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  1. Glitch

    Press Share button > upload to youtube > copy the link here
  2. I was charged full price for my purchase with the 50% off deal active.

    50% market discount works only once, and it only works on a single item(so no bundles). But from calculations it seems you didn't apply the coupon. Did you choose the option to pay with coupon? (you need to press a different button instead of X)
  3. Drop Rates, Datamines, and Digital Extremes (DDD).

    I agree with others here, it looks like you are blaming data miners like Void for the hacks instead of blaming actual hackers.
  4. Renown Pack XI!

    You just farm stuff that people want. ex do sorties for Veiled Rivens, raids for Arcane Enhancements(Energize, Avenger, Grace are probably the most wanted ones). Once you have enough plat start buying valuable/vaulted stuff for cheap and selling them for more later. I've had 10k plat at one point but stopped farming cuz I didn't need to, even gave around 2k to my clanmates.
  5. Renown Pack XI!

    Thats what I thought too!
  6. Not complaining or anything but it would be great to do another Double Resource weekend for all platform sometime in June/July. (because 4x booster gets much more kuva)
  7. So are we getting 12 000 kuva in total?
  8. Where do you farm Lith Relics?

    Its not possible to complete 20 waves of ODD in under 10 minutes, even with speed nova. It would take at least 15-16 minutes. Here, I even made a video specifically for you where it takes 12 minutes to do just 15 waves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WneQcopUG8Y Everyone in here would appreciate it if you make a video showing us how you do it. Its been asked numerous times already.
  9. Where do you farm Lith Relics?

    You are the one making a claim. I was asking you cuz I can't get 20 waves in under 10 minutes.
  10. Where do you farm Lith Relics?

    Can't you record a gameplay on Xbox? I highly doubt what you are saying is true.
  11. Double Resource Weekend on All Platforms!

    Man I really hope there will be a fix for not getting buffs when switching to operator.
  12. How to fight Macro Spamming

    You missed my point, macro users would simply tweak their settings to match whatever cooldown De implements. Even if slide attacks were brought to reasonable speed, De would most likely still nerf telos boltace. It had both high range, damage, great stacking capability with relentless combination and maiming strike, and many people complained it was too op. De always nerfs whatever receives that much attention. The nerf to Telos Boltace wasn't because of macros. De just thought it was too powerful, just like any other weapon they nerfed.
  13. How to fight Macro Spamming

    Well how would you know if someone is using macro? Introducing 1s cooldown won't help solve anything, macros can be configured to replicate any timing. If anything it would make it harder for regular players to slide melee.
  14. How to fight Macro Spamming

    First time hearing about macros on ps4, how can you be so sure that you saw them? Slide melee is easy to do if you change melee to R1. I personally can spam slide melee for hours at consistent pace.
  15. Hi Drew, can you also look into this old bug that returned with this update https://forums.warframe.com/topic/788071-update-broke-left-d-pad-now-functions-as-switch-weapon-and-cant-be-changed/