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  1. Definitely Orvius, worked great with invisible frames. Kestrel might be useful with its augmented mod if you are doing affinity farms.
  2. Not complaining or anything but it would be great to do another Double Resource weekend for all platform sometime in June/July. (because 4x booster gets much more kuva)
  3. I agree with you! Besides, we were able to apply log in coupons on the boosters in the past. Slots are something that everyone needs and regular bundles can contain certain items that are obtainable via that bundle.
  4. I personally would prefer console not getting it. Having extremely limited rng item is not healthy.
  5. I think I did like 15 runs. Make sure to play in that smaller tileset where each round takes only 2 minutes and the points easily accessible. This way you'll have a chance of getting the part every 8 minutes.
  6. I loved Nekros P too, until I realized his prime syandana things take up half of the screen.
  7. Look at the dates. Pc will probably get double credit weekend as well.
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