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  1. Man I really hope there will be a fix for not getting buffs when switching to operator.
  2. No one forces you to watch these streams. If you want a chance at getting plat that much then watch it when DE stream it.
  3. That's what I'll be getting too. Also Sacrifice and Miter augmented mod are must have.
  4. Found a resource called Orokin Archive when checking my resources. Turns out it was part of a quest to get an archwing. Looks like it has no other use. I was thinking maybe DE could change its appearance into some kind of mysterious book/letter/paper roll and turn it into a liset decoration. (similar to how we got vessel decoration from Sands of Inaros) What do you guys think? Here is the pic
  5. I agree with you! Besides, we were able to apply log in coupons on the boosters in the past. Slots are something that everyone needs and regular bundles can contain certain items that are obtainable via that bundle.
  6. Are you asking to buff Primed Chamber or have it come back?
  7. You can also try making little plat by farming some prime parts, then just trade for it. Not sure about pc but at least on console you can find people wanting to buy trash prime parts for 1plat. http://warframe.market/ shows people selling it for just 3p
  8. No idea where you got that idea from. Console to PC will not ever happen, doesn't matter if builds are in sync or not, confirmed multiple times by Drew and Megan at some of their console streams in the past. PC to console will depend on MS/Sony and DE.
  9. The only solution is to wait until you get 75% log in discount, buy 4k plat and Rush B like Russian csgo player. Thats what I did a year ago, reached mr20 relatively fast actually.
  10. It feels a bit like one of the machines from Horizon Zero Dawn which I loved playing.
  11. Can always just start over. I made a pc account a year ago, and leveled it till mr20 relatively quick. Just keep in mind that its much harder to make plat on ps4. There is much less demand and we rarely get plat sales (the most being 50% on the priciest pack http://imgur.com/Fvo0oKv )
  12. I'd say his parts were relatively easy to farm. It takes about 8min to get to rotation C if you get that smaller room. Use Nekros and just keep slashing in circle.
  13. Buy slots, cosmetics, tennogen skin, or start buying things cheap and selling at a profit later on.
  14. Dam finally had time to play a bit with octavia. Even minecraft is better at making music lol Wouldn't it be better to just make a sound and then change the pitch to make it C, F, D etc.
  15. You Can gift items using coupon discount(excluding those where coupon doesnt apply). I did it just few weeks ago. Did you actually choose the correct option when gifting?