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  1. I play Wisp to buff the away team, so I had to find a solution that didn't rely on a Warframe's powers. Corrosive/Blast Amprex was that solution. Then just a single heavy attack.
  2. Can I have a second Excalibur Prime Noggle so I can put one in my dojo while keeping the other in my landing craft?
  3. I have Right Thumb Stick bound to Gear Hotkey 1 (to activate Codex Scanner), but pressing it with a melee weapon out causes me to heavy attack. Otherwise it switches me to Codex Scanner mode. It won't let me unbind Secondary Fire/Heavy Attack from Right Thumb Stick and it's overriding my Gear Hotkey 1 bind. If the game would trust that I know what I'm doing and let me unbind a function this wouldn't be happening. I sure do miss the old controller bind menu. And for some reason I can't fire a turret with Left Mouse, but it works fine on foot/archwing. I don't know how that's related, but I have no other explanation for why this is happening other than having changed gamepad binds. I've tried verifying/optimizing, resetting to default and rebinding. Nothing is working.
  4. It's functional. I still play her sometimes. But it's also Assimilate or go home. And that requires a melee with a long/fast block+forward lunge to get around without awkwardly switching back and forth between Operator. And even then you can't jump up a knee-high ledge, or stand up if you activated it while crouched. Mind Control is garbage unless it's used on an Ancient Healer. Chaos isn't bad. But the prevalence of Drones and Nullifiers makes it much less effective against Corpus. Bolts aren't bad on a per cast basis (it's instant, homing, multi-target, low Power Strength, armor removal). But Corpus don't need it. Infested are too numerous for only 7 targets. And recasting it removes the effect on all previous targets. It's okay for a frame to have a move that you might not use against every faction (or at all). But apart from Assimilate Absorb, Nyx entire kit is just situational powers. Most of the time I just Assimilate, whip lunge around, and shotgun things. Effective for what it does provide (invulnerability with a gun out that can overlap a defense target), but not very interesting in this meta.
  5. Hildryn's Shield Gate persists when switching to Archwing mode. Can help with jumping outside while under fire to avoid being insta-gibbed.
  6. Gonna echo again the desire to go directly into a heavy attack while a gun is drawn. Corrupt Charge is a really cool mod, and for once reflects how I typically use melee weapons (which is only an occasional swing here or there). Having to switch to a melee weapon first sort of defeats the purpose. Diwata is also really weird. It will block, it'll even autoblock, but it will only reduce incoming damage, not negate it. It's parry angle also seems smaller than the 90 that's listed. It has heavy attacks (though their base damage is the same as regular attacks) and those consume your combo meter, but they use the same animations as the regular attacks. Heavy attack mods still work, but if you heavy attack repeatedly Life Strike won't work on every swing (it seems to only work if you snap to a target). Is there not an archmelee weapon animation Diwata could borrow for heavy attacks so it can heavy attack properly, with a proper increased damage heavy attack? Spellbind and Lantern disable your archmelee snap-to function, and archmelee falls apart without that function (especially on an enemy that moves when you hit it).
  7. Thank you for finally giving Titania the ability to swap to Operator while in Razorwing. Didn't see Diwata stats listed anywhere. What's its block angle/range/damage?
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