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  1. I don't feel that's an issue. I use the heal to empower Bloodletting to get energy back. It's not contradictory, it's a choice. One that's very quick to adjust. I do agree with a damage boost decay to her passive, though. The reason being other players. Especially due to Oberon's Renewal. It heals so fast and continuously that I've nearly lost the damage boost as soon I've got it. And unlike Blood Alter, Gaurda players have no conntrol over that. This makes the two frames work terribly together. If the damage boost decayed at a slower rate, then Oberon and other frames with heals could provide some strong synergy with Garuda.
  2. Now put Lethal Torrent, Anemic Agility and Gunslinger on it to strip an enemy's armor as fast as possible. It's a status stacking gun. You mod it for status and fire rate. It's also the only one that can hit 100% corrosive only status proc without a Riven. It's my main side arm. I have a macro on my mouse specifically for it. But macros suck. I could be using that keybind for something else. I have a better idea. How about we give your toy to someone else so they don't get carpal tunnel and you use a press macro that only activates the bound key once until you release the button. Doesn't sound so fair, does it? This is DE. They are not only capable of making a toggle option for semi-auto/auto, they could have one separate for every semi-auto/auto trigger gun in the game. Then everyone could have a toy.
  3. Boy howdy, I sure do enjoy feeling the power in each shot of my Tysis.
  4. I'm curious about the damage-type Arcanes. If you change your amp to 100% Viral would you even be able to damage the shields on an Eidolon? Is it the Void damage that hurts their shields or being in Operator? Edit: What about the Sentient/Void damage resist reset?
  5. This is really nice, fits thematically, and would result in his lower speed making more sense (you're not supposed to just sprint, you're supposed to flip and jump all over the place).
  6. The issue with Titania being unable to switch to operator mode while in Razorwing is not going away. Please resolve it now, instead of 3 years from now.
  7. I was confused at first, but I can see why nothing was done to Chaos. The changes to Mind Control and Psychic Bolts should cover the shortcomings Chaos had (and will finally give her something to use Power Strength on). And to have that passive disarm replaced with an accuracy debuff is about the best thing I could have hoped for. The changes to Titania are good (yay vacuum), but they still leave some issues. A Razorwing build that uses her other powers goes through a lot of energy, and frequently switching between the two forms doesn't feel good (especially if you wind up spending a lot of your time outside of Razorwing trying to build up energy). She needs a means of regenerating her own energy, like Nezha and Nidus, and causing Tribute to do that is the most elegant solution, as it rewards players for using the power whether they care about the buffs or not (remember, they're group buffs). The only times Titania should be outside of Razorwing should be to preform utilitarian actions like hacking, or if something went wrong (because Razorwing is the whole point of Titania). In that same vein, and while I'm sure someone else has already brought it up, the inability to switch to Operator form while in Razorwing is horrible. I get very upset every time I have to switch out of Razorwing, switch to Operator, switch back to Warframe, and then reactivate Razorwing (needing to reorienting myself at every perspective change). Fullmoon buffing Razorwing Butterflies' damage is nice, but that's not really their purpose. The butterflies can take (or redirect) a lot of damage, but they can still die very fast. Some means of respawning or healing them would be more useful. The Lantern change is great, but what Titania (who is effectively an Archwing) really needs is an Anti Air counter maneuver. I believe Lantern should draw fire from AA turrets and missiles, especially if we're going to be getting more of these open-world areas. I've tested Diwata a bunch and it can deal a lot of damage, after you get your combo multiplier up. The problem with that is every defensive measure Titania has falls apart in melee. It doesn't matter how inaccurate your enemy is if they gun-butt you. I feel like there's a number of options here, from causing Razorwing Butterflies to increase the combo counter, to boosting Diwata's damage multiplier (a la Venka Prime), or even increasing Diwata's base damage but capping its multiplier (such as never going past 2x). But if I had to pick one issue with Titania, not being able to switch to Operator form while in Razorwing is catastrophic. And as we progress further along and Operator form becomes more powerful/important, that's only going to be even more crippling.
  8. I kinda expected the unability to charge Garuda's Dread Mirror with the "Use Selected Power" bind to be addressed. It is going to be addressed, right?
  9. Why Why WHY?! Why do you keep doing this?! You did this when you launched Sorties! It was a major issue with Trials! You still do this with Stratos Alerts! Duration =/= Difficulty Once the novelty wears off, no one wants to do a mission for 30 minutes to an hour! This is the most content rich Free-2-Play game in the world. Enough with the filler!
  10. It is a 3 second invulnerability when activated to build up the shield's strength. It is a 1 second invulnerability when it deactivates designed as a reactivation window. I feel a 2 second reactivation window is necessary.
  11. The rework feels great. The vulnerability and increased chance to drop energy orbs makes me want to use chakram all the time. The throw range feels shallow in open areas and the teleport still seems inconsistent and difficult to intentionally activate. It's still very fun, though. Divine Spears not interrupting you anymore if you let it expire is more than welcome. I'm still getting used to Fire Walker having a duration, but being able to refresh it while active makes this a lot easier. The only real issue I'm having is with the duration on the invulnerability when Warding Halo drops. Having exactly 1 second to recast the ward during this window does not ensure you're always protected. A 2 second window would be necessary to allow adequate time to react, especially given server latency.
  12. Server latency can require inputs to be made earlier than would be necessary in an offline game. Physical reaction tests are designed with simplified outputs. A complicated interface requires not just that you react, but that you react in the correct way, such as pressing the correct button, or hitting the breaks in a car.
  13. I'll be honest, I don't care if you're skeptical. Because all I'm asking for is more than 1 second to press a button. Activating the shield makes you invincible for 3 seconds anyway. If someone with a faster reaction time than me intentionally delays reactivating the shield until the last possible microsecond, what difference would it make? It's literally 1 extra second. When you're driving you're supposed to make sure you're 2 seconds behind the person in front of you for this exact reason. So you have time enough to react.
  14. I play Gara a ton. And Gara's damage resist never drops. So you're not going to encounter the same situation. I'm not speaking in hypotheticals here. I just used Nezha in the stage 3 Grineer Survival Sortie. Saw the shield was going to drop, had the power selected, saw it drop and pressed the button, but was too slow. Back when Nezha was invincible I'd at least be at full EHP when the shield dropped.
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