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  1. I was charged full price for my purchase with the 50% off deal active.

    50% market discount works only once, and it only works on a single item(so no bundles). But from calculations it seems you didn't apply the coupon. Did you choose the option to pay with coupon? (you need to press a different button instead of X)
  2. Do you run Corrosive Projection?

    Well, as I said, CP is not required in LOR. I've been running it almost every day since the game mode was released with 4cp and without any cp without any problems. Having right people that know what they are doing is more important, and its best to run with fewer players(4 or 5) to have less enemies spawn. NM LOR is another story.
  3. Do you run Corrosive Projection?

    Not sure how thats relevant to what I said. I'm not saying people should just stop using CP in LOR NM. What I'm saying is I have no problems killing high armor enemies in any mission (cuz there are many ways of negating it) so I use Enemy Radar to speed up the flow of missions.
  4. Do you run Corrosive Projection?

    Never had problems killing enemies. Even in LOR you can just bring Pox to remove Hek's armor in seconds. I personally always use Enemy Radar, speeds up the flow of missions.
  5. When you find out what your Riven mod objective is

    Thats one of the easiest challenges. Use Limbo.
  6. TenncoCon Digital Pack Glyph Missing(Xbox One)

    Probably not in console builds yet.
  7. How Is Baro's Stuff? With TennoCon Tickets

    Why would they do anything cool for those who didn't purchase the ticket? That would make buying tickets irrelevant. I didn't buy tickets, too.
  8. Strangest Player Interactions You've Had

    The guy posted in trade chat "WTB trash rivens 10p link rivens". Linked him couple unwanted rivens like Akbolto and Acrid, he invited to dojo and then just blocked me.
  9. Drop Rates, Datamines, and Digital Extremes (DDD).

    I agree with others here, it looks like you are blaming data miners like Void for the hacks instead of blaming actual hackers.
  10. How do I get Console Screenshots on to the Forums?

    Or you can press Share, take a screenshot. Plug in usb drive, open Capture Gallery and copy the screenshot to the usb. Then just transfer it to your pc and upload to imgur.com
  11. Renown Pack XI!

    You just farm stuff that people want. ex do sorties for Veiled Rivens, raids for Arcane Enhancements(Energize, Avenger, Grace are probably the most wanted ones). Once you have enough plat start buying valuable/vaulted stuff for cheap and selling them for more later. I've had 10k plat at one point but stopped farming cuz I didn't need to, even gave around 2k to my clanmates.
  12. DE should publish drop rates in game

    Agree, I hope they allow us to know relic locations and drop rates. That's the only thing I care about.
  13. Renown Pack XI!

    Thats what I thought too!
  14. Doubt devs would do anything about it. If you need to farm focus, I'd suggest you to run stealth exterminate solo. Get Ivara, put enemies to sleep, use one hit weapon with silence mod. Once you do it properly, it gives more xp/min than Hydron for example.
  15. Who's the Tankiest of them all?

    Up next. "But can it desecrate enemies to provided additional loot?"