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  1. GunBladeSlash

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    i think these cat statues are part of a bigger mystery am i right @killerKarpfen? i dont think they are put in the game for nothing
  2. GunBladeSlash

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    What about the angstrum it is a bit of an ammo muncher limiting its ammo is cool and all but you guys kinda over did it with the angstum because all the other launchers dont offer the chane of using all 7 rounds all at once
  3. GunBladeSlash

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    NO!!!! my angstrum!!!! potayo'd it and every thing but the angstrum was totally over nerfed with the ability to waste your entire clip in one shot this went from endgame to i dont even know yet youll run out of ammo so fast now :(
  4. GunBladeSlash

    Hotfix 14.0.4

    i still have problems with the loading screens warframe used to run just fine on my computer now idk why it is so slow i only solo because when i join everyone alrdy started send me an answer by pm me one the forums thank you what i can do
  5. GunBladeSlash

    Coming Soon: Devstream #32!

    HI DE I hava a few quistons on kubrows can we build like in the clan dojo where we can have more than one kubrow or are we limited to just ONE kubrow and will we able to modify our kubrows in any way and if you dont log on every day will it have negative affects on your kubrows? and I also wanted to ask if we will eventually be able to have different types of ships and will there be certin mission where you will be able to apply you ship?