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  1. I haven't found any official statements from DE about this. Where are you getting your information?
  2. This happened to me as well just today. I've had 0 plat all weekend, and today when I logged in after the reset, i had 80p. I want to submit a support ticket about it, but the site is currently down. It's really strange, and I've changed my password just to be safe.
  3. This has probably been mentioned before here( I know it's been said in countless other threads), but there is still no way to get rid of kubrows. Unless one doesn't have a heart and commits the cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel act of letting them starve to death. Seriously though, if we can sell everything else in the game, (frames/sentinels/parts) why not Kuborws? I know a lot of people ended up with two of the same type of kubrow and want to get rid of one of them. And I agree with others that there should be a way to easily get rid of your pets, because i'm not going to buy a bunch
  4. I got one or two of those as well right after U14 hit and they're not in my inventory either, It's probably caused by a bug.
  5. Possible event in the near future? It would be a way for DE to test the quest system during events, so we can get past events as quests for players who weren't playing Warframe during those events.
  6. Excalibro! I liked the idea of a balanced frame. It allowed me to figure out my play style, and as I was learning the game, excal was a good frame since you can practically build him for any situation. Also, because swords.
  7. Hi! I have a couple of questions about the genetic templates and their role in the breeding process if you choose to use them. 1. If you want to influence you kubrow with a genetic template, do you need one or two templates? 2. Do the templates affect more that just the patterns and color of the kubrow, such as build(skinny, medium, and meaty), gender and breed? (i.e. using sunika imprints will garuntee your kubrow is a sunika) I appreciate any feedback, as i'm looking to get a sunika, and to have some solid answers about how the genetic imprints play into the breeding process woul
  8. Not entirely sure if this has been mentioned before, but, about 30 min ago i was hosting some Orokin Derelict Assassination runs to try and find the silvia and ageis stance. The bug is after the mission ended and we were returned to our ships, twice i was using the chat and when i tried to exit the chat to select the mission again, everything froze in a way. my cursor could be seen at all times, couldn't bring up escape menu, couldn't move my warframe, or anything else. All I could do was access chat and talk. At the time I was hosting, possibly making this a hosting bug, so if anyone can help
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