tradepost and weapon research.
  8. Ok, its true . clan means a group of people, by definition the solo clan idea is wrong, and I embrace that definition. however, in the game you can be a group of one person only, it is an aberration, but it is possible. _ can you be a solitary warlord for being antisocial and not wanting to argue with other people? yes, you have every right, and you're not wrong. can you have plenty of reasons to want to have a solo clan because you do not have the time to join a big clan and fulfill your schedule or do not want to be banned for inactivity? You're right to worry about it. It makes sense to create a solo clan so you do not get kicked out of inactivity. as a player, is a correct maneuver, and if I did not have literally 4 clans that I am founder to create a self sufficient alliance environment, I might do the same as you. however, by definition it is still an erroneous clan concept alone. is an impasse that the DE must resolve. I think remodeling clan tiers would help partially, but it's a complex subject. I believe that encouraging mechanics that make newbies more access to clan help and ignoring who is antisocial is more profitable and beneficial to the community and to the profitability of the company. Unfortunately it did not seem to please everyone and at some moments if you have to pick sides.
  9. I agree that they are always the same clans that are in the top 20, but it does not mean that clans that can not get top 20 are not interested in getting the gold trophy and wanting or not, scoring may even be a minority, but picking trophy also comes within the competitive context. So I still disagree with you.
  10. You have a choice, recruit and score or be antisocial and dont get trophy, you cant have both. And again, be careful. There is a crucial difference between attacking ideas and attacking a person here.
  11. salt af, god sake. this, perfect. god sake! "do not have to contribute" hahahahahaha!! Yes, some will not donate, and against that, someone will have to donate 2x more to compensate for that gap ..... oops, wait! it's exactly the problem you're going through having clan alone! Have to score alone because of gap! Only in my case, it's even worse, and it's worse because having BIG TIER CLAN is worse than having smaller one. The only difference is that you chose to be solo, and I did not, but i still have the same issue! And once again, x2 a clan at minimum membership, consisting of one person, is not a clan. Conclusion: it is problematic gun search being a clan-only feature, and I understand this frustration of the solo clan owners. But it also does not make sense to solo player complaining about a GROUP feature or use garbage arguments like this one: "What? no, most Solo clans are SOLO because they don't wanna be in a Clan where they have to listen to complete self opinionated waffle, off people just like you." Typical example of people who can not live with different opinions or socialize in a game coop. The rational solution would be to enable dojo resources for these solo players in exchange for giving other features exclusive to dojo, but not so mandatory. Or just ignore this portion of players and make them accept that this game is not for them, but that decision is up to DE, not me
  12. People asking for the end of the competition are not aware how important this is to the interaction of clan leaders and members. There is no reason why the DE to revolt with them so much, I think it is correct to reset the scorecard of those who apply this type of bug and I believe that some staff should monitor the forums and the players looking for this type of bug, and correct the problem, and maybe restricting access to these players in the mission. - The big problem (in my opinion, you're free to disagree) is when ordinary players get angry (more than they should) for not being able to score or feel mad and end up making Why do I see it as a problem? Leaderboard by itself is something that is not important to the game, clan or players. The event is healthy because of the trophies and (perhaps) the score that this trophy of gold brings with it for future updates. I believe that in this particular case, the DE should have been more attentive, since it took a long time to correct problems such as the score of the event in the profile summary, reset who committed bugs, etc. What's more, transgressors are important to the mission as they see it, they force themselves to discover bugs and this turns out to be very useful for DE to fix errors a lot early, that would take a long time to appear in the light of the community without a event to expose.
  13. You can complain and speak freely, it's your right and I respect it, really. The opinion shocks that make a forum a cool place. But as I said, I am not obliged to agree with your ideas, and that does not mean that you have no right to speak of them. My point is you're complaining about a problem, and the solution you're asking for is not the right one, just that. All the trouble you go through with a ghost clan, the other clans pass in the same way. A 10/10 clan and a 300/300 clan need to donate and help in the same amount. But in short, it's much easier to have 10 veterans, than 300 veterans helping out at an event or donating resources.
  14. I would like to take advantage of and change the subject, as I think it is very difficult to gather attention from so many clan warlords in a post just like in an event. I am passionate about being a warlord, being able to help people with doubts, joining people who have a common interest in the clan, decorating the dojos with a specific theme (corpus, orokin, nature, memes) and so on. And I'm sure a lot of you also have this more administrative, social, and political hobby in Warframe. BUT we know that the clan system still needs improvement (since it is currently only a base for trades and weapon research, and sometimes, event squads.). We are waiting for the Kingspin and also eager to see how will be the functioning of this system of clan mastery (in which trophies give extra points). This is Elite Dangerous interface for "clan". is not anything innovative, but Warframe does not yet have a clan-searching system for players to clan according to their interest. In this interface you search for the clan by name, emblem, number of members and you can also add filters in the search to look for a clan with common interests (let's assume, eidolon, unlock solar system, fissures, arbitration etc.) the clan can use hasttags on their in-game page to show their focus on the game. Another interesting thing is that they also filter clan by relaxed, family or devoted and also by availability: occasionally, weekdays and weekends In this last print, the message of the day of the warlord is next to your avatar, just below the tags of interest of the clan, besides languages used inside the clan ... and in the flap of the right side is your technical file that will be sent if you request entry into the clan. CONCLUSION: I believe that a clan-by-interest search system would be very useful to bring together people with common interests and make the community stronger .... this would also solve the problem of several Ghost Clan Warlods having difficulty recruiting players. Well that's. I'm sorry if I was boring with someone, but it's very difficult to discuss ideas for me using English without being misunderstood in a few words. ♥
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