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  1. My biggest problem is not the existence of PBR, but the lack of it on older weapons. I was hoping they'd start gradually phasing in PBR onto older 'frames and weapons sooner, because weapons like the Halikar look slightly off-putting when used with a pre-PBR 'frame, while Mesa looks kinda awkward using older-styled weapons. The coloring on certain weapons has not gotten worse with PBR by any means. A quick perusal of older weapons is all you need to see to tell that. A few weapons- like the Opticor and Gammacor- suffer from this problem more with the PBR than without it, but for the most p
  2. CaptainJohnson


    I assume they get a couple days off, but I doubt they get the three whole weeks that were described. But maybe I'm wrong. Digital Extremes could just be that hardcore.
  3. Prince Oberon. Yes, I know it's not spelled the same way.
  4. I'd suggest trying to sell or trade the stuff you get from your current syndicates to trade for other syndicate items. At the moment, Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda are probably the best syndicates for their items (Vaykor Marelok + Scattered Justice and Synoid Gammacor respectively) but that could easily change in time. Besides, even people in those syndicates might want the other items. I'm currently working on Red Veil + Steel Meridian for the most part. Red Veil isn't all that in-demand because the Rakta Ballistca is much weaker than the other variants, but Steel Meridian is pretty so
  5. The problem being that bosses in Warframe used to be complete bullet sponges, and everyone hated it. Bullet sponges tend not to scale well-- if you're a player who's fairly low-levelled, it'll take half an hour to beat them. If you've brought along your four-forma'd Boltor Prime, it's a breeze. Conclave scaling is at least a reasonable tactic, but it's still lackluster. This is just the type of game it is. The original Alad V is probably one of the better boss fights, along with the Hyena Pack imo. The former uses invincibility states in a much more reasonable way, while the Hyena Pack is
  6. You probably want weapons that work best with her passives. The Marelok is a great choice, imo, for being a ridiculously good accurate sidearm.
  7. It's got really solid damage for what it is. I think other weapons should probably get buffed a little harder than they have been, but for the Synoid Gammacor's cost, it seems reasonable. I wish it was a bit more obtainable and that the other weapons (like the Ballistica) got a similar buff, but still. I actually think the Synoid Gammacor's stats may not have been completely thought-out, but I think there are elements that balance the weapon. I don't think it needs a heavy nerf by any means, but a small one may be necessary. Meanwhile, other Syndicate secondaries could definitely use stron
  8. Hrm... the 4x damage is interesting, but I admit it's vastly different than what every other Syndicate weapon offers. When it's a complete and straight huge buff and the Rakta Ballistica gets a sidegrade at best, it's a tad unbalanced. I'm not sure what to think, though, because the Marelok doesn't really need that sort of buff either. EDIT: Oop, didn't see the fire rate. I'm going to redo the calculations to see. EDIT #2: Synoid Gammacor is still way more powerful than it's regular counterpart. A little more balanced, but still.
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