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  1. Well, we are a *little* bit. Sure, the Tenno goal is to bring balance to the system, but clearly we've been motivated by weapons and the like to accomplish that goal. If we're planning to defeat them all in the long term, why not go with whoever pays best now? As it stands, the battle pay is just a little extra incentive for us to choose a side at all.
  2. Dragon*Con! I might just cry if you guys end up coming down here to lil' ol' Atlanta.
  3. Someone's salty! For reals tho, the entitlement is strong with this one.
  4. Hold on, just thought of a potential problem. When attempting to trade weapons from Syndicates, you have to make sure the weapon is unleveled and unused, but if the affinity from your daily goes into that pool, will it make it impossible to trade that weapon? Just wanting to make sure there wasn't a potential oversight. Thanks for the update, DE.
  5. Fighter Escort... did someone say... funnels? We're gettin' Gundam up in here (or at least I sure hope we are!)
  6. Finally, a Braton Prime buff! Numbers look solid, time to test this baby out.
  7. Hrm... the 4x damage is interesting, but I admit it's vastly different than what every other Syndicate weapon offers. When it's a complete and straight huge buff and the Rakta Ballistica gets a sidegrade at best, it's a tad unbalanced. I'm not sure what to think, though, because the Marelok doesn't really need that sort of buff either. EDIT: Oop, didn't see the fire rate. I'm going to redo the calculations to see. EDIT #2: Synoid Gammacor is still way more powerful than it's regular counterpart. A little more balanced, but still.
  8. Most of the recent events, barring Tacticool Alerts, have been week-long affairs, if I'm not mistaken. No reason to believe this won't be.
  9. The precedence for this would simply be that non-Infested Alad V is staying right where he is, ala Vor/Vor x Kril/Vor Prime.
  10. I have a feeling the issue would be poorly traced through Tenno deaths at the hand of units who, even with accuracy buffs, are some of the weakest in the Grineer arsenal and are intended to kill you less often. Instead, Ballistas & Seekers are the units who need to be carefully inspected among the Grineer army. From there, it should be obvious that the accuracy buff is heavy-handed, and that enemies with hitscan weapons easily hit you even if you're being an evasive speedmonkey. Their weapons are brutally powerful, and should come with at least a fair drawback. I enjoy the increased difficulty that comes with buffed accuracy, but it really should be fair and balanced. I'm not sure that the measurement tool you've used is the best for the job.
  11. I like the new launcher, but I admit that forcing an optimization may be a little heavy-handed. Will there be any option to disable automatic optimization in the future?
  12. I'm going to agree that it's probably Trinity's Immortal Skin. I don't mind the slight lull in content, it means I can finally catch up, especially with the Archwing stuff and Syndicates... still, I'm hoping we'll see more of the usual Tenno reinforcements soon! Thanks, Rebecca.
  13. I only recently noticed, but after checking Mag Prime's Codex Entry again, I can't seem to be able to read the whole thing. It cuts off about halfway through. Small bug, but I'd like to see it fixed soon.
  14. Is there any info on what kind of standing multiplier the higher-tier sigils will give? These changes look great, and I can't wait to test them out. Thank you guys so much for listening to the enormous player feedback. Making mistakes is something every developer does, but listening to players and fixing those mistakes quickly is something Digital Extremes does best. I still think it was a poor choice to go against the player feedback before with 15.2, but y'know, all water under the bridge. We will only remember "15.2.1" and "15.2" will simply vanish into nothingness.
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