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  1. I live in Toronto too. I'd go but I won't be in Canada on July.
  2. I doubt it has same drop % as rivens.
  3. It didn't kick him out, he just stayed in the game alone.
  4. you need to unlock planets and missions
  5. Cash it ousside, how about dat?
  6. Tigris with 100% status chance.
  7. Its basically same as typing "LF banshee prime" in trade chat.
  8. They hinted that maximizing this non-ideal calculation makes the buffs very powerful. How hard is it to understand? As said above, their ideal calculation would most likely affect min/maxing the buff.
  9. Nitpicking? Why don't you read it properly yourself? What does the rest say? That they'll use a different calculation method? That they will inform us? Well obviously. None of that changes the fact that De said current calculation methods are not ideal because maximizing it brings high power.
  10. "If you are an avid Chroma user, you probably know the power maximizing this ability brings" Well this clearly suggests the fix would nerf the maximization of power.
  11. You missed my point, macro users would simply tweak their settings to match whatever cooldown De implements. Even if slide attacks were brought to reasonable speed, De would most likely still nerf telos boltace. It had both high range, damage, great stacking capability with relentless combination and maiming strike, and many people complained it was too op. De always nerfs whatever receives that much attention. The nerf to Telos Boltace wasn't because of macros. De just thought it was too powerful, just like any other weapon they nerfed.
  12. Well how would you know if someone is using macro? Introducing 1s cooldown won't help solve anything, macros can be configured to replicate any timing. If anything it would make it harder for regular players to slide melee.
  13. First time hearing about macros on ps4, how can you be so sure that you saw them? Slide melee is easy to do if you change melee to R1. I personally can spam slide melee for hours at consistent pace.
  14. I agree with you! Stealth really needs improvements. Very hard to maintain 500% buff even if you are invisible.
  15. Not sure about L3 but Devs already know about the bug with left d-pad. Drew said they'll look at the bug with controls during stream, which probably includes L3 as well. Would be better to directly pm him and ask about L3 just to be sure. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/788071-update-broke-left-d-pad-now-functions-as-switch-weapon-and-cant-be-changed/#comment-8605828