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  1. The one and only reason we have now is status and knock-off immunity, but the base range of HG isn't really enough for us to deem as worthy of standing around in, and we'd rather roll, jump and flip, I think.
  2. I read that as Pendejo. xD
  3. Oberon. Bring a Trinity along. Put tons of strength, dodge and roll while spamming drakgoons out of your hand. I kind of like this scaling smite now.
  4. This part is what Mogamu didn't want, helping only the survivability of tanks and not your other allies who aren't tanks. I agree with him.
  5. SLAM DUNK. Also, yeah. The stuff Lord mentioned.
  6. Never watched the OG Amazon before but HORY SHET that video dragged me on the hype train. CHOO-CHOOOOOO
  7. I'm okay with its present state. I use the rift to enjoy my time setting up bullets to kill them (Za warudo), not to cast a nuke that feels both like World on Fire and Molecular Prime.
  8. I find re-casting it over for its stun effect silly, considering all the anti-aggro and damage buffing she already gives. She's already a great support frame with her kit, I don't think I want her to be able to stun more than a CC-frame can.
  9. We have Natural Talent, and some abilities scale with strength or duration to up their speed. I think there's a reason why they don't make certain abilities any faster than they are now.
  10. I find that just makes her too good. Why do you think it should be re-castable? I like some cons in my abilities.
  11. Never wanted an argument. Wanted a polite debate. I'm okay with either role he becomes to be in the future, since I like playing the killer or support. If you want him to deal damage and have the basic electric procs that should still stay as it's what it does in Warframe, then I can only see %hp dmg abilities as a viable solution. It'd be weird to me, to be able to deal OP damage and stun continuously like an Ember without augmented WoF.
  12. Not sure about making it guaranteed, but maybe buff its drop rates. Or make it drop elsewhere.
  13. What's a reasonable nerf to the required mutagen samples for you guys? It must be large numbers, just not this large still.