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  1. You have to kill a few to clear the "arena" to start a defense. Then until the timer runs out, you have to keep control above 0%. Control goes down, but I never really could tell if it just degrades over time, or if it degrades based on enemy presence. Control is restored by killing enemies, each enemy returning an amount that varies by type.. Gunners restore more than Butchers for example. I couldn't give you exact numbers for each because never really watched the control gauge. Some enemies do award large amounts; if you can blow up a dropship, I believe (don't quote me) they are 30%. This means killing too quickly can lead to long gaps where you cant restore anything. You end up swinging control back and forth. Kill a squad to max out, then go a long period with nothing to kill where the control drops perilously low. Then a squad comes in and you can bump back up to full, repeat. But if you pace the kills from that first squad, ensuring no award is wasted by already being at 100%, you have slightly better control over Control (heh). But just like Survival nodes or Onslaught, enemy spawn behavior can dominate when it comes to actual success. Spawns suck? You lose. Once the timer reaches zero, you just have to clean up stragglers. This is where I got stuck with that Roller. Already succeeded, but couldn't move on. If any of this is wrong, then the UI has failed and misled me, lol.
  2. Agreed, we got a moment of invulnerability on exiting to Archwing, but instadeath happens entering structures and ships too.
  3. This happens pretty often. Sometimes the area you are expected to cover is just too big and enemies don't always go on the offensive. They dont assault the base because they were dropped far enough from you that they remain dormant instead of aggressive. I've had one last enemy to kill to complete the objective that ended up being a Roller, well outside the bounds of the circle and stuck on some rocks. I only noticed it thanks to the eximus aura effects. I find its better not to kill everything as you see it, but pace the deaths so the meter doesnt max out at 100%. Its horribly unfun (agonizing over a timer instead of slaughtering grineer) and doesn't always work, but it helps.
  4. I get the same results. While I didn't try other abilities, Vauban's Bastille does not strip their armor either, nor does the Shattering Impact melee mod.
  5. Not sure if its still a thing with SLI, havent done it myself in a long time, but are you using a bridge connector? Your two cards are installed in different speed PCI slots (x16 and x8), and performance may take a hit if you dont use the bridge. Actually.. are the two cards different brands? They have different clock speeds and memory transfer speeds (and bios versions). They may be incompatible to SLI, as these mismatched speeds may make it hard for them to stay in sync. But I havent used SLI in a long time, so it may not actually be an issue. Just speculating. Here's some things that I would try: 1- Run other graphics-intensive games or applications and see if they produce the same effect. (This will tell you if you need to look somewhere besides Warframe's forums) 2- Just reseat the cards in their slots, and ensure the plugs are secure. Sometimes its as simple as that. 3- Try running just one card at a time, to find out if perhaps one card is defective. Good luck!
  6. To avoid any confusion with terms, I'm going to leave a few definitions here to clarify which words mean what: Block: holding RMB while melee is equipped Autoblock: facing enemy fire while melee is active weapon Parry: blocking an incoming melee attack Deflect: blocking a projectile attack Changes with melee 3.0 modified the way deflecting enemy fire works, by making it happen automatically. Unfortunately, this causes a seeming loss of control of character, by forcing the Warframe to aim glide. To replicate, just hold a melee weapon active, and jump while facing enemies that are shooting at you. The wider the blocking angle of your weapon, the more prone to the effect you become. Being fired upon while jumping can lead to the inability to double jump, shoot, slam, or even just land where you intended. The simplest way to "break the blocking" is to swing the melee weapon. However, this leads to a problem with Exodia Contagion, and possibly other "while aim gliding" effects and abilities. I thought with Plague Star active, it'd be worth mentioning the Exodia in particular. Exodia Contagion's description, "After a Bullet Jump or Double Jump: Melee while Aim Gliding launches a projectile that explodes on impact" The projectile does a considerable amount of self-damage, and if fired unintentionally due to unintentional aim gliding, usually results in death. The simplest fix I can think of is to separate aim glide and auto-blocking. I imagine this tied together effect is just a result of previously using the same key-action for both affects: aiming with melee while on the ground leads to blocking, aiming while in the air leads to gliding. Auto-blocking can still occur as it does now, it just shouldn't need to force aim glide to happen.
  7. While in melee mode, I can't get it to capture until I "remind" the Orvius what its supposed to do. Just throwing it (heavy attack) makes it behave like any other glaive, but after a throw and detonate (heavy attack x2), it'll start to lock on and capture pretty consistently. Still doesn't capture at all when wielded with a secondary. I really want this functionality back.
  8. That really does make sense, and a lot of this already exists: Syndicate kill squads and Assassins leave when the target player is downed. So running out of hp with a lich in the mission means you get a finisher performed on you, and skip the downed state. They could either stick around for you to continue fighting with them, or leave. If they leave, you could say they level up from experience killing you, or they don't level up because they didn't get re-made in the Grineer vats. Either way works for lore-friendliness. On the other side of victory: you can still kill the Lich while equipped with the wrong runes, but they will come back even stronger after being rebuilt/resurrected (you know, like when you created them from the larva). Only way to stop resurrection permanently is with the correct runes. From a gameplay perspective, this wouldn't affect time taken to progress: a player would still take the same number of missions to learn the rune order, and lich "growth" still happens at the same pace. It'd just let a player feel more in control. Being forced to die is just not fun.
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