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  1. Wonderful read, and very helpful. I was able to get things running properly after the update back in May. Monitor native: 3840x2160, Warframe resolution: 2560x1440 (Borderless Fullscreen), Windows scaling: 150% This resulted in a crisp clean view, free of aliasing and good framerate. Today however, I opened the game and everything was ugly. I haven't changed any Windows settings, and cannot figure out how to get Warframe to display at these settings again. If I choose the Borderless Fullscreen option, the game sets resolution to the monitor's native and disables changes. While in this setting (which the game says is 3840x2160 Borderless Fullscreen), something is clearly doing some form of scaling, but everything has terrible jagged edges (anti-aliasing is on high). I cannot tell what resolution its scaling from, but it must be really low. Screenshots taken using Warframe's (non-configurable...) keybinding results in a beautiful image.. the screencaps look better than what I see in-game. When taking a screenshot in both scaled and native modes, there is no discernible difference either. Because of this, I'm fairly sure a screenshot is generated outside the display process (done at the proper resolution, no matter what the current display mode is). In windowed mode, at any resolution, the game is scaled up, but has the same poor quality as borderless. This image quality issue is fixed if I select the new Native option, just ya know, no scaling, so its a small window. Everything looks great if I set the game to 2560x1440 Fullscreen. Scaling and all. This works for now, I just hate not being able to multitask without all the screen shenanigans from minimizing a fullscreen window. I hope some of this is useful for the hard work being done.
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