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  1. nope, not weird. That's part of the problem! Drivers in this case may be a solution, since the game is certainly not rendering or performing properly. I mostly suggested it because as a client/player, things like drivers and DirectX versions are the only things we can control without buying new hardware. The same algorithms in Warframe's Evolution engine are running on my computer as theirs, and I get very different results. If it turns out that changing the firmware/software on a client does not change the issue at all, then it may fall under DE's umbrella to come up with a
  2. Ah, I completely understand not wanting to upgrade then. I know its a lot of work, but you can always update the driver to see if the issues remain unchanged, and then roll back to the previous one when you're done. If you cant roll back, here's a link to the Windows 8.1 version 419.67 driver so you can reinstall manually. Sorry I couldn't help more! btw, that artax beam reminds me of those weird black core lightsaber color crystals from SW:TOR
  3. Sorry for the delayed response! The first thing I notice is that your video driver is a bit old, relatively speaking. Mar 2019 isn't that long ago, but there have been a lot of versions released since then. I'm using driver version 432.00, from Sept 2019, and the most recent is 452.06 release just this Monday. Since the problem here is related to a change in "technology," updating the driver may be your solution. I do experience some of the effects you describe, notably the cave transitions in the open world locations. However I don't get anything to the extent as shown in your s
  4. Would someone who is having these issues mind posting what all of their Display settings are set to, and what brand of video card used? I'm not experiencing this on my game, but I can help figure out if it is some combination of settings, or possibly hardware related.
  5. I've had heavy attack (channeling) bound to F for the longest time because I made the same change and couldn't revert it. Melee has always felt so awkward to me because the keybinds got so borked. I despise having melee bound on the keyboard.. If I have a finger mashing E (default for melee), then I don't have a finger free to move Right. So I have Melee Attack on the side of my mouse (one of those MMO mice with a numpad built in for the thumb -- its old), the pressure to push the button makes my view bounce to the right a tiny bit every time I swing, bobbing my head to a beat like Night at
  6. Ah good call! I got in the habit of taking screenshots with F6 for the position data that DE includes, good for bad terrain bugs and such. Totally forgot about external methods
  7. I just completed a kuva spy mission, opening all three vaults. Only two of the three rewards were "Identified". Not sure if some items are being rolled together now, like credit caches combining with credit pickups. Sanctuary Onslaught leaves out syndicate standing gains entirely from the end of mission summary. Note here: the old UI also left out syndicates, because Onslaught had its own custom mission summary. With the setup now -- everything crammed into tiny boxes -- there's no reason to leave it out. Side note: I took screenshots of the End of Mission screens, but I fo
  8. Same story here, looks like Athodai is the culprit for me. Seems the script to award these items did not include the accompanying slot as it usually does.
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