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  1. I hate everything about this Ember rework. Everything. The new passive isn't bad, but we just got a mod that lets you safely and reliably use Ember's current passive. And 35% Power Strength with assurance you will never be out of Energy is a very good passive now that we can finally use it. Fireball is an abject failure of a move, as it has always been. Unless you headshot with it following Accelerant on a Power Strength build, it's garbage (and you are not headshotting reliably with that slow casting/moving projectile). You gave us back Overheat, but you got rid of Accelerant, the damage multiplier with the animation-overriding stun that hits regardless of LoS. You killed Fire Blast stacking. Now I'm not going to front, I didn't run a Duration/Strength Ember, this isn't my horse. But I've played with Ember mains that did, and they'd essentially set down a stack of 5-10 rings at a choke point and then LoS, creating a black hole of death that would draw enemies in and overwhelm with with sheer numbers (and if they did live, it's a Strength build, Accelerant, now they don't). And yes, I hate that you finally killed World on Fire. I don't know what it is about Ember specifically that makes people lose their minds over wide-range passive damage, but Equinox has been able to do it since inception, and Hildryn was just created this year. And what makes this so infuriating, is that it isn't a bad rework (the Fire Blast thing is similar to what I suggested 4 years ago). It's not a bad skill set (aside from Fireball), but the game has continued to advance since Ember's first rework in such a way that made her kit easier to use. Syndicates were added with new and better ways to manage Energy. Augments turned her from a damage frame with light CC to adding buffing to her kit. A hundred different methods have been added to shred enemy Armor. New mods were added to heighten Power Strength builds. As long as you could hit around 200% Power Strength on Ember with a decent range, her kit was fine. She could Sortie. I carried others regularly. But the worst part? None of this addresses the actual issue with Ember that any Ember main could have told you has existed since Eximus enemies were added. It's not Armor. It's Fire damage resist auras and Ancient Healer resist auras (or, God help you, a Caustic Ancient). No frame in the game is shutdown so completely in the presence of a single one of these, and in high level play there's never just one. Not that any of this even matters. You guys already reworked Ember. Hildryn has a mode switch 1 with proper damage scaling, like how Fireball should have always worked. Pillage functions as a damage multiplier that also restores "energy" and eHP. Haven is a weaker World on Fire, but with a less resisted damage-type. That also protects allies. Aegis Storm lets her safely navigate/stun enemies in narrow, high-damage corridors. And her passive is even a survival mechanic. So go ahead. All Ember needed was a short duration confuse on Accelerant or Fire Blast to break damage resist auras, but do whatever you want. Just know you didn't solve anything.
  2. Why is this a mod instead of an inherit effect? Been waiting 5 years for this to be put in the game, but it's not worth a slot.
  3. #1713986 An invisible wall just before the stairs blocking progression to the exit, making the mission impossible to finish. Probably the result of collision geometry from another room under/over it. Being forced to abandon the mission, I've lost out on the Wolf Sledge Handle that dropped. Requesting compensation in the form of the item lost.
  4. That is one late night, major patch deployment. Kudos for giving yourselves all day tomorrow to bug fix it, though.
  5. Whhhy? I've literally never made a Kavat because I hate scanning those things. After spending what I had to make Khora I was finally getting close to having enough codes from Alerts.
  6. I mentioned this earlier, but it was a few pages back. Regarding your Archwing comment: If Razorwing was an Archwing, activating it would give Titania separate Shield, Health, and Energy Pools, passive Archwing energy regeneration rather than channeled ability costs, 4 new abilities to use, access to Archwing Mods, the Afterburner Archwing Maneuver, and losing all of your Health would only drop you out of the sky instead of downing your Warframe. Razorwing is an alternate state, like Undertow or Peacemaker, that just happens to control like an Archwing. And among frames with some sort of alternate state, Titania's is the only one where you have free control, and is intended by design to be maintained for a lengthy duration, but cannot switch to Operator. If you want an example, Nyx can't use Operator mode while standard Absorb is active. But, if you use Assimilate Absorb where you have control (albeit limited) of the Warframe, then you can switch to Operator.
  7. The issue with Titania being unable to switch to operator mode while in Razorwing is not going away. Please resolve it now, instead of 3 years from now.
  8. I was confused at first, but I can see why nothing was done to Chaos. The changes to Mind Control and Psychic Bolts should cover the shortcomings Chaos had (and will finally give her something to use Power Strength on). And to have that passive disarm replaced with an accuracy debuff is about the best thing I could have hoped for. The changes to Titania are good (yay vacuum), but they still leave some issues. A Razorwing build that uses her other powers goes through a lot of energy, and frequently switching between the two forms doesn't feel good (especially if you wind up spending a lot of your time outside of Razorwing trying to build up energy). She needs a means of regenerating her own energy, like Nezha and Nidus, and causing Tribute to do that is the most elegant solution, as it rewards players for using the power whether they care about the buffs or not (remember, they're group buffs). The only times Titania should be outside of Razorwing should be to preform utilitarian actions like hacking, or if something went wrong (because Razorwing is the whole point of Titania). In that same vein, and while I'm sure someone else has already brought it up, the inability to switch to Operator form while in Razorwing is horrible. I get very upset every time I have to switch out of Razorwing, switch to Operator, switch back to Warframe, and then reactivate Razorwing (needing to reorienting myself at every perspective change). Fullmoon buffing Razorwing Butterflies' damage is nice, but that's not really their purpose. The butterflies can take (or redirect) a lot of damage, but they can still die very fast. Some means of respawning or healing them would be more useful. The Lantern change is great, but what Titania (who is effectively an Archwing) really needs is an Anti Air counter maneuver. I believe Lantern should draw fire from AA turrets and missiles, especially if we're going to be getting more of these open-world areas. I've tested Diwata a bunch and it can deal a lot of damage, after you get your combo multiplier up. The problem with that is every defensive measure Titania has falls apart in melee. It doesn't matter how inaccurate your enemy is if they gun-butt you. I feel like there's a number of options here, from causing Razorwing Butterflies to increase the combo counter, to boosting Diwata's damage multiplier (a la Venka Prime), or even increasing Diwata's base damage but capping its multiplier (such as never going past 2x). But if I had to pick one issue with Titania, not being able to switch to Operator form while in Razorwing is catastrophic. And as we progress further along and Operator form becomes more powerful/important, that's only going to be even more crippling.
  9. I kinda expected the unability to charge Garuda's Dread Mirror with the "Use Selected Power" bind to be addressed. It is going to be addressed, right?
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