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  1. Hydroid Prime Access Ending December 12!

    Wow I've been so busy with work that I didn't even get Hydroid and other weapons yet.
  2. Drop Rates, Datamines, and Digital Extremes (DDD).

    I agree with others here, it looks like you are blaming data miners like Void for the hacks instead of blaming actual hackers.
  3. Renown Pack XI!

    You just farm stuff that people want. ex do sorties for Veiled Rivens, raids for Arcane Enhancements(Energize, Avenger, Grace are probably the most wanted ones). Once you have enough plat start buying valuable/vaulted stuff for cheap and selling them for more later. I've had 10k plat at one point but stopped farming cuz I didn't need to, even gave around 2k to my clanmates.
  4. Renown Pack XI!

    Thats what I thought too!
  5. Not complaining or anything but it would be great to do another Double Resource weekend for all platform sometime in June/July. (because 4x booster gets much more kuva)
  6. So are we getting 12 000 kuva in total?
  7. Double Resource Weekend on All Platforms!

    Man I really hope there will be a fix for not getting buffs when switching to operator.
  8. Hi Drew, can you also look into this old bug that returned with this update https://forums.warframe.com/topic/788071-update-broke-left-d-pad-now-functions-as-switch-weapon-and-cant-be-changed/
  9. Console Easter Platinum Sale!

    He meant to say consoles get log in market coupons, instead of log in plat discounts like pc. This coupon works on single items. ie bp, some cosmetics, resources, decorations, weapons and frames. It doesnt work on slots, boosters, bundles, tennogen. (For me, since I never buy frames and weapons from market, and I already have the regular market cosmetics, the only thing left to buy are liset decorations.) Consoles can also get annual plat sale, but that sale is from Sony or Microsoft. Similar to how Steam has platinum pack sale. The console market coupon discount looks like this
  10. Console Easter Platinum Sale!

    For those wondering, 30% on 170p, up to 50% on 3k plat. No ps+ discount.
  11. TennoCon Digital Pack Pre-Orders: Live Now!

    Thank you for listing prices in CAD!
  12. Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Would be great if you could un-nerf head shot damage from all launchers now that Tonkor is getting nerfed.
  13. FAQ + Coming Changes for Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    I agree with you! This miscalculation happened numerous times already. De should also consider omitting few top clans when coming up with numbers as they skew the average distribution way too much.
  14. Devstream 87 Overview

    Thats a great feedback! I thought the same myself.
  15. Valkyr Prime Arrives November 22!!

    there is still at least 2.5h guys