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  1. UPDATE: It's actually that power conversion and pax bolt *buff your application of the mote from the resevoir, once* and only if you dont have the buff (or let it drop off) first which is even more out of line behavior with how snapshotting works with other caster frames.
  2. I posted its own separate post in the forum because it felt too long to clutter this thread, but maybe it should be consolidated. It works, but only if you let the buff drop first, then gain the new one, and then it only works for one application of the mote, if that mote drops, the resevoir is back to dispensing power strength without the snapshot of power strength it was cast with UPDATE: it turns out that it's actually growing power buffing just the mote application to you, one time, as long as you dont have the buff, even more out-of-spec behavior compared to other snapshotting frames .
  3. Wisp's reservoir motes have weird interactions with snapshotting, you do not overwrite your own buffs' power strength, so if you snapshot a reservoir, you and your team need to *stay out of reservoirs until the buff wears off* to get the new snapshot power strength. Which means if you go to an old reservoir with your new buff, the duration will update, but it will stay with the higher strength... unless you let it wear off. But if you let either of them wear off and then go to the higher power resevoir, it no longer keeps the snapshot. So not only do you need to snapshot six times every time you update your motes (because you have to get rid of the old ones) and tell your team to let the buff wear off, you need to never let the buff wear off. Please have this be consistent, either: -Don't let it snapshot, though that would honestly be killing a lot of the fun of wisp (400% power strength, at great cost) or - let it snapshot and overwrite power strength with highest power strength, and duration with highest duration, with lower power/duration reservoirs refreshing your buff's duration and power strength at the duration and powerstrength it has even if higher (Like it does with low power vs high power reservoirs among different wisps in a group)
  4. hey just chiming in to say i got the tier above atmo twice in 3 hours, and the drop from atmo 3 times (3x4) in 3 hours. I have a feeling that someone either left out the 0 in 10%, yielding 1%, or someone thought x*0.10 is how you represent 10%, but then went and did "0.10%". either way the drop chances are off by at least an order of magnitude with atmo systems, which is glaring when you can with three people speed-run the second bounty in two minutes. Alternatively, maybe the problem is that it only 'rolls' for certain things every few seconds, and it never has time to get to atmo unless you mess up. worth noting that these stats are from at least march 23 when I farmed them with a friend.
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